For this month’s Craft Hop, I’m sharing easy-to-make black pumpkin decor, for an eerie but elegant Halloween look. See both black widow and masquerade stylings.


To those coming over from Liberty’s and her Crocheted Scarf Patterns, welcome! Check out the links to all sixteen fall and Halloween theme craft projects at the end of this post.

Last year, I made Easy Fall Sweater Pumpkins and a Festive Fall Grapevine Wreath— appropriate to decorate a home from September through Thanksgiving.

I didn’t make any new Halloween-specific decorations, but did acquire some accents on post holiday clearance. For this season, I repurposed a few Halloween embellishments from old decorations into new black pumpkin decor. You could say I breathed new life into them lol!

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Gothic Glam


My living room is dominated by a black grand piano. Adjacent to it, is a large black, ornately framed mirror. For Halloween, I use mostly black-based decorations in the more formal areas of the home; including the dining room and entry hall.

That includes an arched-back cat sitting on the piano keys, tall spider candlesticks, silk spiders and bats, ravens, large sitting witch, and a glittery half moon suction-cupped on the mirror.

Check it out in my Not-So-Scary Halloween Decor Home Tour.

But, I’ve been wanting to add black pumpkin decor to the coffee and side tables for a little gothic glam.

Two years ago — on an after Halloween clearance — I scored a pair of faux black pumpkins super cheap. I had intended to decorate and embellish them last fall. Due to a family medical issue however, we ended up out-of-town for several weeks over Halloween. So, I ended up packing the black pumpkin decor away — half finished.

Easy DIY Black Pumpkin Decor

Supplies: Start with a faux pumpkin — or two. Mine were already black, but you can easily spray paint over other colors. Perhaps you have an existing pumpkin you’d like to redo or embellish? And, if your design doesn’t require drilling holes as mine did, a ceramic pumpkin would also work fine.

After that, all you need is a variety of Halloween theme craft supplies like faux silk flowers/leaves and ribbon. It also helps to have an assortment of odds and ends, such as lace, deco mesh, buttons, feather boa, and even costume jewelry. I recycled much of the decorative Halloween accents from previous projects.

Equipment: glue gun and sticks, scissors, floral clippers, drill and bit, and ruler.

Now, let me take you through the craft steps for the two black pumpkin decor styles I created. Their look evolved as I went, and was largely dependent on what materials I had. What wasn’t in my stash, I picked up during a quick trip to Dollar Tree.

Eye Popping Masked Pumpkin

First, I drilled holes to insert the pair of eyeballs on sticks. To keep them firmly in place, I added dabs of glue.


To “dress up” the eyeballs a bit, I simply glued a little piece of black net trim around each base.


The ruffed lace was leftover from the Queen of Heart’s dress when Creating Alice in Wonderland Character Dolls. There was enough to encircle the stem and top of both pumpkins.


Then, I took two branches of silk black flowers and leaves and cut them into small sections. Most of the stems were tucked and hidden under the net trim, or the petals and leaves.

That’s as far as I got last year, before packing away the eye popping black pumpkin decor.


In the background of the picture above is the Gonna Need a New Broom, Witch Wreath.

Black Pumpkin Decor 2.0

When I unpacked the Halloween decorations, those eyeballs were staring at me accusingly from the unfinished project!

So, I went back into my craft and Halloween stashes looking for materials to complete the black pumpkin decor. For the eye popping design, I scavenged embellishments from the centerpiece in, Eye of Newt, Spooky Halloween Tablescape.

Since it was a lovely day in Pittsburgh, I set up outside on the covered porch and got back to crafting. First, I drilled five more holes into the top of the pumpkin. Then I cut a bunch of black silk roses into single stems. Three of the roses have eyeballs centered in the petals — you know me, always the Queen of Theme (Scream?)!

But, the design was lacking something. That’s when I decided to add a black masquerade mask to complete the gothic glam look.


I took a Dollar Tree mask and removed the red rose. In its place, I added black leaves and a plastic spider. I also attached a remnant of black sheer ribbon. In the middle of the forehead, I glued a bat that had broken off an old Halloween stem.


Next, I cut and rolled several pieces of 12-inch wide, black deco mesh. Using more of the sheer ribbon, I tied each roll in the center — creating a sorta bow. Then I hot glued them into place.


It’s the same technique used in assembling the DIY Trick or Treat Halloween Wreath.


Here’s the finished eye popping black pumpkin. What do you think?

Hands Off Black Pumpkin

For the second pumpkin, I repurposed a pair of skeleton hands.

Originally, they were used to decorate the chandelier hanging above the Haunted Halloween Hallows Tablescape.


Rather than drill holes and have the hands stand upright, I decided to drape them over the top and sides of the pumpkin. Since the sticks weren’t needed, I clipped them off.


For each skeleton hand, I liberally applied a large amount of glue to the the pumpkin. The weight of the floral clippers held each hand in place, until the glue had completely setup and dried.


As with the first pumpkin, I created a net ruffle around the top. I probably should have done that first, but it didn’t occur to me until later. Still, it was relatively easy to tuck and glue the trim under the bony fingers.

Next, I added a number of black silk flowers sprays all the way around the pumpkin. A little glue, and most were easy to slip under the skeleton hand or between the fingers. That’s as far as I got last year.

Hands Back On 2.0

A year later, and the back side of the pumpkin was in need of decoration. First, I glued on some larger black silk leaves for texture. But, the pumpkin still needed a pop of bony coloring from skeletal embellishments.

Last year, I published a trio of skeleton theme Halloween posts. They included a Spooktacular Skeleton at the Feast Halloween Table. Hanging overhead, was this Jaw Dropping Halloween Chandelier.


A last minute addition to the display had been this black gauze and skeleton bone garland. For the black pumpkin decor, I clipped off a few pieces and glued them to the back.


For a little height, I added several deco mesh rolls — like those embellishing the eye popping pumpkin.


However, the decorations still looked a little flat. Inspiration came from the plastic sider I had already slipped on one of the skeleton fingers. The large, fuzzy black spider was another cheap Dollar Tree find.


I like how the black widow’s legs kind of mimic the bony fingers. Do you see it?


What do you think? Should I have stood the skeleton hands upright instead? Of course, then I would have to call it Hands Up instead of Hands Off lol!

Gothic Pairing

Bee sure to check out how I incorporated the black pumpkin decor into the centerpiece of Halloween Gothic Glam Table & Skeleton Napkin Fold.

Crashing the party again will be a skeleton from DIY Halloween Decor: It’s a Scream.


Which black pumpkin decor piece do you like best?

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Getting Back on a Bike

Regular readers know that I have been on a search for both a bike and Scottie puppy since last March. Both have been in short supply during the pandemic. 


Just a few days before heading to Philadelphia to help our son move into his “new” row house, Mr. Buzz located me a bike. Finally! But, it wasn’t from one of three bike shop wait lists I’ve been on. Instead, hubby found it on Craigslist.

It was a surprise gift to the unsuspecting wife of a cycling enthusiast. Apparently, she was far less than enthusiastic or pleased. Just three weeks after purchasing it, he re-sold us the spanking new Electra 7-Speed Cruiser from Trek Bikes.

Isn’t the blue color bee-ut-iful? BFF and college roommate teased me to leave the tiara and pearls from my Breakfast at Tiffany’s Theme Brunch at home lol!

Since returning from our 10-day stay in Philly, hubby and I have gotten in three, 6-7 mile rides in along the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers, and Montour Trail. Weather here in Pittsburgh has been fabulous. (I feel terrible for everyone else suffering from the fires, hurricanes and tropical storms.)

Ironically, I’ll only be getting a few more rides in over the next couple of weeks. That’s because I’m scheduled to have some rather extensive outpatient surgery on my foot. And no, it’s not because I fell off the bike and injured myself lol! It’s more about repair and maintenance from aging.

Unfortunately, I’ll be non-weight bearing for about two months. So I’ll be replacing my bike with a knee scooter and crutches. Ugh! But, that’s a story for another day.





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