As part of this month’s craft blog hop, I’m sharing two DIY ideas that incorporate a vintage teacup — or two.


First, is a fun project to embellish a planter or garden. The second, is a quaint way to decorate a chandelier. It’s also great for displaying a vintage teacup collection. Or, as party decor for a tea or Alice in Wonderland Theme Party, as I did.

Both are simple to do, and are more assembly than crafts which require special skills, materials or tools.

In all, I’ve included a total of nine different garden, home and party decor ideas. Each incorporates, or is inspired by, a vintage teacup.

Any of these crafts could also make a lovely birthday, holiday or Mother’s Day gift. Perhaps you even have some pieces of grandmother’s or a great aunt’s china, or vintage teacup collection? Maybe some are chipped, cracked, stained, or missing a matching saucer? Consider repurposing them into a gift for daughters, nieces or other family members and friends!

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Hanging Teacups for the Garden

Welcome to those hopping over from Birdz of a Feather! Sara created a great tutorial for recovering lampshades; something I need to do with several of mine.


For the Alfresco Alice in Wonderland Party, I wanted to extend the theme and decor into large flower urns at both the front door and on the back porch.

Vintage teacup and saucer pairs hung from garden stakes above flowering plants in shades of purple, blue and yellow.

How to Make a Vintage Teacup Garden Stake

The hanging teacup idea was inspired by others I had seen and collected on a Pinterest board.


However, most of those projects involved drilling a hole for drainage through the bottom of the teacup and saucer. Back to that in a minute.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

All you need is a teacup and saucer, strong glue (E6000 or Gorilla Glue ), 5 1/2 inch plate hanger, cording, and a garden stake with a hanger hook.

The teacup and saucer don’t have to match, or be vintage. Choose from something you already have, found thrifting, or purchased specifically because you liked the pattern. I used English Garden teacups and saucers. Predominately white, the pattern features blue flowers and platinum bands.

Step 2: Glue Teacup to Saucer

Before assembling, an option is to drill holes through the bottom of both the cup and saucer. If you plan to place a small plant in the teacup this is necessary. But, I’m not sure how practical it is to support a living plant in the small teacup? And, since I put them together at the very last minute, I didn’t have the time or go to the expense of purchasing a speciality drill bit.

Instead, I simply applied a liberal amount of glue to the saucer and pressed the teacup in place until it set. Then, I added more glue all the way around the base of the teacup. Let dry overnight.

Step 3: Attach Plate Hanger & Cording

The plate hanger is spring-loaded, and will stretch across the underside of the saucer. Coated hardware keeps from scratching the china. Be sure to equally space the four corners of the hardware across the saucer.

vintage-teacup-decor-plate hanger

Next, tie and knot cording at each corner of the hanger — on the underside.


I used nylon cording that is somewhat waterproof. To insure the knots wouldn’t slip free, I applied glue at their base.

Step 4: Fill Teacup With Flowers or Plant

Flip the now secured teacup and saucer over. If you’ve drilled drainage holes, now’s the time to fill with dirt and a live plant .


For mine, I glued a foam insert inside each teacup. Then, using leftover faux floral odds and ends, I created mini arrangements to compliment the real flowers in each urn.

Step 5: Insert & Hang from Garden Stake

Now, simply insert the garden stake into planter or garden soil. Hang the vintage teacup and saucer combo from the hook where the four pieces of cording come together for balance.


White, 36-inch garden stakes are used to hang each set on my porch. That way, the hardware blends in with the white railing. For the pair flanking the front door, black stakes blend in against the dark brick exterior.


Here’s one vintage teacup garden stake on the porch. See the stone head planter at the base? That’s Apollo. You might remember him as part of the centerpiece in, Greek Tablescape & Olympic Torch Napkin Fold.

About mid-June through July 4th, I replace the vintage teacup sets with metal firecracker stakes. Check out my old-fashion style in, Independence Day Decorations, Banner Yet Wave, and Give Me Liberty Blue Tablescape Celebrates July 4th.

Transition to Butterfly Puddler

For the rest of the summer, I move the vintage teacup garden stakes into our landscape. They are set among herb plants on the side of the house.

I don’t say herb “garden,” because last summer (after a really bad winter) I had hoped the herbs would recover and bounce back. They did not. So, this summer is a rebuilding year for the herb garden, as the lavender, rosemary, sage and several others didn’t survive.


Before moving the hanging teacups to the garden, I remove the floral inserts. The first year, I filled the teacups with water and sprinkled bird seed on the saucer rims. But, that only led to a full-on assault by squirrels, lol! The birds also tended to make a mesh of things.

Now, I just replenish water from time to time, with the intent of attracting butterflies among the bee balm, chamomile and other herbs.

Water feeders aren’t necessary, because butterflies get the liquid they need from nectar. However, they do need places to “puddle,” to produce critical minerals. My butterfly is an added graphic, but I often do see butterflies when tending the herbs. They prefer the shallow water on the saucer, rather than inside the teacup.

Decorate a Chandelier

Hanging a variety of vintage teacup china patterns from the arms of a chandelier is a fun way to show off a collection or to decorate.


My design started with the Bee Decorated Chandelier Compliments HapBEE Birthday Table

It includes wrapping faux floral and greenery garlands around the light fixture first.

Use any flexible garlands and ribbon to decorate the chandelier. You might want to use flowers to coordinate with a color scheme or a centerpiece.

I frequently decorate chandeliers to accompany seasonal, holiday and special occasion table settings.

Because this was an Absolutely Mad, Summer Tea Party Table, my ribbon choice was a black and white checkerboard pattern that matched the table runner.

All I did was double-knot the ribbon to the handle of each teacup, creating loops to hang on the chandelier. Since there were six arms on the chandelier, I used a different vintage teacup pattern for each.


Teacups with decorations on the inside work particularly well when hung for a light fixture.

All six styles were leftover from about three dozen others used as teacup decor and Wonderland Party Favor Ideas & Crafts. I tended to use teacups with small chips, or lacking a matching saucer.


Using an old Sizzix machine and dye, I also cut out 12 teapot silhouette shapes in a variety of cardstock papers. Then, I glued pairs together so they’d be pretty on both sides. Just remember to reverse the direction of the dye for half of the cuts.

Here’s what it looked like hanging over an Alice in Wonderland Table.

More Vintage Teacup Crafting Ideas

Since it was a Wonderland party, I went a little “mad” crafting decorations that incorporated a vintage teacup. For detailed DIY tutorials, with photographs and tips, just click on any image or highlighted link below.


Wreaths made of both mesh/ribbon and grapevine had a vintage teacup as the central embellishment. Both were attached to the wreath using a smaller version of the plate hanger used for the teacup garden stake.

For the Queen of Hearts Roses and Teacup Grapevine Wreath, I used an antique demitasse cup.

I believe the small vintage teacup in the Fanciful Wonderland Theme Wreath, came from a children’s tea set.

Floating Vintage Teacup Centerpiece

Teacups appear to “magically” float above this floral arrangement. Wouldn’t they make a lovely gift for a teacup lover?

See how to create the illusion in, How to Make a Floating Teacup Centerpiece.

Vintage Tiered Server

This simple server is perfect for Finger Sandwiches and Scones & Desserts at a tea, shower or wedding reception.

I made two servers from antique china pieces found at Goodwill.

Each took one dinner and luncheon size plate, two crystal glasses, and one vintage teacup and saucer.

I purposely chose to mix up the patterns.

See how easy and inexpensive it is to assemble your own at, DIY Vintage China Tier Server Stand for Tea Party.

Other Vintage Teacup Inspired Projects

Other projects inspired by the idea of an over-the-top tea party, includes this fascinator crafted to mimic a teacup and saucer.

For all the details, see How to Make Whimsical Teacup Fascinators.


Lastly, if you’re going to have tea, you need a teapot right? Teacup and teapot-shaped cutouts strung on ribbon make a cute party banner.

In one of the boxes of antique china I thrifted, was this matching teapot. It became the base of the DIY Wonderland Cards and Teapot Centerpiece.

Do you have a vintage teacup or two to incorporate into a craft project?

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