Today, I’m revisiting my Unbirthday Birthday, Alice in Wonderland theme event, celebrated on the outdoor covered porch and pergola.


In the Alice in Wonderland, Unbirthday Party Reveal, I told you about the terrible electrical storms we had the night before. It wasn’t until 11 AM the  morning of the party, that I felt confident enough about the weather to move forward setting the tables up outside.

Previously, I’ve shared the “in case of rain,” or “Plan Bee” tables to seat 17.

Two Alice in Wonderland Tables would have been arranged in the kitchen and family room. While, bad weather would also necessitate the Absolutely Mad, Summer Tea Party Table bee-ing set in the dining room.

But, up until now, I’ve only shared glimpses of the actual alfresco celebration that took place on the deck. Put on your party hat and come join us outside!

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Calm After the Storm


My Unbirthday Party was the fourth annual event built around a theme, including; honey bee, peacock, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Each guests brings three identical gifts for the gift exchange. How to Host an Extraordinary My Favorite Things Party outlines the fun details.

Before the ladies arrived, hubby, brother-in-law, Sistah B, and my college bestie helped to setup the party. Paper lanterns were hung overhead, while a Happy Birthday banner was strung across the porch’s bay bump-out.


The picture above is a bit dark, as the weather was clearing and it was still overcast. In fact, the two long tables were both pushed together under the roof;  just in case the rain returned before the party started. And, we still needed to put the far table under the pergola and set up the rest of the folding chairs.

Two folding banquet tables each seated six guests on each long side, with the round patio table set for five. Originally, the folding tables were purchased for the boys’ Graduation Parties. They’ve proven to be a good investment, as I’ve also used them for all four MFT parties, Thanksgivings, and other large gatherings.


All the Unbirthday Party decorations, tableware, favors, and centerpieces were staged inside the day before. I even had a detailed floor layout, tablesetting diagram and seating plan to help guide my helpers. Still, setting up was a full-court push once the weather cleared!

After all, we ladies still had to get dressed, and all the food and beverages had to be ready when guests arrived.

Wonderland Characters Preside

My porch — with its black and white decorating scheme — was the perfect setting for the Unbirthday Party.

Each table had either an Alice, Queen of Hearts, or Mad Hatter figure, set on round paper clock faces. There was also a floating teacup arrangement as part of each centerpiece.


For the round Queen of Hearts table, I used a favorite black and white stripe tablecloth. A long remnant of lace was used as a tablerunner for a bit of vintage flair. Topping it, was rose-shaped, felt “ribbon,” leftover from the Fanciful Alice in Wonderland Wreath.

Vintage pink tablecloths covered the two long banquet tables. For those, I made simple black and white checkerboard runners. Presiding over the center table with a magical key, was the Mad Hatter. To his left, is a Floating Teacup Centerpiece.


Alice, holding a looking glass, stood on the third table. Creating Alice in Wonderland Character Dolls offers views of all three, with their storybook details, from front to back.

Only the queen is still available for sale in my Etsy shop, DebbeesBuzzBoutique.

Unbirthday Party Theme Tablesetting

Place cards were perched on the rim of each of four different style DIY Hand Painted Glasses. Whatever character was depicted on the goblet, determined the guest’s team for Playing Flamingo Croquet and Building a House of Cards.


Also at each of the 17 place settings, were one of two different vintage teacup favor sets. Check out all 12 Alice in Wonderland Party Favors bestowed on guests. Tucked next to each teacup package, was a rose-shaped, folded napkin.


12 Napkin Folds for All Seasons, Holidays & Occasions provides lots of ideas for embellishing a tablescape.


And, just as guests were coming in the front door, the sun came out and shined on my Unbirthday Party! Whew!

Alfresco Dining

Seated with me, at the Queen of Hearts table, were four of my oldest friends. Three have a connection to my beloved alma mater.


All the ladies are wearing one of three different styles of fascinators at the Unbirthday Party. To make your own, just click on the descriptive link for a fully-illustrated tutorial.

Lovely R is wearing one of the Whimsical Teacup Fascinators.


Sitting at the adjacent table enjoying the first course of Finger Sandwiches & Savories, are my Aunt D, Sistah B and hairdresser.

On my birthday this year, I got to have ML cut and color my hair — a fabulous gift for sure! Afterwards, I only got another year older, but looked ten years younger, LOL!

ML and Aunt D both chose a pink-embellished Mad Hatter Fascinator. While Sistah B is rocking a blue hydrangea Floral Fascinator.


Across the Mad Hatter table, are two of my sweet sister-in-laws and Aunt C.


My aunts came as Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum to the Unbirthday Party. They both have wonderful senses of humor and are great fun.

Fun With Family & Friends


Under the pergola are long-time neighbors, gym buddies, and PTA/book club friends.


Two of these charming ladies and I have been friends since our oldest sons started kindergarten together. I’ve also had the great joy of attending both of those wonderful young mens’ weddings.


Enjoying the sunshine are more long-time friends and neighbors. I’ve missed seeing them all during the shelter-at-home orders.

But, for this pandemic year birthday, four of us got together for alfresco lunch at a local restaurant. What a treat!

Birthday Gifts Past & Present

Eleven years ago, I told my husband I wanted a Scottish Terrier puppy. On my actual birthday, both adult sons gave me all kinds of puppy supplies and toys. A month later, my Sweet Scottie Dog Fibber McGee, came home. Both my sisters traveled long-distance for the happy occasion.


Here’s Fibber with the Queen, several years ago after the Unbirthday Party. He was in need of some love and attention, having been banished to the downstairs gameroom. Many of you may recall, I had to let him go this past Christmas.

Since the beginning of stay-at-home orders here in Pittsburgh, I’ve been searching for a Scottie puppy. Because of the pandemic, one criteria was that the breeder had to be within reasonable driving distance from our home. I’m currently on about nine waiting lists for a black or brindle male. I lost out on two puppies because I wasn’t intending to show the dog.

Happily, there are now three litters due between the end of June and mid-July in Ohio. Better yet, I am at the top of those waitlists!


So I’m anxiously awaiting news the stork has arrived!  At ten to twelve weeks of age, the puppy-to-bee should be ready to come home after Labor Day sometime. I’m hoping we can coincide his arrival with a visit by my mom. She is a dog whisperer! Here’s mom last summer, sheltering from a hurricane in Pittsburgh with her buddy Fibber.

Looking at this picture, makes me a bit teary-eyed, as I miss them both. Hoping it will be safe to bring mom to Pittsburgh. It will probably involve a lot of driving back and forth from Charleston.

Spinning Wheels

This year’s family birthday gift is a comfort hybrid, step-through bike. But, like Scotties and toilet paper, they are hard to come by! And like the puppy, my name is on a number of waitlists.

Eleven years ago, my Mini Cooper arrived from England days before bringing Fibber home. Maybe the same will happen with the puppy and bike!




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