Sharing a quick and easy DIY moss bunny wreath with basket of flowers; perfect for Easter or spring.


When looking for design inspiration for a wreath or door hanging, I usually start from an embellishment, accent or sign. That inspirational piece serves as a focal point, while also setting a theme or color scheme to build the rest of the wreath around. In this case, the bunny-shaped frame with built-in basket is the creative star of the show.

While looking for St. Patrick’s Day tableware at Marshall’s (they had nada), I came across an adorable, moss bunny wreath frame. I’ve seen bunny-shaped grapevine and even moss covered door hangings a plenty. But, this was the first one that came with an ample basket to hold a floral arrangement.

Good thing this was such a fast project, because with only two weeks between St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, there isn’t much time to switch up decorations and tableware around the house.

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Bunny Hop


One of the main reasons the moss bunny wreath frame works so well, is that it’s very lightweight. I like to hang something seasonal on an internal door in the kitchen, and the small hook doesn’t support much weight. Another plus is that the green moss pops on the white door. It wouldn’t work as well on the shiny black front door —not enough contrast.


Since this was an unplanned, spontaneous project, I decided to ‘shop’ through my existing supplies. I had purple pansy flowers, foam and extra moss leftover from Charming Watering Can Wreath Project for Spring.


When I went to Michael’s for Easter seasonal embellishments they were picked pretty clean! All I found on that trip were two egg sprays — I wanted three. So this is what I started with. The moss bunny wreath frame and basket with raffia bow were only $13.


I decided to work with what I had, and improvise as I went.

Filling the Basket

To start, I simply placed two small foam blocks into the moss bunny wreath basket. Next, I inserted the egg sprays into the foam. As it turned out, that two sprays the area pretty well — especially with the space taken up by the large raffia bow.


After that, I took a pause, because I knew I needed more flowers and Easter ribbon to complete the moss bunny wreath. I also had more pressing projects to complete — two custom wreath orders and getting My Favorite Things Party invitations into the mail.

After a return to the craft store, I came home with florals, ribbons and carrot embellishments to embellish the moss bunny wreath. I also thought the orange in the ribbon’s carrots would look cute with the large carrots I found in my stash.

Another Change in Plans

But, like the watering can wreath, I discovered I needed more silk flowers than I thought to fill the basket. So the purple pansies were back in to the project plan. It was a little trial and error as I went along…


Once the basket was full of flowers, I changed course on using the carrots too. Adding the orange carrots dangling to one side would be too garish with the white and pale hues of in the flowers. Maybe if I had used orange tulips, but not with the pink?


So, I axed the little carrot ribbon too, and only used the burlap and white rabbit ribbon as an embellishment in the basket.


I also hadn’t intended to obscure the green raffia bow tied around the bunny’s neck. But, keeping that area free of flowers meant the basket arrangement looked too skimpy, and kinda flat on top. I didn’t bother to take a picture of that.

At least I didn’t need to add any extra moss to hide the foam. Such a messy job with the watering can wreath!


Moss Bunny Wreath a Work in Progress

I’m still not sure… I could easily pull some flowers out. Do you think the bunny looks a little overwhelmed by the flowers up to his neckline?

It’s OK, you can be honest. Really. Hubby wouldn’t offer an opinion. He was too distracted by March Madness basketball. All I got was an “huh, what, hmmm, yeah, it’s fine, looks nice…”


Now I’m thinking he needs a little ribbon bow between his ears? The bunny not hubby! I may continue to play with it… Maybe I’ll change things up, pull the pink flowers and add those carrots…

Update: I was able to find a second moss bunny frame and created an identical twin. It’s available in Debbee’s Buzz Boutique, my Etsy shop.

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