Coming around to another birthday, with found memories of my milestone Unbirthday Party. Today, I’m sharing each Wonderland party favor the Queen of Hearts bestowed on her guests.


While reviewing vacations photos to create last week’s, Galapagos Islands Cruise, I was surprised to discover unpublished pictures from the theme My Favorite Things Party. Just shows how badly I’ve needed to get my pictures organized, lol!

In my defense, there were probably upwards of a thousand photographs from the party crafts, decorations, food, tables, games, and gift exchange. Many were taken by family and friends who shared them months later.

At some point, I also figured you might be “overdosing” on Wonderland? I moved on to holiday and seasonal posts, forgetting all about the three remaining Unbirthday party topics.

So, back down the rabbit hole we go! With the world beginning to open up, and larger groups allowed to congregate, people will host celebrations like birthdays and showers again. I’m hoping you’ll find some inspiration from these Wonderland party favors, even for gatherings with tea or gardening themes.

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Fun Party Favors to Buy or Make

Some of the Wonderland party favors you’ve seen before. Many of those I crafted, included detailed DIY instructions and photo tutorials. Others, you may have only caught a glimpse of in a tablesetting.




Today, I’ll show you all the favors I gave to guests attending the Unbirthday Party, including more that are easy to make. And, I’ll deconstruct the goodies tucked inside the vintage china teacups, as each would also make a great freestanding party favor.

#1 Teacup Set

Appropriate for any tea party, are these vintage china teacups filled with small gift items.

Two different rose patterns were used to make 18 Wonderland party favors. Both sets were bought in a combined box at a local Goodwill store. There were enough to include not only a teacup and saucer, but also a matching luncheon or salad plate. A real steal for only $8!

The matching teapot in the box was used to create the DIY Alice in Wonderland Cards and Teapot Centerpiece. Other leftover dishes and a few other china odds and ends were used to make two DIY Vintage China Tier Servers, and three Floating Teacup Centerpieces.

After first inspecting for chips and cracks, I washed all the individual pieces by hand. Then I stacked them in matching sets on the kitchen island.

If you intend to use the china to serve hot tea and finger foods, you might only want to embellish with a gift tag tied to the teacup handle. Or, you could place a decorated cupcake inside the teacup — easily removed for eating.

Since my Unbirthday was held in June, I served iced tea and pink lemonade (Tea Party Menu: Finger Sandwiches, and Scones & Desserts) other dishes and glasses were used for the meal. The vintage china packages were individual table favors, with a rose-folded napkin tucked on the side. See them both at Absolutely Mad, Summer Tea Party Table, and Alice in Wonderland Table and Party Favors.

I think the final cost per wrapped and embellished teacup favor package came to $4 per guest. But, each of the items tucked into the teacups could also serve as a freestanding Wonderland party favor.

#2 Flower Seed Packet

Placed towards the back of each teacup was a packet of flower seeds (Dollar General).


These would also make a nice favor for a garden theme gathering, perhaps tucked into a little clay pot.

#3 Tea Bag

Next into the teacup was a flavored tea bag. Because my party was a summer event set outdoors, I chose a light fruit flavor — white tea blueberry and elderflower.


Other flavors suitable for iced tea include, Twinings Herbal Mix, and Celestial Seasonings Fruit Sampler. Whatever teabags you choose, make sure they are individually wrapped.

See the Alice in Wonderland theme playing cards? I also tucked one card in each teacup. They weren’t a favor, but more of a decoration. Individual playing cards also make great gift tags. Just hole punch a corner and use ribbon to attach.

#4 Cookie Cutter

Also included in each teacup was a cute little cookie cutter that tied into the Wonderland party favor theme. Guests received either a blue teapot, yellow daisy, red heart, or pink crown, butterfly or flamingo cookie cutter.


Each could easily serve as an individual table favor. Choose a style to match the theme of your event. I especially like Wilton Tea Party Color Cutters.




I gave larger, highly detailed cookie cutters as prizes for the Flamingo Croquet and House of Cards games too.

#5 Decorative Key

Another Wonderland party favor used to decorate the teacup packages was an extra large key (Michaels). They came in three styles and finishes.


Since I couldn’t find the right-sized cellophane bags (Michaels) to enclose the china sets, I used small ones for just the teacup. Then, I tied the bags closed and attached the keys with heart-decorated ribbon.

#6 Wine or Beverage Glasses

Did you see the DIY Hand Painted Glasses I decorated with Alice in Wonderland characters at each place setting?

Each depicted either the White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, Queen of Hearts, or Alice playing flamingo crochet. Butterfly place cards were placed on the rims.

There’s step-by-step tutorials at DIY Hand Painted Glasses, and Hand Painted, Wedding Champagne Flutes.

Starting with the second annual My Favorite Things Party, I created a theme painted glass as a guest favor.

There were peacock feather wine goblets one year, and Holly Golightly champagnes the next.

You could choose to paint simpler designs or images. Perhaps red roses? Or, use a paint pen to write quotes from the book, like “Drink Me.” Of course, you could also purchase decorated glasses as favors, but that could get pricey.

Painting or embellishing glasses (Dollar Tree) is much more cost-effective and fun!

#7 Charms

Individual bracelet or necklace charms also make nice guest favors. Use a pretty ribbon to attach the charm to the stem of a wine glass, or handle of a teacup.

Because these were a Wonderland party favor, I used crowns, flamingos, keys and other items featured in the classic tale.

For a vintage look, I like these Alice in Wonderland Fairy Charms. If you have extras, use them to embellish invitations or gift cards.

#8 & 9 Potted Plant Pens & Heart-Shaped Ornaments

To help create a garden setting, I also placed a faux potted flower at each guest’s place setting.

At the base of each potted plant is a heart-shaped ornament (Amazon). The perfect Wonderland party favor from the Queen of Hearts don’t you think? 

Did you realize each flower pot was actually a decorated pen?

Theme related pens are another standard favor given at each of the four My Favorite Things Parties. Many times, the pens come in handy for games and other activities.

For the first event, I made bee-topped pens using pipe cleaner.

All of the elements to craft the potted flower pens came from Dollar Tree. They included clay pots (3 per package), floral foam and tape, faux flowers, moss, and basic black pens (10 per package).

Potted pens are quick and easy to make. All you need is a knife, scissors, wire clippers, and glue gun.

DIY Potted Pen Plants


I left the clay pots in their natural state, but you could spray or sponge paint them.


To attach the flower, wrap green floral tape around the pen and flower stem. Set the pens aside, flower side up.


Cut pieces of floral foam to fit each small pot and squeeze inside.


Now, insert each flower embellished pen into the center of the pot.


The next part can get a little messy, so work on top of newspaper or a plastic tablecloth. Apply a dollop of glue on the floral foam. Finally, press small bunches of moss in place as you work around the potted pen.

# 10 Fascinators

What’s a mad tea or garden party without fun headwear? I created fascinators for the ladies to choose from as a Wonderland party favor.

There were three basic styles that were all lightweight and easy to wear. I’ve already published a detailed tutorial for each.

Easiest to make is a Fun to Fabulous Floral Fascinator.

How to Make Whimsical Teacup Fascinators are perfect for a tea party.

How to Make a Mad Hatter Fascinator could be made into a New Years Eve party topper using different fabric and glittery embellishments.

# 11 Garden Gloves

Having one last surprise gift, as guests are leaving, is another of my party favor traditions. For the My Favorite Things Bee Party, it was a large honey dipper, with a sign that thanked them for buzzing by.

Tiffany Blue nail polish was the parting favor for Brunch at Debbee’s.


For the Unbirthday party, the Queen of Hearts demanded guests take a favor (she’s so bossy lol!).


Colorful gardening gloves (Dollar General) were the parting Wonderland party favor. I figured they’d come in handy (bad pun intended!) for planting the flower seeds.


All the gloves were arranged like a large bouquet of flowers.


The cabbage leaf bowl full of gardening gloves was placed in the front hall, where guests make their goodbyes.

#12 Bag It

With so many favors, prizes and three items each from the My Favorite Things gift exchange, the gals needed something to carry home all their loot!


So, I always provide a large shopping bag. For the Wonderland party favor, the ladies chose from one of two styles of flamingo decorated bags.


I use a heavy iron wreath stand to display the bags on either the covered back porch or in the front hall.

Over the years, I’ve found bags decorated to fit the various party themes at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods, Michaels, and Burlington Coat Factory.

They usually cost only $1, and the gals are delighted to receive them.

After the Unbirthday, one lucky Debbee’s Buzz follower also won a Wonderland party favor bag.

Leanne was delighted to receive all the same gifts I gave to my guests; including a fascinator, painted glass, vintage china set, potten pen and gardening gloves.

And check out, Alfresco Alice in Wonderland Unbirthday Tables to see the actual party that took place on under my covered porch and pergola.

Are you planning any parties or get togethers over the summer?




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