A HapBEE Birthday Table and Beehive Dessert

A HapBEE Birthday Table and Beehive Dessert

For my husband’s recent birthday, I created a HapBEE Birthday table and beehive dessert.

After all, he’s my honey and I’m his Debbee!

B’s gift was a Penguins hockey game, with fabulous front row seats youngest son D helped me to score (unintentional pun). It was the first game of the playoffs, with our Pens the reigning Stanley Cup champs — for the past two years (intentional bragging). So, there was a lot of hoopla during pregame festivities. And, we won 7-0 for an amazing night!

Ironically, the Pens were playing the Philadelphia Flyers — where son D lives. He had to watch all the games at either his or a friend’s apartment to hide their enthusiasm. Inside, their pads were bedecked with banners, signs and Pittsburgh jerseys. D did wear one of his jerseys, in public, on a business flight from Chicago back home. I worried the infamous Broad Street Bully fans might not appreciate him walking through the airport victorious with a Pens jersey on. D wasn’t gonna feel any City of Brotherly Love that night LOL!

The Pens did win the series, but evidently were eliminated by sister-in-law’s long denied Capitals. Congrats

Anyway, it was one of those milestone, big-0 birthdays for hubby. He didn’t want a party, but I was determined to make dinner special. B has a sweet tooth, so I knew he’d enjoy a honey of a dessert.


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