Looking good enough to eat, I’ve put together a faux chocolate rabbit centerpiece, vignette for the mahogany dining room table.


The six chocolate rabbit figures in my collection were purchased over a two-year period, a number of Easters ago. My favorite piece, the rabbit to the right, was a splurge when I discovered him at Old Allegheny Shoppe. It was love at first sight!

I took you to back there a couple of weeks ago in, Perusing Spring Open House. If you recall, I showed amazing resolve in not coming home with one of three large, stuffed rabbit figures, LOL!

We also visited there last November for Previewing Favorite Christmas Shop Kicks Off the Season.

Expeditions to Old Allegheny are always dangerous to the pocketbook, but are great for discovering home decor treasures! You know, those things you didn’t know you had to have…

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Vintage Style Molds & Chocolate

I mused in the spring open house post how I’d love to have just one of my grandmother’s Easter chocolate molds — like the reproductions Old Allegheny is carrying this year.


I think a few antique silver candy molds would look nice mixed in with the chocolate rabbit centerpiece. Especially when the table is set with china, crystal and my husband’s great-grandmother’s sterling silver for Easter.


I like how the brown of the chocolate rabbits compliment the mahogany finish and inlays of my dining room table and furniture. Depending on the light, the rabbits are often reflected on the tabletop.

That’s why, instead of using a runner or tablecloth, I elected to use three cabbage leaf placemats underneath the centerpiece.

Chocolate Rabbit Centerpiece Good Enough to Eat?


So this is the big guy that started it all. But, rabbits multiply rapidly right? And I didn’t want him to be lonely on a side table.


That decision was made before I even left Old Allegheny. I confessed it was a splurge already, right? If I’d gone home without the second large bunny with his backpack filled with candy, I knew I’d regret it.

Rabbits Tend to Multiple

Over the next couple of years, I picked up another two chocolate rabbit figures at Marshall’s.


This is my smallest figure, a rabbit on top of a chocolate egg box. Wouldn’t they make a lovely guest favor, filled with jelly beans?


Although this guy doesn’t look as much like real chocolate, I like the basket he’s holding filled with candy eggs.

Year two, I went to back to Old Allegheny with the hope of finding more bunnies, and I was not disappointed.


Although these two rabbits are similar and both wear backpacks, can you see the differences? The one below is solid brown in color. My favorite part is the carrot he’s carrying.


Doesn’t he look like real, delicious chocolate? Yum! Are you starting to crave a chocolate bar right about now?

Make Your Own Faux Chocolate

This year, many darling rabbits were at Old Allegheny, but none in a chocolate finish. If I’ve left you savoring your own faux chocolate rabbits there are several options.


The first is search online. I found a few on Amazon with links at the end of this post. Or, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to spot one a store like Home Goods or Tuesday Morning? Another possibility is to check out specialty, boutique and floral shops in your area.

Or, you could make your own. It’s easy, really!  Start by finding ceramic, resin or plastic figures — ones that look like they could have come out of a candy mold. Don’t limit yourself to rabbits, as lambs, ducks and chicks all work well. You might have some little figures at home already, or go pick up something cheap at a dollar store.


This is an easy DIY solution, even if you aren’t crafty. All it takes is the right kind of spray paint.

Karen at Sew Many Ways shows you how in her post Easter Decor, I Love Spray Paint. She uses a Krylon satin finish, outdoor paint called Earth Terra. I’ve seen other brands and tutorials posted on Pinterest too. The paints are available at craft supply stores and Walmart.


I’m planning to try it out myself, if I can find the right style of plastic eggs. Something with decorative details in relief, like on the egg box above. Wouldn’t chocolate eggs at each place settings look great with the chocolate rabbit centerpiece?

Calorie Free Chocolate

Vintage Easter Table with Chocolate Rabbit Centerpiece mixes my faux bunnies and eggs with family heirloom tableware and linens.

It’s hard to tell which chocolate is real and which is not. Can you tell?


The chocolate rabbit centerpiece is calorie free, and it won’t melt on the tabletop or in your hands. That being said, I hope the Easter Bunny brings you some real chocolate.




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