Easily Refresh & Update Christmas Wreaths

Easily Refresh & Update Christmas Wreaths

Do you ever pull out your holiday decorations to discover some looking worn, broken or needing repairs? And, I’m not just talking about lights not working, LOL! Before packing them away last year, I finally got around to updating and refreshing my Christmas wreaths.


That amounted to 12 faux evergreen wreaths in need of some degree of holiday love. Ten hang from ribbon on windows in the front of our Georgian Colonial style home. One larger Christmas wreath adorns the front door.

Most are exposed to harsh winter elements — wind, snow, rain, ice and strong sun exposure. Dry rot is another problem; from storage in the attic. Over time, ribbon and bows fade, become stiff, crack and tear. Florist wire rusts. And, faux evergreen wreaths begin to drop needles like live greens.

Tastes change too. Or, the color paint on the front door, shutters or house.

But, who has the time or inclination in late November and early December to redo Christmas wreaths and other decorations? Bah humbug! The “secret” to finding the time, is to work on the Christmas wreaths — post-holiday — to ready for the following year. It’s also when you can take advantage of great sales on materials.


Beautifully Decorated Chandelier for Fall & Thanksgiving

Beautifully Decorated Chandelier for Fall & Thanksgiving

In this post, I illustrate how I decorated a chandelier in my dining room for the fall season.


It follows the same basic process as the kitchen light fixture; outlined in Decorate a Chandelier for Fall in 3 Easy Steps.

I pull out the garlands and embellishments around mid September and leave both decorated chandeliers up through Thanksgiving.

A few key differences between the light fixtures impact the design and materials used.

The decorated chandelier in the dining room is brass, versus a painted one in the open kitchen. It’s also a much more formal setting. And, the brass chandelier has two tiers of candles, with nearly double the number of arms.

So, let me show you how I applied the same basic process to create a unique design for the dining room’s decorated chandelier. (more…)

Easy to Make Fall Decor: Sweater Pumpkin

Easy to Make Fall Decor: Sweater Pumpkin

In anticipation of hosting a gang for Thanksgiving, I decided to create some sweater pumpkin fall decor to incorporate into table centerpieces and decorate the house.


As I often do before starting a new craft project, I went to Pinterest for ideas and instructions.

So many bloggers have made an incredible array of decorative fabric pumpkins! Everything from luxurious velvet to flannel shirts — and just about everything in between.

I decided to recycle an old angora sweater and several socks with holes in the heels. Because the once beautiful sweater was looking it’s age, I rarely wear it anymore. I also don’t foresee going to the expense of having it dry cleaned again. So, I was delighted to find a new use for it.

In all, I made a total of ten sweater pumpkins to share with you. Although not a tutorial (there are plenty available online), I’ll explain how I put mine together.


DIY Halloween Skeleton Decor: It’s a Scream

DIY Halloween Skeleton Decor: It’s a Scream

Recently, a number of people remarked on the Halloween skeleton decoration I had taken Mr. Bones from to create a Jaw Dropping Chandelier.

In case you missed it, the decorated light fixture was part of a Spooktacular Skeleton at the Feast Halloween Table scene.

Did you enjoy the tablescape blog hop? Visit many of the other Halloween settings? There were a number with a skeleton theme, and it was fun to see all the different interpretations.

Luckily, I had taken photographs as I deconstructed the It’s a Scream tabletop display. With my own noggin not being what it once was, I wasn’t sure I’d remember how to reassemble it someday, LOL!

So, let me show you how easy it is to create your own Halloween skeleton tabletop display. Use it to decorate a buffet, entry, or fireplace. A smaller version would work well on a coffee table or as a centerpiece.


Jaw Dropping Halloween Chandelier

Jaw Dropping Halloween Chandelier

With fall arriving so late again this year, I’ve had to hurry-up and get Halloween stuff out of storage and decorate the house. I also added spooky elements to transition from a fall to halloween chandelier in the kitchen.


Underlining the spine-tingling look, is the Decorate a Chandelier for Fall in 3 Easy Steps from last year.

I’ve embellished the light fixture to accompany a Skeleton at the Feast table set beneath it. It’s all part of this month’s Halloween Tablescape Blog Hop, when I join twenty other stylists presenting festive to fearless seasonal interpretations.

My decorated Halloween chandelier and tablescape offer both tricks and treats for guests at the feast!

Adding a skeleton, skulls and bones is a fast and easy way to create a little campy fun. Let me show you how I did it.


Finally Fall Season Decor & Activities

Finally Fall Season Decor & Activities

Fall season finally arrived over the weekend — hurrah!


But the week before, temperatures were still a toasty mid to high eighty degrees. Regardless, I planted mums and placed large pumpkins on either side of the front door and on the back porch. Because company was coming, I waited until the last minute, hoping they wouldn’t roast in the heat.

Hubby and his brother ran Pittsburgh’s annual Great Race. Mr. Buzz has run the 10K many times, but missed it the last two years because we were on vacation in Spain and Greece. It was his brother’s first time running the hometown race.

My sister-in-law and I took the trolley into town to cheer them on. Luckily it was a cloudy morning, which helped keep the temperatures from overheating runners . Afterwards, we walked into Market Square to enjoy brunch al fresco. Later that evening we ate outdoors again at a local brewing, enjoying seasonal flavor beers and delicious BBQ.

Despite the heat, I’ve been delving into fall season crafts, decorating the house, and cheering on our favorite football teams. (more…)

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