Pretty Peacock Invitation for My Favorite Things Party

Pretty Peacock Invitation for My Favorite Things Party

For a Birds of a Feather Gather Together party theme, I created a beautiful peacock invitation with vintage imagery.

The event was the second My Favorite Things Party I hosted, a couple of years ago.

I’m still playing catch up posting details from events that preceded launching Debbee’s Buzz last fall. Right now, I’m menu planning and crafting decorations and favors for the fourth party.

A peacock theme is popular for weddings and bridal showers. Brides incorporate the color scheme and feathers into everything! You can find great ideas for bridesmaid dresses, floral arrangements, hair pieces, favors, and even wedding cakes.

But, today I’m going to show how you can easily create a peacock invitation for any special occasion. (more…)

Elegant French Queen Bee Invitation Made with Vintage Images

Elegant French Queen Bee Invitation Made with Vintage Images

This week I am sharing the French Queen Bee invitation I made for the very first My Favorite Things Party — Bee Theme Party Food Features Honey, Lemon.

It was easy to come up with the theme, playing off the pronunciation of my name, Debbee. That’s also what led to the naming of this blog, Debbee’s Buzz.

The French part comes from several things. First, who doesn’t love Paris, the romantic sound of the language, and French food? Well I am a “yes” on all counts! Plus, I have many fond memories of two vacations that included extended stays in Paris. I’ve been fortunate to visit once when newly married with my husband, and another time on a family vacation with our sons.

While on the second trip, we went in search of a street named after a relative who was general to King Louis XIII. This would have been during the time of the Three Musketeers and the evil Cardinal de Richelieu. Ooh la la, I love history! It’s also neat that many of my French ancestral surnames begin with the letter ‘B.’

I’ve always loved to use the French fleur-de-lis and Napoleonic bee symbols or motifs in decor. Come see how I incorporated that vintage imagery into a queen bee theme invitation; using an off-the-shelf wedding kit.


DIY Alice in Wonderland Invitation: My Favorite Things Party

DIY Alice in Wonderland Invitation: My Favorite Things Party

Planning and preparations for a fourth annual My Favorite Things Party are well underway, and the Alice in Wonderland invitation is out the door!


The theme is chosen well in advance of the party, and reflects one or more of my favorite things. So, why an Alice in Wonderland theme you ask? Three reasons:

  1. I’ve always wanted to have a tea party, a vintage style one — like me!
  2. Did you know that the party in the story is actually an unbirthday party? This year, I have one of those ‘big’ birthdays, which also happens to fall on one of the two days I would normally schedule the annual event. It’s the perfect year for an unbirthday party — i.e. adds no more candles! Having family and friends join me to celebrate the years I have been blessed with, is the very best present I could give myself.
  3. The first year I was Queen Debbee, the second I was dubbed Queen of Theme, and last year I got my Holly Golightly on by wearing a tiara! So my reign will continue as Queen of Hearts!

I’ve had to wait to share the Alice in Wonderland invitations with you — until my guests were all in on the surprise. Come follow the White Rabbit for some show and tell on the DIY project. (more…)

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