I’ve been wanting to share this peacock tablescape with you for quite awhile. But up until now, I’ve been trying to just keep up with timely holiday settings.

Not that I don’t love the holidays! It just feels like they’ve been one on top of each other since last fall when I launched this blog. Easter coming early didn’t help either. Over the months ahead, I’m looking forward to sharing tables that are seasonal, or for no particular occasion at all.

If you’ve been following Debbee’s Buzz, you know peacocks are one of my favorite things. Just love their beautiful feathers, and gorgeous teal and blue coloring.

My peacock passion (obsession?) started when I ‘discovered’ my husband’s colonial ancestor. His honest to goodness first name was Peacock! A spy for General Washington, the British referred to him as The Rebel Bird! Learn all about Peacock in, Celebrating Patriots on Independence Day.

I’ve been collecting peacock decorative accents, ornaments and tableware ever since.

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Peacock Perfection


Peacocks began populating my home when I discovered this large Fitz and Floyd figurine. Just browsing at a furniture store, while shopping for a then newly remodeled kitchen. I came home with the peacock and three bar stools.

The peacock figurine was a slam dunk purchase, as he went perfectly with the newly wallpapered dining room. It a gorgeous, large scale print by Schumacher (not currently available).


The Fitz and Floyd figurine normally graces a mahogany side table in the dining room. It’s reflected in a large mirror that’s topped by a golden phoenix bird.

Today, the figurine is holding court as the centerpiece of my peacock tablescape. Isn’t he grand?


A pair of silk floral arrangements (custom made, The Cobb), with peacock feather accents, flank the peacock figurine. Usually, the florals sit on the uncovered mahogany table. I had the peacock feathers incorporated into the design to mimic the look in the wallpaper.


Run the Table

Right now, the figurine and floral arrangements sit on a newly acquired table runner — serving as the peacock tablescape centerpiece.


The table is set for a dinner party of six. Before we sit down to eat, I’ll remove the two floral arrangements and replace them with two clusters of peacock pillar candles (Pier 1). Otherwise, it’s too hard to socialize through the florals. Lit candles create a romantic atmosphere for dinner.


I’d been searching for a table runner for several years that could go on the mahogany table year-round — one that wouldn’t break the bank either! A couple of months ago I found one at Pier 1 on sale.

I think it was from the winter season because of the velvet fabric? There’s also beautiful, metallic peacocks with jewel accents decorating the runner.


Too bad I didn’t have the runner to decorate a peacock tablescape when I hosted the second My Favorite Things Party. It had a Birds of a Feather, Gather Together theme.


Learn more at How to Host an Extraordinary My Favorite Things Party and Peacock Party Favors, Gifts and Prizes.


I’ve been dying to incorporate the new runner into a peacock tablescape from the minute I brought it home.

Dishes Compliment China

The peacock dishes came from Marshall’s and TJ Maxx a few years ago. Because my Lenox Eclipse china is cream-colored with gold trim, the colors in the peacock dishes make them great accent plates. I also like that the peacock image is in muted shades.

Even better, they are dishwasher and microwave safe.


Amazon carries Serene Peacock by 222 Fifth (see links below), along with several other peacock dish patterns.


Here they are layered over my wedding china dinner plates and tablerunner, at the hostess setting.


At each of the other place settings, I layered a gold charger under the Lenox dinner plate.

Three Sets are Better Than One

I have another set of peacock accent plates I use in the fall and for Thanksgiving. It’s a beautiful brown transferware pattern that looks vintage. I found them at a gift shop. Unfortunately, there is no manufacturer or pattern mark on the back.



See them at the Cornucopia Takes Center Stage on Thanksgiving Table and Turkey Tureen is Star.


Another set I use for more casual, everyday meals are these hand-painted dishes (Peacock by Tabletop International).

Had-to-Have Flatware

Honestly, I didn’t need any more sets of flatware, but when I discovered this Wallace peacock pattern (now retired), well what choice did I have? After all, I have two sets of peacock plates to go with them! Excuses, excuses…


See what I mean? And, they were a practical peacock purchase because they’re stainless!


The only thing I dislike about the flatware is their scale. Why do they make everything oversized these days? The soups are big enough to use as serving spoons!

Birds of a Feather Need Glasses When They Gather Together

When I hosted my peacock-themed My Favorite Things Party, I wanted wine and cocktail glassware for the white peacock wine coolers and pea-cocktails (aren’t I clever?).

The wine glasses are in two teal accent patterns, but it’s hard to see with the peacock-fanned napkins tucked into them.


I like how the accordion-fold and fan spread napkin fold is reminiscent of a peacock’s tail. It’s a super easy napkin fold to dress up a tablesetting. 


Over the last few years  of blogging, I’ve greatly expanded my repertoire of Napkin Folds for All Seasons, Holidays & Occasions. Like the more complicated peacock, that is tucked into the same glass for the (2022) Alfresco Brunch Peacock Table & Napkin Fold.


Anyway, all the wine and cocktail glasses came from Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. Occasionally I still see the wine glasses in stores. Be careful though. When I bought mine, I noticed quite a few had very pronounced flaws. So I had to go to different stores to find eight good ones.

Above and below, I pulled out the napkin so you can see what the teal swirl and ‘bubble’ glass patterns look like.


And, here’s a close-up of the swirl cocktail glass.


Peacock Passion

My sons are well aware of my peacock passion, even though The Rebel Bird is their ancestor not mine.


They like to tease I have ancestor envy!


Even so, my eldest son has given me a number of small stocking stuffers depicting a peacock, including this lovely wine cork (Gump’s).

Peacocks in Exotic Spain

As I was setting the table and writing this post, it was grey, freezing cold and still snowing (flurries) outside. In the middle of April!

So, I’ve been daydreaming about the peacocks we saw strolling through the gardens of the Real (royal) Alcazar in Seville and the Alhambra in Grenada. See Seductive Seville Entices with Arabic Palace and Spectacular Spain. Maybe if I click my snow boots together it will take me back there?


I came home wishing I had a garden that warranted a peacock taking up residence. Of course, I doubt peacocks like snow?

Peacock Tablescape at Christmas Too

During the holidays, I also decorate the dining room chandelier overhead. Here is a peek from Peacock Ornaments Decorate Chandelier at Christmas.

peacock velvet ornaments

And, a pair of peacock feathered trees take the place of the two silk floral arrangements on the tabletop.

Peacock theme feather tree

But this Christmas, instead of the metallic gold, I’ll use my new velvet peacock runner. There’s more peacock decorations at Decorating with a Peacock Theme and Peacock Ornaments Decorate Tree. I said this wasn’t a holiday tablescape and look where this post ended up — at Christmas LOL.

Next up is A HapBEE Birthday Table and Beehive Dessert — because you might have noticed I have a thing for bees too!




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