In the Pink Valentines Day Table

In the Pink Valentines Day Table

It’s time for the first tablescape hop of 2020, and I’ve set a pink Valentines Day table and island bar in the open kitchen.


I’ve also incorporated a few sweet Scottie dog accents. They elicit many happy memories of Fibber McGee, My Fuzzy Funny Valentine.

Our hostess, Chloe of Celebrate and Decorate, has changed the scheduling for tablescape hops. Previously, the weeklong format ran Monday through Friday, with four to five new tables each day. Starting with this Valentines Day Tablescape Hop, all stylists publish their posts on the same day.

I like the change and hope you will too? No longer will it be necessary to check back throughout the week. Instead, you can hop to your heart’s content via links at the bottom.

If you’re new to Debbee’s Buzz, or coming from Liz’s Be Mine Table, a warm welcome! Hope you find a sweet idea or two for your own Valentines Day table.


Hand Painted, Wedding Champagne Flutes

Hand Painted, Wedding Champagne Flutes

Today, I’m sharing the pair of wedding champagne flutes I made as a personalized gift for my niece’s recent party.  It was a fun craft that could easily be applied to any hand painted glass project.


Since the happy occasion of my niece’s wedding in Charleston several weekends ago, I’ve been on a longer than planned blogging break. As in a Tale of Two Cities, it’s been both the best and worst of times.

After the wedding, I returned with my mom to Florida to help transfer dad from a rehab center to long term care. Mom and I knew the minute we saw him that something was wrong. Immediately after the transfer, it became clear his pain from a previous injury and fall had escalated significantly. Within hours, dad was back in the hospital with a severe sepsis infection.

Moving him to hospice care was a blessing. Several long days later, he passed peacefully, and I am very grateful his suffering has ended.

Creating this post is a happy distraction. It also provides an opportunity to remember the fun weekend, celebrated with family and friends. Here’s how I created the wedding champagne flutes and how to make your own.


Meet Me at the Eiffel Tower Table Valentine

Meet Me at the Eiffel Tower Table Valentine

Bonjour mon amis! What could be more fabulous than to have a seat at an Eiffel Tower table on Valentine’s Day in Paris; the City of Light and Love? 


I’ve been fortunate to eat dinner there twice. First, was with my husband early in our marriage. While vacationing in Paris a decade plus later, we took our then adolescent sons to dine at an Eiffel Tower table.

There are several dinning establishments inside the Eiffel Tower; including champagne and macaroon bars.

Popular with families and for its incredible view over Paris, is 58 Tour Eiffel. Legendary restaurant and triple Michelin-star, Le Jules Verne, is undergoing a facelift and will reopen in the spring. A truly magical experience in an iconic setting.

My Eiffel Tower table is in a much more modest setting — I’ve swapped Paris for Pittsburgh!


Exotic Peacock Tablescape Graces Formal Dining Room

Exotic Peacock Tablescape Graces Formal Dining Room

I’ve been wanting to share this peacock tablescape with you for quite awhile. But up until now, I’ve been trying to just keep up with timely holiday settings.

Not that I don’t love the holidays! It just feels like they’ve been one on top of each other since last fall when I launched this blog. Easter coming early didn’t help either. Over the months ahead, I’m looking forward to sharing tables that are seasonal, or for no particular occasion at all.

If you’ve been following Debbee’s Buzz, you know peacocks are one of my favorite things. Just love their beautiful feathers, and gorgeous teal and blue coloring.

My peacock passion (obsession?) started when I ‘discovered’ my husband’s colonial ancestor. His honest to goodness first name was Peacock! A spy for General Washington, the British referred to him as The Rebel Bird! Some July 4th or Veterans Day, I’ll have to tell you more about him.

I’ve been collecting peacock decorative accents, ornaments and tableware ever since.


Decorating with Red Heart Ornaments for Valentines Day

Decorating with Red Heart Ornaments for Valentines Day

I’ve decorated the kitchen and dining room with red heart ornaments, mini-wreaths and embellishments for Valentines Day. 


After creating a DIY Let Me Call You Sweetheart Wreath recently, there were a few red heart ornaments leftover just begging to be used. So I got myself to Michaels and picked up two more packages of eight.

First, I incorporated the red hearts into a formal dining room tablescape with decorated chandelier. That’s when I ‘rediscovered’ red heart-shaped wreaths, previously used as used napkin rings. Do you ever forget you have stuff? Or, then where you stashed it?

For giggles, I hung a couple of the red heart mini-wreaths from the chandelier and really liked the look. Back to Michaels I went to grab as many as I could, while they still had them in stores.

All this led to a cascade of ideas using red hearts to decorate a trio of corner cabinets in the kitchen, and create two more informal table settings. It’s ‘bleeding’ red hearts around here!  (more…)

A Valentines Day Tea Party with Friends

A Valentines Day Tea Party with Friends

Sweet Way to Spend an Afternoon

A couple of years ago, three of my friends joined me for a Valentines Day tea with champagne cocktails and desserts. Valentine’s Day is about love and romance, but it’s also about celebrating friendships.


I met all three of these lovely ladies at the gym a number of years ago. We regularly go for coffee and smoothies after class, and plan outings throughout the year together.

Just yesterday, we went to see Phantom Thread, a movie we were confident none of our husbands would enjoy. We were right! What a long, odd movie. All those Oscar nominations and positive reviews had us intrigued, but it was quite a disappointment. Although the movie did make for animated post-coffee discussion, I recommend viewing it at home to see all the marvelous fashions. Sorry to say, I’d only give it a two out of five Debbee rating.

Have any of you see Phantom Thread? What are your thoughts, reactions to the movie?

Anyway, a couple of years ago, I wanted to thank my gym buddies for supporting me through a particularly rough patch. So, I invited them for a Valentines Day tea party. (more…)

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