Easy Fleur-de-Lis, Bee Shape Napkin Fold Tutorial

Easy Fleur-de-Lis, Bee Shape Napkin Fold Tutorial

Today, I’m illustrating how to make a bee shape napkin fold in six quick and easy steps.


In anticipation of World Bee Day, I recently hosted the Bee-utiful Table Setting blog hop.

Included in the eight casual to elegant tablescapes was my, French Inspired, Royal Bee Theme Table & Napkin Fold. As explained in earlier posts, the ancient fleur-de-lis symbol is believed to represent a bee.

I first incorporated the bee shape napkin fold into the Back to School Table. Why? Bee-cause students are “busy as a bee” lol!

Although the lovely napkin fold can bee used to impress guests and enhance tables year-round, it’s particularly suited for spring or summer entertaining.

Let me show you how easy it is to do. Grab any square napkin and ring to follow along.


French Inspired, Royal Bee Theme Table & Napkin Fold

French Inspired, Royal Bee Theme Table & Napkin Fold

Bonjour, mon ami and welcome to the Bee-utiful Bee Table Settings Blog Hop! Today, eight of us are getting together to share casual to elegant tablescapes and centerpieces.


I was motivated to host the hop in honor of World Bee Day, next Thursday, May 20th.

Hoping you’ll find inspiration for both spring and summer seasonal tables and gatherings. Perhaps even for a “Meant to Bee” or “What Will It Bee” bridal or baby shower?

Here at Debbee’s Buzz, the bee theme table was influenced by French ancestry and the pronunciation of my first name.

Set on a black and white backdrop, the striking tablescape includes lots of metallic gold accents. Bees are featured on plates, glassware, flatware and napkin rings, along with a theme centerpiece vignette. There’s even a royal French bee shape napkin fold!


My Favorite Things Bee Party Gifts, Favors and Games

My Favorite Things Bee Party Gifts, Favors and Games

Rewinding to the very first My Favorite Things Party, which eventually led me to launching Debbee’s Buzz.


The party presented an opportunity to unleash my inner maker; whether it was creating invitations, decorations, food or favors.

If you follow this blog, you know I love to use themes when decorating, entertaining and crafting.

Today, I’m sharing bee party gifts, favors and prizes from the French Queen Bee theme event.

I hope you find creative inspiration in this post. Perhaps, to host your own gift exchange, tea, birthday party, shower, or to apply guest favor ideas to a rustic wedding.

Learn more on the ins and outs of the My Favorite Things gifts exchange, DIY insights on crating bee party gifts, and fun games and prizes to entertain guests.


Bee Decorated Chandelier Compliments HapBEE Birthday Table

Bee Decorated Chandelier Compliments HapBEE Birthday Table

Recently, I featured A HapBEE Birthday Table and Beehive Dessert that was complimented by a bee decorated chandelier hanging over head.


Problem was, by the time I posted all the pictures and details about the tablescape and birthday cake, I ran out of time and energy to include the bee decorated chandelier.

Sorry if I left you hanging.

Wow, that’s a pretty lame pun! I’m a little punchy after working all day preparing for the Wonderland 4th Annual My Favorite Things Party.

Ever since the first French Queen Bee party, I decorate the kitchen chandelier with bees and butterfly ribbon every May. It goes so nicely with all my bee linens, dishes, glasses, and flatware.

It’s also makes a nice home decor transition from spring to summer. Come see.


A HapBEE Birthday Table and Beehive Dessert

A HapBEE Birthday Table and Beehive Dessert

For my husband’s recent birthday, I created a HapBEE Birthday table and beehive dessert.

After all, he’s my honey and I’m his Debbee!

B’s gift was a Penguins hockey game, with fabulous front row seats youngest son D helped me to score (unintentional pun). It was the first game of the playoffs, with our Pens the reigning Stanley Cup champs — for the past two years (intentional bragging). So, there was a lot of hoopla during pregame festivities. And, we won 7-0 for an amazing night!

Ironically, the Pens were playing the Philadelphia Flyers — where son D lives. He had to watch all the games at either his or a friend’s apartment to hide their enthusiasm. Inside, their pads were bedecked with banners, signs and Pittsburgh jerseys. D did wear one of his jerseys, in public, on a business flight from Chicago back home. I worried the infamous Broad Street Bully fans might not appreciate him walking through the airport victorious with a Pens jersey on. D wasn’t gonna feel any City of Brotherly Love that night LOL!

The Pens did win the series, but evidently were eliminated by sister-in-law’s long denied Capitals. Congrats

Anyway, it was one of those milestone, big-0 birthdays for hubby. He didn’t want a party, but I was determined to make dinner special. B has a sweet tooth, so I knew he’d enjoy a honey of a dessert.


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