Over the weekend, I created a nautical sailboat wreath while enjoying lovely summer weather out on the porch.


Boy, it sure felt good to get crafting again! Since Hand Painted, Wedding Champagne Flutes, I just haven’t had a moment to spare.

First, there was my niece’s late April wedding in Charleston, SC. That was immediately followed by my dad’s health crisis in Florida, hospice care, passing, and Celebration of Life services back here in Pittsburgh.

Shortly after, hubby and I headed for our nearly three-week bucket list trip to Provocative Peru.

My crafting plans and blog calendar pretty much came to a halt.

If you’d like to make your own nautical sailboat wreath, I’ve included step-by-step instructions below.

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Raise Anchor


After sharing Kitchen Coastal Decor for Summer last week, I was motivated to pull out my supplies to create a nautical sailboat wreath.



Christening the project, Raising Anchor, came from the leftover anchor ribbon from two other wreaths.

Have you ever made a mesh and ribbon wreath?

Three’s a Charm

Last spring, DIY Anchors Aweigh Sailboat Wreath, was made for sistah’s home in Charleston. It’s my most featured wreath post ever!

Shortly after, I created another version as a gift for my son’s apartment — Smooth Sailing  Flying Red, White and Blue Colors.

Nautical Sailboat Wreath Supplies

So, I went back into my craft stash for the anchor ribbon leftover on the ten-yard roll. I’d also tucked away another lightweight, wooden sailboat.


Then, I made a quick trip out to Michaels for a wire wreath frame, pipe cleaners and a roll of deco mesh.

Another trip was necessary for two complimentary rolls of ribbon, when I decided against a red, white and blue color scheme. Instead, I wanted cool shades of aqua and bright blue to work with the more muted stripes in the sails of the wooden sailboat.

  • 18″ wire wreath frame
  • shades of blue pipe cleaner package
  • 12″ blue mesh roll
  • 2 1/2″ wired anchor print ribbon
  • 2 1/2″ wired sheer aqua ribbon
  • 1 1/2″ stripe grosgrain ribbon
  • flat wooden sailboat 

Step 1: Prep Wire Wreath Frame

Begin by equally spacing 18 pipe cleaners around the wireframe — nine each on the inner and outermost rings.


Twist each pipe cleaner three times at each point.

With three different shades of blue pipe cleaners, I was also careful to balance them around the frame.

The inner rings will slide around until the mesh is attached.

I’ve hung the prepped wreath frame on the door for illustrative purposes, so you can see the general spacing. When assembling a wreath, lay the frame on your lap, or on a work surface.

Oh, and don’t forget to make a hanger out of pipe cleaner. Place it on the backside of the middle rings.

Step 2: Attach Mesh

Now, you’re ready to attach the mesh to the frame. Start by taking the first six-inches of mesh and secure it with three twists of a pipe cleaner. It doesn’t matter if you start on the inner or outer ring. I like to use clear packing tape to keep the ends of the mesh from raveling.


For an 18-inch frame, I use mesh lengths of about nine-inches between pipe cleaners; or “pinch points.”


After attaching each segment, simply poof and shape.

Step 3: Cut, Trim & Attach Ribbon

Next, cut ribbon in desired lengths and trim the ends by making a “V” notch. For an 18-inch wreath form, I typically cut wired ribbon in 12-inch lengths.


Pinch each ribbon in the middle and then make a couple of twists of the pipe cleaner to secure. Also, alternately layer which of the aqua and anchor ribbons is on top and bottom.



I did something a little different with the striped ribbon, but let me get to back to that.

Step 4: Position & Attach Sailboat

Find where you attached the pipe cleaner hanger to determine the top of the nautical sailboat wreath. Then, lay the sailboat on top of the mesh and ribbons. You’ll want to shift the position and angle so that you can use pipe cleaner to attach the sailboat.


For the upper part of the sailboat, I simply wrapped and twisted the pipe cleaner around the mast.


At several other spots, I slipped pipe cleaner through these little rings to secure the sailboat.

Step 5: Ribbon Embellishment

Normally, I use three different patterns of wired ribbon at each pinch point. But, for the nautical sailboat wreath I only used two. Instead, I created little “bows” out of the third ribbon.


Only 1 1/2-inches wide, the striped grosgrain ribbon I loved lacked wire for shaping. So, I came up with an alternative approach and look.


So, I cut the striped ribbon in 15-inch lengths. Each ribbon was laid it out as shown above. Then I pinched it to create a small poof.



Pipe cleaner at pinch points, were twisted at the base of each poof to attach the ribbon to the nautical sailboat wreath.


Step 5: Twist, Tuck & Poof

Finishing touches include twisting and tucking remaining pipe cleaner ends to the backside of the wreath.


All that’s left to do is shape and adjust the ribbons.

Hoist the Sails!

Here’s the nautical sailboat wreath from several different angles.


I purposely positioned the boat a little to the right so it looked like it was sailing.


What do you think?

Takes me back to last September onboard the masted Windstar, while on a Small Ship Greek Island Cruise.

Have you ever owned a sailboat? Gone sailing?




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