Welcome my pretties to the annual Halloween Tablescape Blog Hop. This year I’ve gone completely batty, with a playful purple Halloween table, centerpiece and decorated chandelier overhead!


Hosted by my blogger buddy Rita of Panoply, 19 table stylists have conjured up lots of fun to frightening settings to inspire and delight. See links to each at the end of this post.

Because I already have two sets of Halloween plates, I’m loath to purchase and then find space to store new tableware. What to do?

Last year’s Gothic Glam Table & Skeleton Napkin Fold is one of my all-time favorite tablescapes — regardless of holiday, season or occasion. For that elegant setting, I didn’t use any Halloween tableware. Instead, I pulled out my best china, crystal and sterling. A Silly Skeleton — resplendent in pearls and rhinestones — sat in my ornate silver punchbowl, right in the middle of the table!

How do I top that?

Let’s see, I’ve already done a witch, ghost, mummy, and two skeleton tables. Hmmm! In the end, a bat-shape napkin fold provided the spark I needed to style this year’s Halloween scene.

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Bats Buzz in Belfry

If you’re flying in from my talented friend Sarah’s and her charming dog theme table, there’s nothing to fear or be afraid of here!


Don’t worry about all the bats populating my purple Halloween table, centerpiece, or chandelier. They aren’t blood-sucking vampire bats and don’t bite —much!

The quick and easiest way to add a purple punch of color, was to cover the glass kitchen table with an inexpensive plastic tablecloth (Dollar Tree). Unfortunately, they didn’t have any rounds in stock, so I just folded the large rectangle size in half.

On top is a lacy, black spider topper. Can you tell the purple underneath is plastic? Go ahead I dare you lol!


Next, I pulled out chargers with black and white, wide stripes (Hobby Lobby). To tie in with the bat theme, I surrounded each charger with a feathery boa (Dollar Tree). Although I considered using black, I liked how the violet shade provided another pop of color to the purple Halloween table.

This Way Something Wicked Wiccan Comes


To keep flyaways from getting into food, I carefully tucked errant feathers under the charger edges.

Layered in the plate stack are Wiccan Lace pattern by 222 Fifth Halloween dinner, salad and dessert dishes.

Either a skeleton, cat, witch, or haunted house are depicted on each of the smaller plates — mostly hidden under the bat-shape napkins.

For a better view of all the dish designs, check out the witch theme, Eye of Newt, Spooky Halloween Tablescape. That was the first time I used Wiccan Lace dishes.

A few years latter, the plates also appeared on the Spooktacular Skeleton at the Feast Halloween Table. I debated then if I should splurge and order four more dinner plates — so I could host larger seasonal gatherings.

This Halloween, however, my puppy made the decision for me.

Scary Scottie

As I was folding napkins for the purple Halloween table, I heard a loud clang and crash coming from the kitchen. Uh-ho! A split second latter, Whiskey (my 10-month old Scottish Terrier puppy) came running at me in a fright!

He was fine, but one of the dinner plates was not.

Laying on the floor was an intact metal charger, but the plate was in pieces. Fortunately, I hadn’t gotten to putting out the smaller plates or painted glasses yet. Whew! It could have been a lot worse. Still.

Apparently, the purple feathers had caught Whiskey’s eye. He must have jumped up and pulled on the topper, which hangs six-inches over the edge of the table. With just four-inch long legs, I had once again underestimated his field of vision and athletic abilities. Not buying his innocent look or claim it was the work of poltergeists either!


You’d think I had learned my lesson when something similar happened with the St. Patrick’s Day Table. Nothing broke then, just shifted. Since then, I’d switched from using tablecloths to placemats.

In my defense, his predecessor Fibber MacGee, never once showed the least bit of interest in any of my table settings.

Well, I couldn’t possibly get by with only three dinner plates! At $20 each, I ordered three from Replacements. Now, I have enough to set a dinner in the dining room for six.

But, until Halloween night this year, I’ve flipped up the four edges of the purple cloth and lacy topper onto the table top.

Bats Take Flight

Far out of Whiskey’s reach is the bat-decorated chandelier hanging over the table. Although simple to create, it was challenging to photograph without background visual “noise” and window glare.


So here is is from underneath. I’m especially pleased with the feathery bats suspended over the centerpiece. I made each bat by joining two black feathers with a section of metallic silver pipe cleaner.


Regular readers know how I frequently decorate light fixtures as an extension of the centerpiece and theme styling. Learn how easy it is to do in, Decorate a Chandelier for Fall in 3 Easy Steps.

My most over-the-top creation was the Jaw Dropping Halloween Chandelier. It featured a three-foot skeleton literally swinging from the light fixture above the Spooktacular Skeleton at the Feast Halloween Table.

Marbled Purple Pumpkin Patch

Beneath the flying bats in the chandelier, the centerpiece features marbled faux pumpkins (Hobby Lobby). See how to Easily Marble Pumpkins for Fall & Table Decor as I did.


Or, learn how you can enter to win all five pumpkins at the end of the post! The contest is open to both new subscribers and current Debbee’s Buzz followers.


Perched on each pumpkin stem is a glittery black bat (Dollar Tree) to tie into the table theme.


In the center of the vignette is a black metal, bat silhouette candle holder. Elevating the candle and pumpkins are two different sizes of black spider cupcake holders.


Surrounding the centerpiece is a ring of purple deco mesh and tubing (Dollar Tree). Providing a little spectral glow is a string of mini lights.


Tucked in here and there are small purple ornament balls (Michaels), and more feathery bats like those flying above.

Spread Your Bat Wings

Back to the place settings and plate stack topped with a bat-shape napkin.


It’s the 19th fold I’ve tried over the last several years! The bat-shaped napkin is what helped inspire and unify my Halloween table theme.


See them all in Napkin Folds for All Seasons, Holidays & Occasions.

For Halloween, there’s a bone-shape fold on the Skeleton at the Feast Table, or Skeleton Mummy Napkin Fold to choose from.

Folding fabric napkins elevates a table setting. And, it means you don’t necessarily need holiday or seasonal specific tableware or linens to carry off a theme.

Searching online, I found two different styles to fold a napkin into the shape of a bat. Both are easy, although the one I chose requires an additional step. I thought it looked the most realistic.

What do you think?

Position at the top of each setting is a place card depicting a bat. I love carrying theme details throughout a tablescape!


Flanking the plate stack and napkin fold are black-handle flatware (Dollar Tree). They are a real treat at only $1 for a three-piece service of four.


Eventually, I will invest in a quality service for eight, But, not until I find a pattern that makes me swoon or is a steal!

If You Got It, Haunt It

Although I already had smoky black wine glasses (Dollar Tree), I decided to Halloweenize them with haunting imagery.


To tie-in with the bat and purple Halloween table, I hand painted four glasses with my own design — a trio of bats flying in front of a purple, moonlit sky.


Learn step-by-step instructions to recreate the eerie scene in, DIY Spooky Painted Halloween Glasses. Or, apply the tutorial to paint your own design.

Adjacent to each painted glass is a vintage goblet (local resale shop) in a plum shade.


I have six glasses, but this is the first time I’ve ever used them. They were a nice find, but until setting this purple Halloween table, I never had any other tableware they went with.

Anyone recognize the manufacturer or pattern?

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Wishing you all a most happy Halloween!


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