Eye of Newt, Spooky Halloween Tablescape

Eye of Newt, Spooky Halloween Tablescape

For the October Pinterest Challenge, I’m sharing a spooky Halloween tablescape and decorated chandelier with my favorite bewitching, seasonal plates.


The monthly blog hop is hosted by Erlene of My Pinterventures. Its purpose is to motivate all to not just pin, but act on it! At the end of the post you’ll find links to lots of great projects, recipes and ideas by other bloggers. Bee sure to check them out!

My Eye of Newt table, centerpiece and chandelier is decorated with Halloween motifs, including eyeballs, spiders, witches and cats.

See the pin that inspired my pursuit of the Wiccan Lace pattern plates. But beware you don’t come under their spell too!

Then, park your broomstick and tour a spooky Halloween tablescape that’s more treat than tricks! (more…)

Decorate with Halloween Costume Photos, Artwork

Decorate with Halloween Costume Photos, Artwork

My favorite Halloween decorations are the ones that evoke the past and happy childhood memories. That’s why I decorate my home with Halloween costume photos of the boys, and seasonal arts and crafts projects they made way back when. 


In, How to Create a Kid Keepsakes Gallery, I explain how I use a long wall in the finished basement to display arts and crafts created by my sons. I rotate the artwork seasonally, and in September swapped the pictures to back-to-school, fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving subjects.

Now that it’s October, I also bring out framed photographs of family members in Halloween costumes; placing them around house. I’ve also taken some of those Halloween costume photos and turned them into stand-up cutouts.

Let me show you a fun way to take pictures of your kids or grandchildren, and create easy DIY Halloween decorations the whole family will enjoy.


Favorite Halloween and Fall Decor Shopping

Favorite Halloween and Fall Decor Shopping

I’m back from a two-week vacation in Greece and it’s time to update the house for fall with favorite Halloween decorations. Before I left, I visited two of my go-to places to shop for seasonal and holiday decor.


If you’re thinking, “wasn’t she just on vacation in July?” — you’re right! Incredible Iceland Trip Ten Day Adventure was a surprise arranged by our sons. My husband and I had already planned Athens and a Greek island cruise over a year ago. It was a present to ourselves to celebrate a milestone wedding anniversary. A fabulous, dream trip.

Although I’m still regrouping, unpacking, and doing laundry (while adjusting to a seven-hour time difference and jet-lag), it’s time to decorate for fall.

This week I’ll be shopping for mums and pumpkins, putting up decorations, and setting spooky tables, including Eye of Newt and Haunted Halloween  Hallows Tablescape.

In the meantime, let me take you virtual window shopping for favorite Halloween seasonal inspiration and decorating ideas.


Gonna Need a New Broom, Witch Wreath

Gonna Need a New Broom, Witch Wreath

My latest craft project was to create a Halloween witch wreath. Poor Hilda ran smack into my front door! In addition to an aspirin for a bad headache, she’s Gonna Need a New Broom


It’s been pouring down rain the last few days, so I decided it was a good time to work on a few craft projects and fall wreath orders for my new Etsy shop.

After retiring from my job as a marketing consultant at Boeing, I launched Debbee’s Buzz at the end of October last year.

My first post featured another witch wreath, Bewitching DIY Halloween Wreath. That was followed by, DIY Trick or Treat Halloween Wreath.

Since I only had a handful of followers at that time, I thought you might enjoy revisiting those two Halloween posts, along with my latest witch wreath project.

Hoping the trio of Halloween wreaths will inspire your own seasonal decorating.


DIY Trick or Treat Halloween Wreath

DIY Trick or Treat Halloween Wreath

In Bewitching DIY Halloween Wreath, I explained how to create a deco mesh style wreath called, Eye of Newt. Today’s post illustrates and explains how to tweak that process to create a second Trick or Treat wreath design.

I hope both Halloween wreath creations inspire your own decorations.

For more seasonal ideas, check out Gonna Need a New Broom Wreath or Not-So-Scary Home Tour, and Decorate with Halloween Costume Photos, Artwork.

The seven-step approach can be easily applied or modified for any holiday or seasonal wreath. If needed, please refer to the previous post for more detailed instructions on some of the basic, general steps.

Let’s apply those steps to this second Halloween wreath design, with a few options and modifications along the way. (more…)

Bewitching DIY Halloween Wreath

Bewitching DIY Halloween Wreath

This year, after repainting the front door black, I decided it needed a new Halloween wreath with a lot of color.


It’s my very first ever blog post and I’m delighted you stopped by!

I love decorating my home with Not-So-Scary Halloween Decor and a klutzy witch theme Eye of Newt Halloween Tablescape and chandelier.

After crafting three bee-themed wreaths to decorate for a French Queen Bee Favored Things Party, I decided to conjure up something using the same deco mesh techniques.

Follow along the seven-step process that includes helpful, illustrative photographs of how it’s done. 

For more decorative inspiration, check out other spirited projects, including DIY Trick or Treat Halloween Wreath and Gonna Need a New Broom, Witch Wreath.

Come in my pretties… (more…)

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