Browsing for Easter & Spring Decor Ideas

Browsing for Easter & Spring Decor Ideas

Right before heading out-of-town for an extended St. Patrick’s Day weekend, I visited a couple favorite local places to see what’s new in spring decor.


If you are a regular reader of Debbee’s Buzz, you know I already have a ton of holiday and seasonal decor and tableware.

Not only is storage space in critical supply, but so is display space. I’m nearly at the point that if I buy or make something, well then something else really needs to bee parted with. Easier than it sounds!

I came home from the stores empty handed; deciding to weigh on a few items while on the car ride to and from NYC and Philadelphia.

But, I thought you might like to do a little virtual shopping with me; for your own Easter and spring decor ideas and inspiration.


Beatrix Potter Easter Hunt in Mr. McGregor’s Garden

Beatrix Potter Easter Hunt in Mr. McGregor’s Garden

Come with me on an Easter egg hunt in Mr. McGregor’s garden, with classic Beatrix Potter book characters.

Peter Rabbit and his friends are running amok in Mr. McGregor’s garden in this Easter holiday tablescape, created using my collection of Beatrix Potter figurines.

Beatrix Potter spent much of her childhood drawing and studying animals. The Tale of Peter Rabbit published in 1902, was her first book, expanded from an illustrated letter. She went on to publish more than 20 tales and collections.

I always loved Beatrix Potter’s endearing illustrations of rabbits, ducks, mice, kittens, frogs, turtles and more. At some point, I began to receive one figurine in my Easter basket each year — all the way through college.

Later, I used the tiny books and figurines to decorate my children’s’ nursery. Some years back they were packed up for safe-keeping. It wasn’t until I came across an egg hunt sign kit, that I had a eureka moment on how to incorporate the characters into a charming tablescape. (more…)

Easter Hunt and Finds at Trax Farm

Easter Hunt and Finds at Trax Farm

With the temperatures hitting 50 in Pittsburgh, I took the opportunity to head out on an Easter hunt at Trax Farms.

easter-hunt-trax-bunny-signAlways open to making a spontaneous purchase, I actually went with a list in my mind of a few things I’ve been hunting for:

  • Spring or Easter table runner appropriate for the dining room
  • Signs, accent pieces and/or embellishments for several theme wreaths I have orders for, or are planning to make
  • Small, appliqued outdoor flag/banner with a bee theme

To be honest, my Easter hunt and shopping basket came up empty — in terms of my intended list that is!

But, look at all the other inspirational home decor, tableware, gifts, and gardening accents I found!


Chocolate Rabbit Centerpiece, Vignette for Easter Table

Chocolate Rabbit Centerpiece, Vignette for Easter Table

Looking good enough to eat, I’ve put together a faux chocolate rabbit centerpiece, vignette for the mahogany dining room table.


The six chocolate rabbit figures in my collection were purchased over a two-year period, a number of Easters ago. My favorite piece, the rabbit to the right, was a splurge when I discovered him at Old Allegheny Shoppe. It was love at first sight!

I took you to back there a couple of weeks ago in, Perusing Spring Open House. If you recall, I showed amazing resolve in not coming home with one of three large, stuffed rabbit figures, LOL!

We also visited there last November for Previewing Favorite Christmas Shop Kicks Off the Season.

Expeditions to Old Allegheny are always dangerous to the pocketbook, but are great for discovering home decor treasures! You know, those things you didn’t know you had to have… (more…)

Adorable DIY Moss Bunny Wreath with Basket of Flowers

Adorable DIY Moss Bunny Wreath with Basket of Flowers

Sharing a quick and easy DIY moss bunny wreath with basket of flowers; perfect for Easter or spring.


When looking for design inspiration for a wreath or door hanging, I usually start from an embellishment, accent or sign. That inspirational piece serves as a focal point, while also setting a theme or color scheme to build the rest of the wreath around. In this case, the bunny-shaped frame with built-in basket is the creative star of the show.

While looking for St. Patrick’s Day tableware at Marshall’s (they had nada), I came across an adorable, moss bunny wreath frame. I’ve seen bunny-shaped grapevine and even moss covered door hangings a plenty. But, this was the first one that came with an ample basket to hold a floral arrangement.

Good thing this was such a fast project, because with only two weeks between St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, there isn’t much time to switch up decorations and tableware around the house.


Spring Flower Show, Brunch Ward Off Winter’s Chill

Spring Flower Show, Brunch Ward Off Winter’s Chill

It was depressingly cold outside, when I saw the feature in Sunday’s newspaper on the start of Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens spring flower show.


Hubby was game, and suggested we go out to eat too. So after dragging ourselves to the gym, we came home, showered and headed downtown for a lovely brunch and afternoon among flowers.

As a holiday present to ourselves, we recently joined Phipps as members. As I discussed in Christmas Card from Old Quebec City, Mr. Buzz and I decided to give each other experiences rather than things this year.

Our first visit as members was just prior to New Years, taking you with us in the post, Magical Phipps Winter Flower & Light Show. In retrospect, it was a lot colder, actually frigid then.

Come with us on an impromptu, lovely way to ward off the winter blues.  (more…)

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