Scottie Dog Christmas Ornament Tree

Scottie Dog Christmas Ornament Tree

Taking a few minutes to share the Scottie dog Christmas ornament tree that’s set up in a corner of one of the guest bedrooms.


It was the last of my holiday decorating; completed just in time for our sons arrival home this past weekend.

Do you have pet themed ornaments decorating your Christmas tree?

After losing our first Sweet Scottie Dog Fibber McGee, two Decembers ago, my dog theme holiday decorations have been mostly packed away.

Last season, I was in a boot and using a scooter because of foot surgery. So that really limited the amount of Christmas decorating I could do. However, thanks to Mr. Buzz, our home was festively decorated with the more “essential” indoor and outdoor elements. Although the live tree was decorated in the family room, the other three artificial theme trees stayed in storage.

Now, with a new puppy celebrating his first birthday and enlivening our home this season, it was a real joy decorating the small tree again with Scottie dog Christmas ornaments.

Think of it as this year’s holiday card from me to you!

Add Christmas Cookie Cutter Cheer to Kitchen

Add Christmas Cookie Cutter Cheer to Kitchen

Dashing to send off a post today as I continue to deck the halls, craft, bake and prepare to celebrate the holidays. Happily, the shopping, wrapping and cards are finished. How about you?


When I first began collecting large Christmas cookie cutters, the plan was to decorate whimsical cookies — wrapped in cellophane bags — as table favors. Instead, for several consecutive years, I gave duplicates as Christmas gifts to family and friends. I imagined they (or one day I) would bake giant cutouts for a cookie decorating activity with kids or grandkids.

Fast forward, and I’ve finally gotten to a decorating idea that’s been in my noggin for several years — hanging the oversized holiday cookie cutters on my upper kitchen cabinets.

Not that it was a difficult project to do. But, it did mean finding extra time to get organized and put them together. Last year, I was wearing a giant boot and getting around on crutches, so there was no climbing on a stepstool to hang them!

Let me show you my Christmas cookie cutter collection, and how festive they look decorating the kitchen.

Bringing Home the Christmas Tree Holiday Table

Bringing Home the Christmas Tree Holiday Table

Setting a holiday table for family and friends is one of my favorite things, especially when it’s part of the annual Christmas Tablescape Hop!


Even last year — while recovering from foot surgery and using a knee scooter — I styled the Enchanting Winter Woodland Tablescape for Christmas.

Today, I’m joining 20 talented bloggers to share festive table settings and centerpieces. Our large group is organized by hostess extraordinaire, Rita of Panoply.

My holiday table, centerpiece and decorated chandelier were all inspired by a visit to Dollar Tree. While there to pickup fall crafting supplies, I realized the store was already stocked with Christmas items. One woman had filled an entire shopping cart, and was well on her way to stuffing a second, lol!

That’s when I noticed all the items depicting a vintage red pickup truck touting a Christmas tree. For under $11, I’ve styled a nostalgic holiday table theme with my existing seasonal tableware and decorations.

Liberty Blue Thanksgiving Table & Turkey Napkins

Liberty Blue Thanksgiving Table & Turkey Napkins

For the month of November, I’ve styled a brown and blue Thanksgiving table using vintage Liberty Blue dishes in the formal dining room.


It’s one of a bounty of 22 settings in this year’s Thanksgiving Tablescape Blog Hop. The annual event is hosted this year by my blogger friend and fellow plate addict, Rita of Panoply.

Actually, it looks like she positioned me at the top of the hop, so if you’re starting from Rebecca’s tablescape (oh those fabulous vintage Italian plates!) at the end of the list, welcome!

My table also pays a nod to the past with vintage Liberty Blue dishes. Depicting scenes from Colonial America, it’s not pilgrims but patriots that are displayed on the various plates and serving pieces.

Previously, I used the dishes for other patriotic holidays, like Give Me Liberty Blue Tablescape Celebrates July 4th, and Set a Presidents Day Table with Liberty Blue.

Inspired by a new table runner, it’s the first time I’ve used the Liberty Blue dishes to style a blue Thanksgiving table.

DIY Fall Decor: Grapevine Cornucopia Wreath

DIY Fall Decor: Grapevine Cornucopia Wreath

With Thanksgiving coming up, I thought I’d share the bountiful cornucopia wreath I made as a hostess gift. After all, ’tis the season for being grateful!


Sometimes project and design inspiration comes from an unexpected find.

While shopping for craft supplies at Michaels, I spotted it — a grapevine wreath ring with an incorporated cornucopia basket.

Initially, I was there looking for a few faux florals and leaf clusters to fill-in and finish the mesh and ribbon DIY Dollar Tree Pumpkin Truck Fall Wreath.

But then I discovered the grapevine wreath! I instantly knew it was a have-to-do project, and creative gears began spinning in my brain. So, I quickly grabbed one of only three forms off the rack and put it into the cart.

Right away I decided it’d make the perfect thank you gift for relatives who were hosting us at their lovely home in Northern Virginia. Because of the pandemic, it had been a very long 13 months since we’d seen each other. We were suppose to spend last Thanksgiving with them. So, I couldn’t be more happy and grateful to be together!

Gone Batty: Black, White & Purple Halloween Table

Gone Batty: Black, White & Purple Halloween Table

Welcome my pretties to the annual Halloween Tablescape Blog Hop. This year I’ve gone completely batty, with a playful purple Halloween table, centerpiece and decorated chandelier overhead!


Hosted by my blogger buddy Rita of Panoply, 19 table stylists have conjured up lots of fun to frightening settings to inspire and delight. See links to each at the end of this post.

Because I already have two sets of Halloween plates, I’m loath to purchase and then find space to store new tableware. What to do?

Last year’s Gothic Glam Table & Skeleton Napkin Fold is one of my all-time favorite tablescapes — regardless of holiday, season or occasion. For that elegant setting, I didn’t use any Halloween tableware. Instead, I pulled out my best china, crystal and sterling. A Silly Skeleton — resplendent in pearls and rhinestones — sat in my ornate silver punchbowl, right in the middle of the table!

How do I top that?

Let’s see, I’ve already done a witch, ghost, mummy, and two skeleton tables. Hmmm! In the end, a bat-shape napkin fold provided the spark I needed to style this year’s Halloween scene.


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