Using a Smoker Grill Enhances BBQ Meals & More

Using a Smoker Grill Enhances BBQ Meals & More

This past Christmas, the family bought and received appliances as gifts that offer new or different ways to prepare and enhance foods. These cooking appliances and methods included a smoker grill, air fryer, pasta maker, and sous vide precision cooker.


Apparently, hubby and I were on the same wave length as our two grown sons — give gifts that could be enjoyed while still being mostly homebound during the then peak of the pandemic. Those gifts extended to indoor entertainment too, including; board and card games, books, puzzles, craft supplies, and subscriptions for coffee, the NY Times, and streaming services.

One of those gift subscriptions was the ability to take MasterClass courses on our big screen TV, computer or mobile phone. There is a wide variety of topics. While Preparing for a Puppy, and before bringing Whiskey home, I took a great course on dog training. Hubby particularly enjoyed a series on what it was like to be an astronaut.

Since we are all foodies, ways to either prepare new dishes, or make foods faster, healthier and tastier, are particularly appealing. And no one was traveling or eating out then. Living in center city Philly and Manhattan, both our sons really missed dining at restaurants. Take out just wasn’t the same.

So, we all were experimenting either in the kitchen, or outside barbequing on the new smoker grill. With Labor Day Weekend barbecues around the corner, I thought it was time to share our experiences with a smoker.

Cultural Cooking Adventure: Vietnamese Dishes

Cultural Cooking Adventure: Vietnamese Dishes

For my birthday, my son’s girlfriend gave me the most wonderful cultural food adventure. It took place during their extended July 4th holiday visit, when we enjoyed a Return of Traditional Summer Activities. We prepared two classic Vietnamese dishes; crepes and spring rolls with fish and peanut dipping sauces.


Meanwhile, my eldest son and husband combined a chemistry experiment with bar tending to create a unique clarified version of a classic cocktail to accompany the meal.

Prior to their arrival, V emailed me links to several different Vietnamese dishes she had in mind. Everything looked delicious, although I was unfamiliar with some of the ingredients. She explained what they were, assuring me what wasn’t found in an Asian food market or grocery store could be substituted with other options.

I looked forward to the experience and and some girl-only time for weeks!

On the last full day of their visit, V and I went together on a cultural shopping excursion, had a hands-on cooking lesson, and then served a wonderful meal. I was her enthusiastic assistant, taster, and table setter for dinner.


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