Welcome to a bee theme party food menu as part of the May Pinterest Challenge Blog Hop, hosted by My Pinterventures.


The purpose of the Pinterest Challenge is to motivate all to not just pin, but act on it! You’ll want to read until the end for links to lots of inspirational projects and posts by other bloggers.

This month, I’m sharing the bee theme party foods and beverages I created for the very first My Favorite Things Party. The entire menu of beverages, appetizers and desserts was inspired and made from pictures and recipes found on Pinterest. Yep, every single one!

My Pinterest search was for bee theme party foods and beverages that included honey and or lemon as a key ingredient. I also looked for desserts that looked like bees, hives, etc.

Although I took a few “shortcuts” here and there, I was delighted with the results and I think you will bee too.

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Bee Theme Party Food & Beverage Menu

I know you aren’t supposed to try new recipes on guests… Fortunately, there wasn’t a “miss” on the entire menu!


5 Delicious Desserts

The first recipes I chose for the bee theme party food were decorative desserts. To start my search, I wanted cupcakes guests could either eat during the party or take home as a favor.

Honey Cupcakes

The Pinterest inspiration and recipe I used was Honey Cupcakes with Honey Cream Cheese Frosting, posted by Lauren on The Cake Blog. It was  easy to follow and absolutely delicious. All my guests raved about them. Very special flavor and not too sweet.

I frosted and decorated the honey cupcakes to resemble bee hives. For embellishment, I added tiny Wilton bees (find them here) with a Teddy Graham on top. Each cupcake was then placed in a yellow flower wrapper (Michaels).


I perched most of the cupcakes on glass or white ceramic cupcake stands (Tuesday Morning) around the dessert table. Clear treat bags were available for guests that wanted to take cupcakes and other treats home.

Oreo Bumblebee Cookies

Aren’t the Oreo bumblebee cookies (pictured above) adorable for bee theme party food? The pin and instructions were posted by Katie of Made to be a MommaKatie used candy melts to decorate the Oreos, and marshmallows to craft the bumblebee wings. I took a different approach.


First, I found seasonal blonde, lemon flavor crème filled Oreos (available here), and chocolate cookies with yellow-color filling (here). Instead of coating the Oreos in melted candy, I used small tubes of gel icing to created black stripes on the blonde cookies, and yellow on the chocolate. Almond slices became wings, attached with a little dab of the gel icing. Black licorice were cut into little pieces to use as antenna.

I also iced the smiles and used a bit more of the icing to attach edible candy eyes (Michael’s). I did forget to create a little stinger on each LOL! Oreo bumblebees are easy and fun to make. Instead of a plate, I served most of the cookies on a wood cut charger.

Limoncello Tiramisu

These limoncello tiramisus were a huge hit at the party. As a result, I have made some type of theme-related parfait for all four My Favorite Things Parties.

The original pin was from thelovebite.com, a site that no longer appears to exist. Unfortunately, that happens sometimes. So, if you have recipes found online that you want to try or keep, it’s probably best to print out a copy for safekeeping.

As it turns out, I didn’t actually use the recipe. Here’s where I took some of those shortcuts. The original recipe called for a lemon cake from scratch, with homemade lemon curd. Instead, I “cheated”, big time with timesavers!

First, I used a boxed Krusteaz Meyer Lemon pound cake mix (found here), and baked it on a large sheet pan. Then, I used a parfait cup to cut out little rounds of the cake. Dickinson’s Lemon Curd (here) canned whipped cream were substituted for homemade.


The limoncello tiramisus were served in footed, plastic parfait glasses (five for $1 at Dollar Tree here). A perfect serving size and nice alternative to glass for larger groups. Small, disposable silver-looking spoons (Dollar Tree).

To assemble, layer:

  • whipped cream
  • one pound cake circle (pour small amount of limoncello liqueur to soak)
  • whipped cream
  • second pound cake circle
  • heaping tablespoon lemon curd (at this point I covered with plastic and refrigerated until ready to serve)
  • whipped cream
  • top w/fresh lemon zest & old-fashioned lemon candy slide (Party City)

Unfortunately, I don’t have pretty pictures of the bee theme party food being served. I was just too busy hosting the first My Favorite Things Party. At subsequent parties, I ask my friends to take pictures for me.

Mini Honey Bear Cakes 

At first, I wasn’t going to make a bear cake, like this inspirational pin by Cakeaholic (there is no link and I couldn’t find a website). After all, I had already decided on the honey cupcakes.

But, then I found a mini version of the Wilton cake mold (available here). The finished size of the little bear is 4 1/2 inches high.

Rather than follow the cake recipe that came with the mold, I purchased a second box of the lemon pound cake used in the limoncello parfaits. There was enough cake mix to make two mini bears.

I iced them both with the same honey cream icing as the cupcakes, in its natural color rather than the pink in the inspiration pin. I’m thinking maybe that pink bear was for a baby shower or little girl’s birthday party?


Lemon bear mini cake, beehive donut stacks and Oreo bees prepared for theme party.

Anyway, the cream cheese icing did get a little “melty” looking by the time I took the above picture. I also used a few of the little bees to decorate the bears, and black gel icing from the cookies to create the face details.

Bear eyes were leftovers from my baking supply stash.

The two bears are displayed with an assortment of other bee theme party food, on two white cake stands that look like tree stumps.

I found the cake stands in three different sizes at TJ Maxx.

Perfect place for a bear to be exploring a bee hive for honey!

Here’s a better picture of the cake stands from the post, Welcome to the Apres-Ski Lodge Buffet.

Another bee theme party food I made using a cake mold was A HapBEE Birthday Beehive Dessert. The occasion was a small dinner party with friends.

Stacked Donuts Beehive

When I saw the pin of donut stack beehives, I knew they’d be perfect bee theme party food! They were created by Stef at The Girl Inspired. She simply stacked three donuts, using a glaze to hold them together. Stef also provides step-by-step instructions to create the bees.

I didn’t have the time or inclination to create the fondant bees, since I had so many other bee theme party food and beverages to make and decorate. So, I used more of the packaged Wilton bees that decorate the cupcakes and bear cake.


I also decided to make my hive stacks using Little Debbie mini crunch donuts. Debbee donuts, how perfect is that LOL?!


The crunch style donuts had a nice texture and coloring to resemble bee hives. I found them at my local grocery store.

Rather than stack the donuts three high, I only layered two. With so many bee theme party food desserts, I felt less would be more in this case.

Do you think they look like little hives?

To hold the stack together and resemble dripping honey down the sides, I used the lemon flavored glaze packet that came with the pound cake mix. You could make glaze using powdered sugar, yellow food coloring and water. Go light on the water, as you want the glaze on thick side.

Beverages with a Little Buzz

For the warm afternoon, I provided three different bee theme party food beverages.

Honey Infused Water

20 Infused Water “Recipes from Style Me Pretty inspired the Cucumber and Mint Nectar I served at the party. A number of sure-fire combinations with fruit and herbs are used to create refreshing beverages. The recipes all provide for a “burst of color and subtle hint of fresh flavor.”


Working off the site’s recommendations and tips, I created a combination using cucumbers, mint from my herb garden, and honey to make the infused water. I felt it nicely complemented the appetizers and desserts. Since the party, I’ve tried numerous combinations and found each a great way to utilize fresh herbs.

The water was served from clear, help yourself pitchers I found at Marshalls. I liked that both pitchers had decorative details, and tight-fitting lids.

Because the water and honey needed steeped ahead of time, I made the beverage a day in advance. That also provided the overnight time needed for the cucumber and mint to soak, and infuse their mild flavoring into the beverage.

Guests were provided with honeycomb and bee embossed “milk” bottle and straw for sipping the infused, chilled water. I found the individual serving bottles at Tuesday Morning, where they came packaged in yellow crates of six. Occasionally, I still see the bee and a rooster version in stores.


Recently, I featured the bee theme glasses in the tablescape, Beatrix Potter Easter Hunt in Mr. McGregor’s Garden.

Sparkling Lemonade

Sparkling Honey Rosemary Lemonade by the Nutmeg Nanny was tasty, unique and refreshing. Making the infusion is quite aromatic. It smelled absolutely wonderful in my kitchen, as I boiled the rosemary and honey water to make the infusion. Fresh herbs and garnish came straight from my garden.

To make the beverage lighter in flavor, I didn’t use as much honey or lemon juice as the recipe called for. Like the infused water, I wanted more subtle taste.


I also made the non-alcoholic version. Chilled seltzer water wasn’t added to the beehive beverage dispenser until shortly before guests arrived. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of how pretty the dispenser looked full of the lemonade, with sliced lemons floating inside. Mason jars and black and white straws sat nearby.

A Different Kind of Bee Sting 

In keeping with the bee theme party food, I renamed a recipe for Bourbon w/Sage Honey Simple Syrup a Bee Sting.

Unfortunately, the web site no longer exists that pinned the recipe for this aromatic sage drink with a bourbon buzz. But, creating a simple syrup is an easy and basic recipe.

It was the alcoholic option I offered at the party, but purposely made a little on the “weak” side. The fresh sage also came from my herb garden. To create the simple syrup (using honey of course) you need a lot of sage for 14!

Most guests didn’t partake of the alcoholic drink option until the games and gift exchange portion of the party. Bee stings helped to fuel the fun!


I had also prepared the Bee Stings in advance, serving from a pitcher into bee embossed glasses, with yellow Easter Peeps perched on the rims.

Sweet & Savory Appetizers

The party started at one in the afternoon on a Sunday. So, I wanted some sweet and savory bee theme party food to compliment the beverages during the meet and greet part of the event.


Here’s the appetizer buffet set out on my large covered porch. The base is actually an antique wallpaper hanger worktable. It’s about nine feet long, collapses and folds in half. It’s one of my favorite things!


A number of appetizers and snacks were served on cabbage leaf platters, dishes and bowls (William Sonoma Outlet) to create a garden tablescape.

I was so busy greeting guests, serving beverages and assembling crostini, I never got any pictures of the bee theme party food being served. You’ll have to trust me when I tell you, all the appetizers looked just as good as the Pinterest pictures.

Honey Fig Dip

This Warm Honey Fig Dip with Blue Cheese and Garlic Pitas was a crowd-pleaser. The minute I saw the title, I knew I was gonna love it. Honey. Figs. Blue Cheese. Bee still my heart! This recipe is printed out and saved with my very favorite dips.

From Jessica at How Sweet Eats, the recipe actually calls for gorgonzola, a type of blue cheese.

Even after softening the cream cheese, this was a little tough to blend together. Other than that, the recipe was easy to make ahead, refrigerate, and then pop in the oven to serve. I didn’t go to all the trouble with toasting pita’s, but offered pita chips and crackers instead. There was zero leftover!

Crisps with Goat Cheese, Blackberries & Honey

Another honey of an appetizer for bee theme party food was this recipe is from Rebecca at Foodie with Family.

Easy and tasty, but guests didn’t go for this appetizer as much as the others. I think it’s because they weren’t pre-assembled, as they were shown in the picture. That made it easy for the hostess, but I don’t think my guests knew what to do with the various elements. I have made these again, but assembled and displayed about a dozen. That seems to do the trick!

Just Peachy

Crostini with Peaches, Blue Cheese and Honey by Bev Cooks was as tasty as it looked. Guests loved these!

I used frozen, pre-sliced peaches — a huge time saver and no one knew the difference. I was concerned that not every loves gorgonzola like me, but every single guest remarked how delicious they were. Pretty too!

My mistake was not completing the assembly of the crostini before guests arrived. They took longer to put together than I anticipated. Trying to get them assembled and into the oven, while greeting guests and serving beverages, was stressful —even with the help of my neighbor. Bee sure to have them ready to go into the oven before the first guest arrives.

Party Food Fit for a Queen Bee

A couple of weeks ago, I showed how I made the Elegant French Queen Bee Invitation for the My Favorite Things Party.


And, for the April Pinterest Challenge, I shared three Bee Wreath and Skep Bee-autiful DIY Inspiration, Party Decorations for the same event.


I hope you’ll continue to follow Debbee’s Buzz for more party details, including Bee Party Gifts, Favors and Games.

You might also want to check out, How to Host an Extraordinary My Favorite Things Party and Host a Party (Part 2).




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