Bonjour, mon ami and welcome to the Bee-utiful Bee Table Settings Blog Hop! Today, eight of us are getting together to share casual to elegant tablescapes and centerpieces.

I was motivated to host the hop in honor of World Bee Day, next Thursday, May 20th.

Hoping you’ll find inspiration for both spring and summer seasonal tables and gatherings. Perhaps even for a “Meant to Bee” or “What Will It Bee” bridal or baby shower?

Here at Debbee’s Buzz, the bee theme table was influenced by French ancestry and the pronunciation of my first name. Set on a black and white backdrop, the striking tablescape includes lots of metallic gold accents. Bees are featured on plates, glassware, flatware and napkin rings, along with a theme centerpiece vignette. There’s even a royal French bee shape napkin fold!

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Elegant Tablescape Fit for Queen Bee

I’m delighted to have seven talented stylists join me for the Bee-utiful Table Settings Blog Hop. You’ll find links with titles and thumbnail photos for each tablescape listed at the end of this post. 


To create the feel of a Parisian cafe, my bee theme table is set on a black and white, wide stripe cloth (Kate Spade). Providing a bit of glitz are narrow strands of metallic thread that also tie-in with other tableware gold accents. 


I first used the cloth for another French-inspired tablescape a few of years ago. Meet Me at the Eiffel Tower Table Valentine features dishes depicting the Paris landmark.  

Family-heirloom, etched crystal belonged to my French great-grandmother — Dora Henriette Francois Marie. She had not one, but three middle names — ooh la la! Grand mere and my great -grandfather immigrated from France in the late 1800’s. Both of their très Francais surnames begin with the letter “B”; as do several others in their combined family tree.

Although my name is actually Debbie, grand mere pronounced it with an strong emphasis on the “bee” ending. So there you have it; my love of bees and nickname Queen Debbee. It’s how the name of this blog came to bee too lol!

And, why I chose a French Queen Bee theme for the very first My Favorite Things Party.

Going for the Gold

Underlying the plate stack is my Lenox Eclipse (retired) china; a wedding gift from my parents. This is the first time I’ve featured them in the open kitchen, on the round glass table.


Normally, the china is used for more formal Thanksgiving or Christmas meals in the dinning room. Or for larger dinner parties, like the Exotic Peacock Table or Greek Tablescape & Olympic Torch Napkin Fold.

For the bee theme table, I’ve used the elegant gold and black decorated dinner plates in lieu of chargers. Set for four, the ornate gold chargers would have taken up too much space on the intimate round table.


Plus, I like how the gold and black china edge compliments the tablecloth and bee motif luncheon-size plates.

Bee Tableware Collection

Making their debut as part of the bee theme, favorite things party are the striking Anthropology (retired) plates. Such pretty details; include the scalloped edge, bright celery green color, and of course the classic bee motif. I love everything about the specialty plates — except that the metallic details require hand washing lol!

They  appeared on A HapBEE Birthday Table with Beehive Dessert for hubby, along with more of my bee tableware collection. Hanging above both tables is the easy DIY Bee Decorated Chandelier.

And, covering the Meyer lemon-favor cake is a large beehive-shape glass cloche (William Sonoma several years ago).

Napoleonic Bee

After being crowned emperor of France, Napoleon adopted the eagle and bee as symbols of his dynasty. Bees tied him to the origins of France, and are considered the oldest emblem of its sovereigns. I suspect it also had something to do with “Bonaparte” starting with the letter “B”?


Flanking the dish stack is Wallace Napoleon Bee flatware. For the spring and summer seasons, the stainless is one of my everyday patterns.

So does my love of bees mean I have a Napoleonic complex lol?

Authentic French Glassware

Also part of my everyday bee motif tableware are La Rochere glasses in several sizes.


Pictured above are the water tumblers. I also have the taller beverage glasses, but decided not to use them on this bee theme table.


Instead, I incorporated Libby Rose Classic (vintage) stemware. I like how the etched roses and gold bows coordinate with the plates. For some reason, they look French to me. Maybe bee-cause my grand mere’s beloved crystal is etched with roses too?

Golden Nectar

There’s also an aperitif glass included in the trio. Here, it’s filled with one of my favorite liquors — Limoncello.


Although it’s Italian — not French — it and the lemons in the water tumblers add a pop of yellow to the bee theme table. 

I’ll also be adding homemade, honey and sage-infused lemonade to the vintage glasses for the actual meal. Originally, I served the lemonade as part of Bee Theme Party Food Features Honey, Lemon in a beehive-shape drink dispenser.  It has the cutest black iron stand with bees on it. Whenever I make the tasty beverage, it’s always a big batch, as it refrigerates well for several days.

So refreshing and tasty with sage from my herb garden. Plus, steeping the sage fills the house with the most wonderful aroma!

For large groups of guests and parties, I use mason jars and bee and honeycomb-embossed jugs (Tuesday Morning several years ago) and straws. There’s even a matching carafe. You can see them on the Easter Hunt in Mr. McGregor’s Garden table paired with the La Rochere glasses.

As you probably have figured out, I have a large collection of bee theme tableware!

Royal French Bee Inspired Napkin Fold


Another part of my collection are these gorgeous napkin rings with lots of bling. They go perfectly with the plates and other metallic gold elements on the bee theme table.

Plus, they hold the fleur-de-lis napkin shape fold in place.


So as to not cover the bee motif and accentuate the flower in the design, I used smaller raspberry napkins and positioned them to right of the plate. 

Many believe the ancient royal fleur-de-lis symbol represents a bee. I first made the fold, but with larger napkins for the busy as a bee, Back to School Table. Although not the simplest, it’s pretty easy. Learn how in the six-step Fleur-de-Lis, Bee Shape Napkin Fold Tutorial

Over the years, it’s one of many Napkin Folds for All Seasons, Holidays & Occasions I’ve used to embellish tables. It’s also an easy, inexpensive way to carry out a theme without buying special plates or napkin rings.  Other napkin options for a bee theme table include a quick and easy rose fold, or more complicated, Pretty Flower Blossom Shape Napkin. Just replace the bird place card with a chenille bee, and perhaps use a yellow or floral print napkin.

Find Your Place at the Table


For the bee theme table, I simply took bee clip-on embellishments and attached them to gold-framed place cards. Something similar could also be used in lieu of napkin rings.

Bee Theme Table Centerpiece

Finally, to compliment the place settings, I created a bee theme vignette as the centerpiece.


Anchoring the centerpiece is a clear glass wasp catcher, with a little chenille bee buzzing above. 


Next to it is a little handmade bee skep I made as part of Bee Wreaths & Bee-autiful DIY Party Decorations


I also included three tiny clear vases, filling them with white lilac and cherry blossoms from the yard. Shades in the flowers compliment the color of the napkins. 


There’s a handcrafted honeypot with dipper I picked up at the Three Rivers Art Festival too. 


It’s decorated with different vintage bee images on the front and back. 

See the DIY Elegant French Queen Bee Invitation to find free vintage, royalty-free imagery. Use them to create table place cards, napkin rings, linens and favors to embellish a bee theme table. 


Incorporated into the center vignette is this little bee server with matching spreader vignette. I found it and other bee theme table, decor and garden items on a visit to the Spring Flower Show at Pittsburgh’s Phipps Conservatory.

You’ll also find linens, signs and cute bee gifts on a Hunt and Finds at Trax Farm


Right now there are lots of bee tableware and decor items at William Sonoma and other retailers. I just showed great restraint while at Home Goods, where I saw these cute melamine plates and glasses lol! 

To recreate the look of my French-inspired, bee theme table, see the links below.

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Next up is Mary of Home is Where the Boat Is, and her delightful Hive Rules. It’s set in her garden shed and includes a vintage bee smoker and honey cans. 

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Thanks to all my blogger buddies for taking part in today’s Bee-utiful Table Settings — only the second time I have hosted. As the so-called, “Queen of Theme”, I hope to organize several other theme-specific events throughout the year. See the first hop at 14 Stylists Share St. Patrick’s Day Table Setting Ideas.

Will you celebrate World Bee Day in some shape or form?



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