Peacock Ornaments Decorate Christmas Tree

Peacock Ornaments Decorate Christmas Tree

Trio of Peacock Themed Decorations

Peacock- ornament-collage
I finished decorating the living room Christmas tree weeks ago. But, it wasn’t until today that I found time to share my collection of peacock ornaments.

This is my third (and final!) post about Christmas decorating with a peacock theme, including; Peacock Ornaments Decorate Chandelier at Christmas and Decorating for Christmas with a Peacock Theme.

The peacock ornaments hanging from the dining room chandelier tend to be balls, and some are quite large. They also tend to be in sets of two, four or six matching designs for balance around the light fixture.

Those peacock ornaments on the artificial living room tree tend to be more unique and detailed. Other peacock and bird embellishments adorn the tree, including; ribbon, garland, floral picks, clip-on birds, and feather sprays. Come see! (more…)

Decorating for Christmas with a Peacock Theme

Decorating for Christmas with a Peacock Theme

Peacock Motif Enhances Christmas Décor

Today, I want to show how Christmas decorating with a peacock theme is applied to my formal dining room, front hall and living room. 


Last week, I shared Peacock Ornaments Decorate Chandelier at Christmas. In this post, you’ll see how the peacock theme extends to the dining room centerpiece and tablescape, a grandfather clock and mirror, and living room Christmas tree.

Year-round peacock decor accents in my living room, front hall and dining room came first. Just here and there — in pillows, floral arrangements and artwork. Although in the dining room, walls are covered in classic peacock wallpaper.

Over the years, I found peacock theme ribbon, ornaments, feathers, floral accents, and more during the Christmas holiday season. I had no idea peacock Christmas decorations were even a thing! (more…)

Peacock Ornaments Decorate Chandelier at Christmas

Peacock Ornaments Decorate Chandelier at Christmas

A Different Kind of Christmas Tree

I’m excited to show you how peacock ornaments decorate the dining room chandelier! This is my third post about

Peacock ornament chandelier day
decorating chandeliers, and you may be wondering why, at this time of year, I am not featuring a Christmas tree?

I actually decorate 4-5 trees in my home every year, one live and the others artificial. The live tree in the family room has the most dear and treasured ornaments. Many were made by my boys out of photographs, tin foil, margarine lids, macaroni, and the like. But, they are like silver and gold to me!

A slim artificial tree in the living room holds fragile glass ornaments. Each of the boy’s rooms has a themed tree suited for their interests — just 3-4 feet tall. Some years, I also decorate a pencil tree in the finished game room with a ski lodge theme to match the decor.

Most of the trees, lights and decorations are stored in the attic. An attic not easily accessible and not designed to be weight-bearing. Several years ago, hubby said, “no more Christmas trees!”

But my collection of fragile peacock and other ornaments continued to grow… (more…)

Nutcracker Collection Christmas Centerpiece & Table

Nutcracker Collection Christmas Centerpiece & Table

I’ve just finished setting the table for Christmas Day; trying to get a little ahead of the curve. Thought you might enjoy seeing it, along with my nutcracker collection centerpiece. 


Two years ago, I was in Florida helping mom to downsize. At the time, my parents were living in a sprawling, four-bedroom home; planning a move into an apartment. Sistah B had already helped go through much of the clothing, artwork, sculptures, and decor items. Mom and I worked on the kitchen, bathrooms, smaller artwork, dining room, and her extensive holiday collection of decorations, ornaments and collectibles.

Most of the items had a great deal of sentimental value, and a number were handmade treasures. We spent several days going through the emotional, difficult process. As we accessed each item, we determined what was going in the upcoming house contents sale, to donate, or give to family members and friends.

Unfortunately, my two sisters and I simply could not absorb everything my parents wouldn’t be taking with them. After all, we are our mother’s daughters — having collected holiday decoration ourselves for decades! Plus, mom and dad had given us Christmas ornaments and decor every year since we were kids. None of the grandchildren were married or had homes yet, so they had no place to keep or display anything. That meant my sisters and I would have to store our children’s keepsakes too.

I selected the Christmas decorations and ornaments that had the most sentimental or nostalgic value to me, primarily items from my childhood. Some I had given to my parents, others I knew the boys were particularly partial to — like nutcrackers.


Holiday Peacock Wreath Compliments Decor

Holiday Peacock Wreath Compliments Decor

For the holidays, and to compliment my home decor, I created a peacock wreath. Actually, I made two — one for myself, and another for a friend who also has peacock theme decorations. 


Like so many other crafting projects, the inspiration for this Christmas decoration came from images I saw on Pinterest. Lots and lots of gorgeous peacock wreaths out there! Over the past few years, I’ve probably collected 20 pictures on a board.

Today, I’m sharing the peacock wreath I created for December’s Pinterest Challenge Blog Hop.

Hosted by Erlene of My Pinterventures, the hop’s intent is to motivate all to not just pin, but act on an idea. You’ll find links to other projects, recipes and ideas by fellow bloggers at the bottom of this post.

If you are a regular follower of Debbee’s Buzz, you know I have a passion for peacocks. If you are new to the blog or just visiting, welcome! Come along and see the holiday wreath that joins other peacock theme holiday decorations in my living room, front hall and dining room.


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