As part of January’s Pinterest Challenge, I’m going to explain how a pin inspired the creation of three Alice in Wonderland character dolls as party decor.


With the arrival of the New Year, folks appear to be thinking about hosting A Valentines Day Tea Party with Friends, and events like baby and wedding showers.

During the past month, I’ve seen a large increase in Alice in Wonderland and tea party-related blog post visitors, Pinterest followers, and sales in my Etsy shop.

Sales of the Queen of Hearts Roses & Teacup Wreath and Mad Hatter figure, reminded me that I hadn’t gotten around to blogging about the Alice in Wonderland character dolls. Come see how I designed and created Alice, the Mad Hatter, and Queen of Hearts — improvising as I went.

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Always a Fun Challenge

Last summer, I shared numerous Alice in Wonderland, Unbirthday Party projects. Two tutorial posts were included in the Pinterest Challenge, a monthly blog hop hosted by Erlene of My Pinterventures.

Easy tiered stands, made of plates and teacups, are featured in DIY Vintage China Server. How to Make Whimsical Teacup Fascinators is a more complicated, but rewarding craft — perfect for any inspired Mad Hatter.

Bee sure to take a look at all the inspirational ideas, projects and recipes at the end of this post. If you are new to Debbee’s Buzz and visiting for the first time, welcome!

Inspiration Pin

From the get-go, I knew my party budget would never accommodate a quality, ready-made doll. Besides, where would I even find Alice in Wonderland character dolls large enough to serve as buffet and tabletop centerpieces?

Instead, I looked on Pinterest for ideas to make my own. A search turned up a beautiful, limited edition Alice doll linked to Marie’s Dolls. Called “Curtsy to the Queen,” I believe she was made for Disney to commemorate the original animated film.

Here’s the Alice doll I created for the My Favorite Things Party — to celebrate my own Unbirthday.


For the Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter figures, I used John Tenniel ‘s classic book illustrations as design inspiration.

Working Without a Pattern

First thing I did was go on a recognizance mission to area craft and fabric stores, looking for doll-making supplies, patterns, fabric and embellishments.

At Joanne Fabrics I discovered bendable 18″ muslin, soft-bodied dolls. They were very reasonably priced; especially with coupons. And, much more practical and cost-effective than making a doll body from scratch.


I took one doll body home to work with. Next, I created a rough sketch for each Alice in Wonderland character. To the left is a simplified drawing based on the Queen of Hearts illustrated in the book. On the right is my simplified doll design.

But, I couldn’t find clothes patterns that fit the bill. I wasn’t interested in clothing that would come on and off. These Alice in Wonderland character dolls were to be party decorations, and not for play. So, I decided to create my own patterns; improvising as I went.


Each doll is a combination of crafting and sewing. So, armed with a tape measure, straight pins, paper and pencil, I made patterns by using each muslin doll as a dress mannequin.

Alice proved to be the most straight-forward of the three Alice in Wonderland character dolls I created.

Alice Through the Looking Glass

After cutting out the fabric, lace and rickrack, I used a sewing machine, hand-stitching, and glue gun to assemble and attach the clothing to Alice’s body.


White interface and lace trim helped create the starched and frilly look of Alice’s apron. I was careful to make sure the dolls looked finished all the way around.


Alice’s shoes are made of felt, with a button sewed on. I found free online doll patterns for making shoes. They were a good guide, but I had to freehand the patterns so that the shoes would fit.

Her white stockings are actually an odd sock; cut with pinking shears. Underneath, Alice wears the white panties the muslin doll body came dressed in.


Finally, each of the Alice in Wonderland character dolls holds an important item from the story.


Alice has a looking glass. It’s just like the mirror embellishment I made for both the Fanciful Wonderland Wreath and Queen of Hearts Roses & Teacup Wreath.

Ladylike Queen

My Queen of Hearts is a more ladylike figure than the one depicted in the story and animated film.

Fleur-de-lis print fabric and ribbon, along with red velvet, help to promote a royal air. In one hand, the regal Queen holds a heart-topped scepter.


Ruffled black and white lace decorate her cuffs and dress, along with heart-shaped buttons on her necklace and red velvet slippers.


So the queen looked just as royal coming and going, a red felt rose embellished her back and short train.


As in the classic illustration, my queen’s head is framed with a raised collar and topped with a red velvet hood.

Her mop of black curls is topped with a golden crown embellished with red hearts — befitting her illustrious title.


And, in a nod to my nicknames — Queen (Deb) Bee and Queen of Theme — I added royal bee dangling earrings.

I kept the queen to use as a Valentines Day holiday decoration. See her presiding over the Romance & Red Roses Reign on Sweetheart Table.

Mad for the Hatter

Of the Alice in Wonderland character dolls, you might think the Queen was my favorite? But, I’m actually bonkers for the Mad Hatter. I was thrilled with how he turned out.

He was also the most difficult and time-intensive to create — a labor of love.

So, I had mixed feelings when he recently sold in my Etsy shop. He’s traveling down the rabbit hole to warmer Florida to live with another Debbie. I think the Mad Hatter is to be the central decoration for a theme party?


His pants and vest are made of the same black and white diamond fabric used for the table runners. In one hand, the Hatter holds a brass key.

Ruffles and heart buttons decorate his cuffs and high-collar shirt with polka-dot bow tie.


Underneath the tall black hat, are curly brown locks of hair. On one side, I created the size label that characteristically is still attached to his hat.


Hatter’s long jacket even includes a back vent. Yes, I certainly went a little mad incorporating all the fun little details!

He was also the very last decoration I created for the Unbirthday Party.


Which is your favorite of the Alice in Wonderland character dolls?


In the end, I also sold the Alice doll as a child’s birthday party decoration and gift. She’s now in Georgia. But, I kept the Queen, which I use as a Valentines Day decoration.

All three are perfect for a birthday or tea party, baby or bridal shower, and to decorate a nursery or child’s room.

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