Decorating with Red Heart Ornaments for Valentines Day

Decorating with Red Heart Ornaments for Valentines Day

I’ve decorated the kitchen and dining room with red heart ornaments, mini-wreaths and embellishments for Valentines Day. 


After creating a DIY Let Me Call You Sweetheart Wreath recently, there were a few red heart ornaments leftover. So I got myself to Michaels and picked up two more packages of eight.

First, I incorporated the red hearts into a formal dining room tablescape. That’s when I ‘rediscovered’ red heart-shaped wreaths, previously used as napkin rings. Do you ever forget you have stuff? Or, then where you stashed it lol?

For giggles, I hung a couple of the red heart mini-wreaths from the chandelier, and really liked the look. Back to Michaels I went to grab as many as I could, while they still had them. All this led to a cascade of ideas using red hearts, including decorating a trio of cabinets in the kitchen, and creating two more informal table settings. It’s ‘bleeding’ red hearts around here! (more…)

A Valentines Day Tea Party with Friends

A Valentines Day Tea Party with Friends

A couple of years ago, three of my friends joined me for a Valentines Day tea with champagne cocktails and desserts. Valentine’s Day is about love and romance, but it’s also about celebrating friendships.


I met all three of these lovely ladies at the gym. We regularly go for coffee and smoothies after class, and plan outings throughout the year together.

Just yesterday, we went to see Phantom Thread, a movie we were confident none of our husbands would enjoy. We were right! What a long, odd movie.

All those Oscar nominations and positive reviews had us intrigued, but it was quite a disappointment. Although the movie did make for animated post-coffee discussion, I recommend viewing it at home to see all the marvelous fashions. Sorry to say, I’d only give it a two out of five Debbee rating. Have any of you see Phantom Thread? What are your thoughts, reactions to the movie?

Anyway, I wanted to thank my gym buddies for supporting me through a particularly rough patch. So, I invited them for a Valentines Day tea party. (more…)

Celestial Tablescape Rings in New Year

Celestial Tablescape Rings in New Year

A celestial tablescape, complete with metallic sun and silver moon masks, is set to ring in the New Year.


The round glass table is set for a cozy celebration of four – two couples for snacks, hors ‘oeuvres and dessert.

And, champagne of course!

Located in the open area between my kitchen and family room, the New Years Eve table is well situated.

There’s a view of the outdoor decorations on the covered porch, log-burning fire, sparkling Christmas tree, and countdown on the TV. Not to mention easy access to food and beverages in the kitchen!

So, pull up a chair and join me for some toasting and bubbly! (more…)

New Years Eve Tablescape: Diamonds & Top Hat

New Years Eve Tablescape: Diamonds & Top Hat

A Diamonds and Top Hat, New Years Eve tablescape in the dining room features whimsical animal plates (West Elm). 


Lady penguins and gentlemen owls are perfectly attired for an evening on the town to ring in the New Year.

Metallic gold and silver accents, clock face plates, formal china and crystal, candles, party hats, and favors decorate the mahogany table.

See how easy it is create a festive New Years Eve tablescape, by complimenting your own tableware with a few glitzy accent plates and embellishments to dazzle guests.

Come join the fun, and put on your top hat or tiara!


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