Today, I’m sharing a variety of heartwarming Valentines Day ideas that celebrate love and friendship.


It’s taken me awhile to get back to blogging while regrouping after Christmas, doing physical therapy twice daily, slowly resuming normal activities, and trying to catch up on household chores.

After revisiting Favorite, Most Popular Posts of 2020, I was looking forward to the new year with hope and promise.

But then, the violence and attack on our democracy Jan 6th shattered that view. It felt like a nightmare instead of reality, and undermined any sense of optimism for 2021. I was horrified, scared, deeply depressed and angry. How about you? A sense of paralysis set in for several weeks, with no motivation to do anything that wasn’t necessary — until the inauguration helped to lift my spirits.

And like song says, “What the world needs now is love, sweet love.” Now more than ever! So join me friends, for a roundup of Valentines Day ideas, along with a few new ways to celebrate love and friendship.

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Celebrate Love & Friendship


I’ve gathered together a broad collection of Valentines Day ideas that I use in my own home to celebrate and personalize the sweet February holiday.

Set the Table

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, celebrating with the kids, or having an intimate evening for two, nothing sets the scene better than a sweet or romantic table setting.


In, Meet Me at the Eiffel Tower Table Valentine, I embraced my French ancestry and shared memories of two dinners at the Paris landmark. It was a dramatic use of black and white with red accents.


An earlier, similar version of the table — using the same dishes — was entitled, If You Love Me Take Me to Paris. Mr. Buzz must love me, because we’ve been there twice.


Another casual place setting using the same color scheme featured heart-shape plates and matching mugs.


For an elegant dinner party, I paired red accents with gold, china and crystal tableware in Decorating with Red Heart Ornaments for Valentines Day.


Since first publishing this post, I also styled a Puttin’ on the Ritz for Romantic Table using whimsical plates.

Galentine Gathering

Previously my everyday dishes, the Mikassa Silk Flowers pattern is perfect for a sweet tea party with the ladies.


In, A Valentines Day Tea Party with Friends, I served champagne cocktails, strawberry mousse and decadent cupcakes. For other classic options, see Tea Party Menu: Scones & Desserts and Finger Sandwiches & Savories.


An In the Pink Valentines Day Table uses the same plates and heart shape ramekins, but has a different theme styling.


It incorporates Scottie dog figures into the centerpiece, fabulous pink hobnail glasses, and an easy rose-shape napkin fold.


Easy, Inexpensive Stylings

If you don’t have specialty or red or pink tableware, a Valentine’s theme napkin fold is an easy way to decorate the table. All you need invest in is red or prink fabric napkins that are also easy to store.

This year, I’ll be setting an intimate table for just Mr. Buzz and I. A new Valentines Day table setting will include folding the napkins into a heart shape.


I tried the trio of techniques shown in, 3 Ways to Fold a Heart Napkin. Must admit, I struggled a bit to grasp the final step to round the upper edges of the heart (pictured above) in first method. The third technique was easier to follow and achieve a similar look.

Third time, or method, was the charm though! I not only found the steps easier to replicate, but much preferred the more soft, draped look of the second heart shape fold. See my fully-illustrated, five-step tutorial, Fold a Heart-Shape Napkin for Valentines Day.

Check out, Napkin Folds for All Seasons, Holidays & Occasions for even more ideas.

And, there’s nothing wrong with using paper or plastic products to style a table either — plates, napkins, doilies, placemats, flatware, cups or “glasses,” and tablecloths. It’s an easy and inexpensive way to decorate with a Valentines theme. They work particularly well for families with young children, or if hosting a large gathering and serving buffet style.

Plus, they make for an easy cleanup and require no long term storage.

Decorate Overhead Too

Regular readers know how often I “go vertical” when setting tables — decorating the chandelier as an extension of, or replacement for a centerpiece.


In the dinning room, I decorate the brass fixture by first draping a faux green garland on the lower tier. Then, I simply loop heart ornaments and mini wreaths over the sculptural elements of the chandelier. It takes all of 10-15 minutes.

Just remember to do it before setting the table, lol!


I use similar Valentines Day ornaments to dangle from the grey chandelier in the kitchen. It’s an easy way to quickly decorate the house with a lot of visual impact.

Another option would be to use only pink elements, or mix the two colors together. You could also add inexpensive garlands with silk roses to the chandelier for more holiday color.


And, use extra ornaments to decorate the table as Valentine favors for guests. A sweet gift!

Easy Valentines Day Decor

In addition to decorating a chandelier or light fixture for Valentines Day, hanging a wreath on a door, wall, or over the mantle is quick and easy to do. That’s especially true if using a store-bought wreath or one crafted previously.


This trio of heart-shaped wreaths are hung on a set of corner kitchen cabinets with wide grosgrain ribbon. To hold the ribbons in place, I use painter’s tape on the back of the doors. See more ideas at Decorating with Red Heart Ornaments for Valentines Day.

I do something similar at Christmastime, but with oversized Christmas Cookie Cutters. You could do the same with giant heart or cupid shape cutters.

Craft a Wreath

Another idea is to craft your own decorations, like this heart-shaped DIY Let Me Call You Sweetheart Wreath. It’s lightweight and made in just five steps.


All three of the wreaths I made feature dramatic black and white pattern ribbons, which work well on either the front door or with the black decor elements in my Remodeled Kitchen Design.


For a quick and easy option, consider making your own version of the Queen of Hearts Roses and Teacup Grapevine Wreath. Depending on where you wish to hang the wreath, a potential downsize is it’s weight.


My personal favorite is the Fanciful Alice in Wonderland Theme Wreath originally made as a theme party decoration. But like the grapevine wreath, the roses and hearts makes it perfectly suitable as Valentines Day decor.

Its base is a round metal frame covered with mesh and ribbons. What makes it a bit more involved, is locating or crafting some of the embellishments that represent elements from the story.


Another party decoration holdover I now put on the mantle for Valentines Day, is the Queen of Hearts herself. She was originally one of three figures I made as table centerpieces for the event. See how I constructed her majesty, Alice and the Mad Hatter in, Creating Alice in Wonderland Character Dolls.


Last year, I used her majesty as the centerpiece in, Romance & Red Roses Reign on Sweetheart Table.

Personalized Valentines Day Ideas

If you aren’t inspired to craft you own Valentines Day decorations, consider using those heartwarming cards and art made by you kids or grandchildren. Simply hang them on the refrigerator or a bulletin board.

Or, consider How to Create a Kid Keepsakes Gallery where I rotate the boys’ art seasonally.


Come mid January, I update the gallery wall with art and cards my sons created for both Valentines and Presidents Day. See the Lincoln Penny?

Since both holidays usually fall within the same week — if not a day or two apart— you might want to considering decor and table settings for both occasions.


Check out Fun & Easy Ways to Celebrate Presidents Day and Set a Presidents Day Table with Liberty Blue for ideas.

I also pull out photographs of both boys dressed as George Washington and Abe Lincoln from when they were in elementary school. How sweet is that?

Use Photographs to Decorate

Using your own photographs is another super easy way to decorate for Valentines Day and personalize the holiday!

First, I pull out our wedding album and place on the living room coffee table. That insures we peruse it at least once a year. Then, I rotate and arrange wedding and favorite couple photographs of Mr. Buzz and I, along with our parents and other relatives.


A favorite, is this one of my parents at their senior prom. Mom is wearing a dress made for her by my grandmother.

Others are vintage wedding portraits of great grandparents that I treasure. Below is hubby’s grandmother. Don’t you love the dress and veil?


The portrait itself is sealed inside the frame. Because of glare from the curved, domed glass, I had to set it on the table to photograph. Sorry it’s still a bit distorted here.

Some pictures are from grand trips we took around the world, whether on a Greek or Galapagos Island Cruise, exploring Iceland, or skiing in Breathtaking Breckenridge or Terrific Telluride, Colorado .


Like when we celebrated our anniversary in Honolulu. We renewed our vows in a traditional, Hawaiian sunrise ceremony. It was so romantic and is a wonderful memory!

Puppy Love

Finally, another kind of love and affection to celebrate on Valentines Day is for our furry friends. Perhaps by giving them a new chew or puzzle toy?


Sweet Scottie Dog: My Fuzzy Funny Valentine describes the loving relationship and connection I had with Fibber MacGee. At the time, he had just returned home from major emergency surgery to have his gallbladder removed. Fibber recovered, and filled our home with his feisty, funny and outsized personality for another 10 months.

Photo courtesy of Jacqueline Wise, breeder

Last year, I was without a fuzzy, funny Valentine. But there will be a new Scottie puppy in our home to celebrate the holiday. On the anniversary of my beloved Fibber’s passing, a litter of Scotties was born in nearby Ohio at Wise’s Scottish Terriers. I get first pick of one of these two adorable male, brindle color coat puppies!

Since it’s proven impossible to choose based on pictures alone, I’m going to follow the advice of Kay, a reader who is mom to her own pair of Scotties — “let the puppy choose you.” Sage advice don’t you think? Read how I am Preparing for a Puppy: Favorite Dog Supplies & Toys.

It will certainly be sweet celebrating this year with another fuzzy, funny Valentine.


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