For this year’s holiday season, I’m sharing a winter woodland tablescape featuring a rustic deer centerpiece.


Three years ago, the first Christmas table I ever styled and shared on Debbee’s Buzz had a similar theme. But, I was brand new to blogging, and a novice at using the software and photo editing tools.

As part of this month’s Christmas Tablescape Hop, I’ve updated and restyled the rustic look. A standing deer on a toboggan centerpiece sets the scene for the winter woodland tablescape.

To create the casual holiday table, I’ve mixed everyday dishes with seasonal plates, flatware and linens. By swapping and rotating tableware in and out of the dishwasher, I’m able to reuse the same basic table setting for multiple meals.

It’s an easy, practical way to continually set a festive table throughout the month of December.

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Styling a Season-Long Centerpiece

Eighteen talented bloggers juggled celebrating Thanksgiving and getting a Christmas table set and photographed by December first. For those coming from Rachelle’s French-styled table at My Hubbard Home, welcome!


Setting the scene for my winter woodland tablescape is a rustic, seasonal centerpiece.  Providing the base is a miniature, wine red toboggan. You can also see it incorporated into the adorable Moose Toboggan Ride Winter Fun Table.


Both the toboggan and deer have also appeared on The Apres-Ski Lodge Buffet. They are part of the cabin and Ski Lodge Theme Decor in our basement level game room.

When creating seasonal or theme centerpieces, I often incorporate items from my own home and holiday decor. This year, it also meant I didn’t need to purchase anything new. Have you ever incorporated a favorite holiday decoration into a centerpiece?


Weaved all around the toboggan and between the legs of the deer is a set of sleigh bells.


It, along with bottle brush trees and other decorative elements, came from Old Allegheny Shoppe. Normally, visiting and Previewing Favorite Christmas Shop Kicks Off the Season.

Boy, do I ever miss browsing and visiting stores for holiday atmosphere, finds and inspiration! Online shopping just isn’t the same — even when finding deals.


Scattered throughout the centerpiece are a variety of pinecones, in different sizes and shapes. Some have white, snowy tips.

Adding Sparkle & Snow

Adding a little bit of twinkle to the winter woodland tablescape is a string of battery-powered, mini white lights.


Lighting the way through the woods is a tree stump votive candle. I found it in a little boutique shop, while on a ski trip in the Rockies.

It’s hard to believe that late last February we were on a Terrific Telluride, Colorado Ski Vacation. And, the year before in Breathtaking Breckenridge. Now, I’m getting around on crutches and a knee scooter!


Reminiscent of the real thing, birch trees and snow are tucked into and around the wintery scene. They were borrowed from Department 56 North Pole Village accessories.

Because of my mobility limitations, I am not setting up the Christmas display this year. So, it’s nice to have pictures from A Tour of the Magical North Pole to revisit.

Setting a Festive Table

Underlying the winter woodland tablescape is a holiday plaid cloth in white, burgundy red and forest green.


Round woodcut chargers at each place setting, also slightly elevate the centerpiece in the middle of the table.

Both the tablecloth and chargers were also the base for a Casual Christmas Table. However, it was set with Pfaltzgraff Nordic Christmas plates.

To vary the festive look, I have the option of simply swapping dishes, glasses and flatware throughout the holiday season.

I can also temporarily move the centerpiece to the buffet to change linens. A forest green tablecloth was the backdrop for the first Woodland Tablescape for Holiday Meals. Red handle flatware and plaid napkins — along with ornament favors — decorated that festive table.


Layered on top of the woodcut charger is an Ireland Pursuit dinner plate by Keltcraft Noritake.


A forest green border makes my everyday dishes perfect for a holiday setting.


They also pull out the green from the plaid tablecloth. And, the small creatures decorating the edges are ideal for a woodland theme.  Regular readers will recognize my Ireland Pursuit dishes from a Casual St. Patrick’s Day Table.


Finally, topping the stack is a plate from the Better Homes and Gardens’ Heritage Collection. Each depicts the same snowy scene; a horse drawn sleigh carrying the family farm’s Christmas tree.

Do you have any special or favorite dishes you use to set a Christmas table?

Woodland Theme Flatware & Glasses


Flanking each winter woodland plate stack is copper-color, twig flatware.

Presently set for a holiday brunch, I’ve also included an Ireland Pursuit coffee cup and saucer to the right of each place setting. Cranberry or orange juice will be served in these adorable glasses (Pottery Barn).


Whether transported by sleigh or wooden-sided station wagon, the tree is assured to arrive home in time to decorate for Christmas.

Christmas Tree Napkin Fold

Evergreen trees also decorate the winter woodland tablescape as cleverly folded napkins.


It’s one of over 12 Napkin Folds for All Seasons, Holidays & Occasions that I’ve incorporated into table settings — so far.

Last January, the easy napkin fold made it’s first appearance on the Downhill Dinner at Ski Cabin Winter Table.


I liked the tree-shape napkin fold so much, I couldn’t wait to incorporate it into a Christmas table setting. To see the napkin fold laying flat on a plate, check out, Bringing Home the Christmas Tree Holiday Table.


Happily, our live tree is already up and decorated in the family room — which can be seen from the kitchen table. And, it really has enhanced my holiday mood and view, as I continue to spend long hours on the couch with my leg propped up.

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Holiday Hop

Next up on the Christmas Tablescape Hop is Barbara of Mantel and Table, with her pretty roses and pepperberries setting. I hope the table tour fills you will lots of holiday cheer and inspiration.

Bringing in Reinforcements

Still healing from foot surgery, I continue to be non-weight bearing. And, with all the added responsibilities hubby has taken on — including making the Thanksgiving feast — I thought I’d have to bow out of the Christmas Tablescape Hop.


Setting the table was made possible with the help of V, my eldest son’s darling girl.


They were with us from NYC, after a large, 100-year old iron pipe burst on the roof!

Yeah, 2020 right?

The pipe was connected to the building’s water tower. Resulting damage to the ceiling and roof above the penthouse apartment necessitated repairs; making it inhabitable during construction.

So, they took COVID-19 tests, rented a car and decamped here in Pittsburgh.

Read about the wonderful pho meal V prepared for us in, Cultural Cooking Adventure: Vietnamese Dishes. It was a delicious treat the night before Thanksgiving to not worry about preparing another meal.

Without V’s and my husband’s help, I would have been unable to reach and transport fragile tableware from cabinets and storage. They also gathered holiday decor elements for the centerpiece from three floors and boxes in the attic.


So, much thanks to my own personal elves, lol!



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