Birds of a Feather Gather Together Table

Birds of a Feather Gather Together Table

Today, I’m my Birds of a Feather Gather Together table is part of a Thanksgiving Blog Hop. Sponsored by Amber of Follow the Yellow Brick Home, the event includes 21 stylists. A bounty of inspiration and ideas!


If you are visiting from Paula’s Virginia Sweet Pea, welcome to Debbee’s Buzz!

My Birds of a Feather Gather Together table does homage to a colonial ancestor. Peacock was his first name. But to the British, Washington’s spy was known as The Rebel Bird.

A foul fowl in their view, with a price of 500 pounds sterling on his head! Fortunately, Peacock outwitted the Red Coats, and witnessed their surrender at Yorktown.

Family, friends and regular followers are well aware of my passion for all things peacock. They’ve seen the peacock home decor, Christmas decorationsFavorite Things Party, and an Exotic Peacock Tablescape.

Join my favorite feathered fowl at a Thanksgiving table featuring peacock transferware.


Decorate a Chandelier for Fall in 3 Easy Steps

Decorate a Chandelier for Fall in 3 Easy Steps

Several years ago, I began decorating chandeliers in the kitchen and dining room for the seasons, holidays and special occasions. 


Whether part of a themed tablescape or not, a decorated light fixture adds a lot of impact to a room.

It can also complement and extend a centerpiece upwards.

Or replace the centerpiece altogether; opening up space for serving pieces and a less crowded table.

Unlike centerpieces that look great in photographs, a decorated chandelier doesn’t impede conversations by blocking the view of table mates.

See how easy it is to decorate a chandelier for fall or a Thanksgiving gathering. Just follow my simple three-step process. (more…)

Retro Green Ghost Game Night

Retro Green Ghost Game Night

Happy Halloween everyone!  For the occasion, I want to share a family get-together that features a game of Green Ghost


When I was a kid, Green Ghost was one of my favorite games.The haunted graveyard game is the first (and maybe only) board game designed to be played in the dark. A number of parts glow mysteriously, including a friendly-looking green ghost.

My sisters and I would play in the closet, under the basement steps, where it was nice and dark. We’d play year-round, and not just at Halloween.

Did you (or your kids) ever play Green Ghost? The game first came out in 1965, during the era when The Munsters and The Addams Family classic TV sitcoms were popular. I remember watching both, and loving their silly theme songs. My favorite was probably The Munsters, with it’s Frankenstein-like Herman. Which show did you like best? Or maybe you took your kids to see the more recent movie releases?

My boys were into Ghostbusters toys, even though the first movie came out before they were born. Eldest son was forever running around the house in snow boots, wearing a proton pack, zapping ghosts with his ecto-blaster, and storing them in a special trap. Back then, I forgot all about playing Green Ghost  — until receiving a very special Christmas gift.

Join me for a family-friendly Halloween evening of eats, treats and a retro game (or two) of Green Ghost.


Haunted Halloween Hallows Tablescape

Haunted Halloween Hallows Tablescape

Taking you on a tour of my dining room for a haunted Halloween hallows tablescape. Things That Go Bump in the Night is part of this year’s Halloween Tablescape Blog Hop.  


Today, I’m fortunate to be among 19 talented and creative stylists for the week-long spooktacular. The monthly event is hosted by Chloe of Celebrate & Decorate. This is my fourth time participating, starting with a Give Me Liberty Blue Tablescape. That was followed by Don’t Be Crabby Coastal Table and Fall on the Farm Rooster Table.

It’s such a thrill being included with many bloggers I have long admired and been inspired by. But, it’s not without its share of chills either! After seeing Monday’s creations, I’ve been feeling more than a little intimidated! I shared my jitters with the group, with thoughts of chickening out. But Chloe said, “don’t you dare!” Actually, she was quite encouraging.

So skeleton finger and toe bones crossed, welcome to my haunted Halloween hallows (cue the scary sound effects).


Eye of Newt, Spooky Halloween Tablescape

Eye of Newt, Spooky Halloween Tablescape

For the October Pinterest Challenge, I’m sharing a spooky Halloween tablescape and decorated chandelier with my favorite bewitching, seasonal plates.


The monthly blog hop is hosted by Erlene of My Pinterventures. Its purpose is to motivate all to not just pin, but act on it! At the end of the post you’ll find links to lots of great projects, recipes and ideas by other bloggers. Bee sure to check them out!

My Eye of Newt table, centerpiece and chandelier is decorated with Halloween motifs, including eyeballs, spiders, witches and cats.

See the pin that inspired my pursuit of the Wiccan Lace pattern plates. But beware you don’t come under their spell too!

Then, park your broomstick and tour a spooky Halloween tablescape that’s more treat than tricks! (more…)

Fall on the Farm Rooster Table

Fall on the Farm Rooster Table

The inspiration for today’s farm rooster table comes from a September vacation spent in Italy. While there, we visited the mountain-top town of San Gimignano, and were introduced to it’s legendary Tuscan black rooster.


Today, I’m joining a group of talented and creative stylists for a tablescape blog hop, hosted by Chloe of Celebrate & Decorate. Bee sure to visit the links to all the other fabulous fall tablescapes, at the end of the post.

Today’s farm rooster table is more of a transition into the season, than an actual fall tablescape. It’s just too darn hot and swampy here in Pittsburgh for pumpkins and mums. With the temperatures and humidity so high, it feels more like the tropics! I just couldn’t send dear husband up into the sweltering attic for fall decor to set a table. Instead, on Labor Day, we went kayaking and then took my Scottie to a doggy dip fundraiser. As I write this post, it’s 95 degrees outside!

After the coastal summer decor is packed away, September is the time my house goes back to it’s unadorned state. That still leaves two entire months to set and enjoy the table for fall. In the meantime, transition to the season with a farm style rooster table.


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