Quick and Easy Lucky Leprechaun Centerpiece

Quick and Easy Lucky Leprechaun Centerpiece

Several years ago, I came across an adorable garden stake (Tuesday Morning), perfect for creating this Lucky Leprechaun centerpiece for a St. Patrick’s Day table.


I had to have him, but at first I wasn’t sure how I was going to use Lucky. The weather usually isn’t warm or dry enough here in Pittsburgh to plant anything in my outdoor urns. Since I couldn’t really incorporate Lucky into a wreath either, I decided to make a centerpiece.

At first, I considered inserting him in a small, black cauldron and filling it with gold coins. But, that would mean sending hubby into the attic to root through Halloween decorations in freezing temperatures. Then I remembered seeing other St. Patrick’s Day floral arrangements using a leprechaun’s hat. That’s when I had my eureka moment and headed off to the craft store for supplies.

Here’s my Lucky Leprechaun centerpiece holding court on the Ireland Pursuit St. Patrick’s Day Table. Let me show you how quick and easy the DIY project was to make.


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