Candy Cane Christmas Urns Add Whimsy to Deck

Candy Cane Christmas Urns Add Whimsy to Deck

Still Enjoying Holiday Decorations

On the covered back deck, during the holidays, is a whimsical pair of lighted, candy cane Christmas urns. 

Even though it’s now January, that white Christmas we had is going to be around for quite awhile. In fact, we’ve gotten another 5-6 inches on top of it.

Nothing is melting either. Not with a good portion of the country in a very deep freeze. Over the next couple of days the high isn’t suppose to go above 7 degrees, and that’s not even taking the wind chill into consideration. Brrrrr!

Since the nest is empty, I usually leave Christmas decorations up until after Epiphany Sunday. You know, after the three kings arrived in Bethlehem. It’s a nice extension to the holiday season and means I can enjoy New Years without spending it taking down decorations (in truth, it takes me about a week to do anyway!).

So, even though Christmas is in the rear mirror, I thought I’d share my second set of holiday urns. (more…)

DIY Reindeer Christmas Planters

DIY Reindeer Christmas Planters

Create a Holiday Urn Planter in 5 Easy Steps

With a little preplanning, it’s a simple process to create this beautiful pair of reindeer Christmas planters. They look wonderful greeting visitors throughout the holiday season and into the month of January. 


This is the third year I’ve decorated black urns on either side of my front door for the holiday season with golden reindeer. They compliment outdoor Christmas decorations, including a trio of animated deer in the yard and wreath on the door.

Because there is no overhang or front porch, the planters often are covered with snow. We just had a white Christmas, and now freezing temperatures are keeping the snow from melting.

Putting the reindeer planters together isn’t difficult, weather permitting. I just leave them out until the weather is more agreeable, and then my husband moves them under the back covered porch for planting come spring.

Today I’m going to show how I created the planters, while providing helpful tips along the way and what materials were used. (more…)

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