I recently created a mesh sailboat wreath for my sister B’s home in Charleston, S.C.


Like my sister-in-law L’s Ladybug Wreath Bridges Seasons, B and her husband had moved to downsize.

B also wanted a wreath that wasn’t too big, and could decorate her front door for multiple seasons.

Additionally, B had admired and coveted a summer wreath I created that hangs at the peak of my covered porch. The grapevine wreath is dominated by an 18-inch sailboat, supported by a large circumference base. Too big for B’s front door.

Living in Charleston on the water, and married to an experienced sailor, a nautical theme was agreed to. And to coordinate with B’s new porch furniture and pillows, aqua was chosen as the accent color. So off I went, in search of the perfect ribbon and a smaller sailboat.

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Beach Rules for Wreath Making


Like L, my sister outlined a few requests and needs for her new wreath. She also sent me several pictures of the new front door and porch, furniture and accent pillows.

  • “Not too big” so as to not interfere with the front door’s window
  • Coordinate with a “royal blue” door
  • A wreath that could hang from spring through fall, or about nine months

When B and M moved, they traded a large home for a smaller one, just several streets away.

The real reason? Location, location, location.

A Seafaring Family

My brother-in-law grew up in Annapolis, Maryland. His father, brothers, uncle and cousins crewed a large sailboat, earning numerous, prestigious Chesapeake Bay racing titles. Both M’s father and grandfather had attended the Naval Academy. M himself, had been a captain in the Navy Reserves for many years.

At some point, M and his brother had even built their own Moths, a wooden, one-man sailboat. I’ve lost count of how many times M, or his brother, have won top honors in sailing competitions.

The new home sits on the water, with a dock for their motor boat. A number of years ago, B and M also lived on the water in historic Yorktown, Virginia. Over the years, they have acquired a small fleet of watercraft, including the Moth and kayaks.

Materials for DIY Mesh Wreath

I’ve listed the materials used in making the Anchors Aweigh sailboat wreath, in case you are interested in recreating the look:

  • 16 inch wreath frame (Hobby Lobby)
  • tan & white pipe cleaners (Michael’s)
  • 12 inch tan & white mesh (Michael’s)
  • sailboat print, wired ribbons, both 2 1/2 inches wide (Craft Online)
  • navy & white palm pint & aqua ribbons 2 1/2 inches wide (Michael’s)
  • navy & white geometric wired ribbon 2 1/2 inches wide (Pat Catan’s)
  • tan cording (Michael’s)
  • beach sign & sailboat (Hobby Lobby)
  • nautical netting (Dollar Tree)

It was February when I went on the hunt for supplies. A trip to local craft stores and go-to favorite places didn’t have any nautical items. I really wanted to get the wreath to my sister by the end of March, and had to go online to find the special anchor ribbon.

So, I decided to checkout Hobby Lobby. It was opening day for a new store, a little closer to my home than the normal trek. Almost everything was on sale! It had been hard to find a sailboat elsewhere, let alone one that wasn’t too big or heavy. I lucked out at Hobby Lobby.


This was the picture I texted to B, along with one for the beach sign. Fortunately, both were half off that day.

After I got home, hubby removed the base from the bottom of the sailboat. Being married to an engineer always comes in handy!

Building a Sailboat Wreath

For more detailed, step-by-step instructions on creating a deco mesh wreath see, Bewitching DIY Halloween Wreath or Elf Christmas Wreath DIY.

Here’s the narrower 12-inch deco mesh, after it’s attached to a smaller, 16-inch wreath wire frame. That was to satisfy the “not too big” requirement.


After that, I added the ribbons at the 16 pipe cleaner pinch points; where the mesh is attached to the frame.


Next, I added the nautical netting in the middle of the sailboat wreath. The Beach Rules sign was attached at an angle.


The sailboat was the last embellishment added. It was secured in place using the pipe cleaners at several pinch points.


I tried to balance elements by putting the sign to the upper left of the sailboat wreath, and the boat to the lower center right.


Here’s the finished wreath hanging on a white interior door in my kitchen. This was before I decided to go back and add the narrow navy ribbon for a little more contrast and punch.


See what I mean? The sailboat wreath looked a little “washed out” to me. So I added that navy ribbon.

This was the photograph (minus the graphics) I nervously sent to my sister, after I finished. I didn’t just want her to like it, I was hoping she’d love it…


She confessed to being nervous too, and couldn’t wait to see it. So I forwarded the photos. To my great relief and delight, she seemed really excited.

Anchors Aweigh to Charleston

I couldn’t wait to see how the sailboat wreath actually looked hanging on B’s front door. She immediately texted me a number of pictures after it arrived in Charleston.

anchors-aweigh-sailboat-wreath-deco-mesh-front door

B and M had recently undertook a major project to create new steps, enlarge the small landing, add a porch roof and basically give the front entrance of their home a makeover.


I was really happy to see how the colors in the sailboat wreath looked with the front door and siding, as well as the aqua accent in the porch chairs and pillows.


It also was nice to see how the size worked out with the front door’s window.


Dropping Anchor

B isn’t the Queen of Theme (or even a princess or duchess LOL) like her “sistah” (her adopted Southern term for sister). She’s not matchy, matchy like me, and has a more eclectic style and taste. So, it was a bit of surprise to see the anchor doormat she purchased to compliment the ribbon in the Anchors Aweigh sailboat wreath.


The sailboat wreath has come into port and dropped anchor in Charleston. Bad puns all intended LOL!

2022 Update: Fast forward a few years, and the sea air had caused wire to to rust and stain some of the aqua ribbon. So I bought a new roll, cut it to size to replace the rusted ribbon on a visit to celebrate Thanksgiving. It was quick and easy to do — simply untwist the pipe cleaner, remove the stained and replace with the new ribbon. 

We then used it as party decor to welcome guest to our sons’ joint Fun Love Boat Theme Engagement Party.

A couple of months later, I showed B the Smooth Sailing Wreath Flying Red, White and Blue Colors I made for my son’s NYC apartment.

She immediately texted, “I want one!” What? “You already have a sailboat wreath.” “But, I don’t have a patriotic red, white and blue one!”

I teased I could make her a haunted ship, Davy Jones locker vibe wreath for Halloween. To which she replied, “Yes!” Wait, really? I’m not holding her to it, but what fun that would be to create! If so, I’ve gotta find another sailboat…

Three’s a Charm

I’ve actually now made Sistah B two more wreaths for her waterfront home, including DIY Sunken Shipwreck Pirate Wreath.

And for early fall and Thanksgiving, there’s the super quick and easy DIY Festive Fall Grapevine Wreath.

Do you change your front door wreath with the seasons and holidays?




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