5 Snowman Centerpieces Decorate Winter Table

5 Snowman Centerpieces Decorate Winter Table

It’s a cold morning with snowflakes flying, reminding me of five snowman centerpieces I haven’t shared with you.


This being my first few months blogging (right smack in the middle of the holiday season), there were only so many seasonal tablescapes I had time to feature.

This weekend I plan to pack away the last of winter theme decorations and tableware. Before I do, I thought I’d share a couple pictures of each table, focusing on the snowman centerpieces.

  1. Frosty’s Magic Top Hat
  2. Crystal-Dusted Snowman Duo
  3. Penguin Friends Join Ice Skating Party
  4. Rustic Snowman Lights Up Table
  5. Vintage Favorite Surrounded by Bottle Brush Trees

Because if it’s snowing, build a snowman centerpiece! (more…)

Embrace the Season in Upper Quebec City

Embrace the Season in Upper Quebec City

We’re spending time exploring Upper Quebec City in this third post on a December holiday vacation to Canada.

In part one, a Christmas Card from Old Quebec City, I shared the magic of the Old Port area during a nighttime walk.

Then, in Stroll Lower Quebec City During the Holidays, I provided background on the boutique hotel and restaurants we enjoyed, along with pictures of the area under a heavy blanket of snow. We also took a ride up the funicular to the plateau above.

Upper Quebec City is the area we explore in this post, which includes riding a thrilling toboggan run, ice skating outdoors to French holiday music, walking the streets in and outside the walled city, and visiting the Christmas markets.

My travel log hasn’t been in chronological order, rather concentrating on the two main areas of Quebec City over our four-day visit.


Decorate Tree with Vintage Christmas Treasures

Decorate Tree with Vintage Christmas Treasures

Halfway into January, I’ve finally made the time to photograph and now share vintage Christmas ornaments that decorate our tree.

The temperature swung from snow and arctic temperatures at the beginning of the week to nearly 60 degrees by week’s end. Crazy,

right?! That melted the snow and allowed us to take down and pack away the outdoor strings of lights, animated deer and both sets of decorated urns.

Gosh I hate putting everything away! It’s a messy job, so time-consuming and always a challenge to find space to store everything! Of course, if I didn’t have so much stuff, it wouldn’t be such a big deal…

However, I’ve disciplined myself this year to take the time to do some cleaning, repairs, a little purging of damaged or no longer used decorations, catalog what I have, and reorganize storage a  bit. Later this week, I’m even going to refresh a several wreaths and garlands. If I don’t do it now, it certainly won’t happen in time for next Christmas!

For the past several years I’ve been photographing and documenting my decorations for future reference. I just finished that project with vintage Christmas tree ornaments that my parents gave me after they downsized.


Stroll Lower Quebec City During the Holidays

Stroll Lower Quebec City During the Holidays

Christmas Village Fantasy: Part 2

Revisit Lower Quebec City, the second of a three-part travel log of a December holiday visit to Canada. The four-day trip north of the border was my husband’s and my Christmas gift to each other. 


Over the holidays I shared a Christmas Card from Old Quebec City, which featured an enchanting evening stroll in the magical glow of twinkling lights.

In part two of the travel log, I’ll show you the cobblestone streets of Lower Quebec City during the day, where we stayed and ate, and then take a scenic ride on the funicular to the upper plateau.

Part three will explore the Upper City, Christmas markets, the toboggan run, outdoor ice skating, and more restaurants. Continue there in, Embrace the Season in Upper Quebec City.

Bundle up before we venture out!


Polar Bear Frolic in Sleigh Ride Tablescape

Polar Bear Frolic in Sleigh Ride Tablescape

I’ve embraced winter and set the table with a darling Polar Bear Frolic tablescape. Ignore the freezing temperatures and think like a polar bear or penguin, and invite a few friends to a little party. 


That doesn’t mean there isn’t a fire burning in the family room or I haven’t notched the thermostat up a degree or two! Set on the round glass table, located between the open kitchen and family room, the winter tablescape has a view to the covered porch and snow outside.

The little party proved a perfect excuse to use fun, winter theme plates and serving pieces found at Home Goods. Aren’t they adorable?

I love the red and white scarves the polar bears are sporting. What really sold me on the plates were the bears on skis – a favorite family winter activity.

And, I just happened to have a little collection of stuffed polar bears on hand to create a whimsical centerpiece.  (more…)

DIY Reindeer Christmas Planters

DIY Reindeer Christmas Planters

With a little pre-planning, it’s a simple process to create a beautiful pair of reindeer Christmas planters. They look wonderful greeting visitors throughout the holiday season and into the month of January. 


This is the third year I’ve decorated black urns on either side of the front door. Reindeer planters compliment other outdoor Christmas decorations; including a trio of animated deer and large front-door wreath.

Because there is no overhang or front porch, the planters often are covered with snow. We just had a white Christmas, and now freezing temperatures are keeping the snow from melting.

I’ll just leave the reindeer outside, until the weather is more agreeable. Then, I’ll pack the reindeer and decorative ornaments away until next year.

Today I’ll show how I created the reindeer Christmas planters in five easy steps, with a few helpful tips and list of materials. (more…)

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