For Halloween this year, I’ve created a gothic glam table full of posh and otherworldly details.


Styled as an elegant dinner party for six, the dramatic black and white tablescape is set with fine china, crystal and silver.

But, it’s the table length centerpiece that creates the spine-tingling atmosphere. Meet a diva skeleton who literally crashed the Halloween party, landing in my punchbowl!

To tie in with the skeleton soiree theme, I’ve also adapted an easy napkin fold to resemble a skeleton-mummy.

I always look forward to participating in the annual Halloween Tablescape Hop! Hosted by Chloe of Celebrate & Decorate, 14 blogger stylists have conjured up seasonal settings. If you’ve just come from Rita’s wonderous Hallows Evening, pull up a chair and have a seat at my gothic glam table!

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Ghoulish & Gauche Guests


Last year for Halloween, I set a more casual Spooktacular Skeleton at the Feast Table

It featured a Jaw Dropping Halloween Chandelier.

Mr. Bones was literally dangling from the light fixture over my kitchen table!

Now his girlfriend, Stella, decided to crash the more formal, gothic glam table set in the dining room!

Neither of them appears to have very good table manners, lol!

Not only is Stella lounging in the center of the table, but she brought along a bunch of her ill-mannered friends and pets.

The creepy creatures include this caged raven skeleton and red-eyed rat.


And they all absconded with diamond earrings and pearls from my jewelry box!


Talk about the nerve of some “people” lol!

Skeleton at the Feast, the Sequel

After initially setting the gothic glam table, I found the skeleton “bathing” in the punch bowl — as if it was a magic potion spa treatment!  How rude!


Then, an inky dinky spider apparently startled Miss Stella Moffit into dropping the ladle and spilling smoking brew from her cup. Serves her right!


Although, Stella did dressup for the Halloween party, bedecking herself in diamonds and pearls. You know that they say — you can dress some people up, but can’t take them anywhere!


A wedding gift from my parents, the silver punch bowl set is one of my favorite things. Although, cleaning the tarnish is something I dread. It’s as if those black eyeball roses are looking for spots I missed, lol.

Swanky Skeleton Styling Challenge

By the time this post is published, outpatient surgery on my foot will be in the rearview mirror. Unfortunately, I have a rather long recovery period in a cast ahead of me.

Dear husband is taking on a lot of extra household duties and choirs; including grocery shopping, preparing meals and doing the laundry. So, I decided to keep things simple by not decorating the house for fall and Halloween (sniff!).


Instead, I limited the number of decoration boxes from the attic to just three. And, I challenged myself to create a look that didn’t require bringing Halloween-specific tableware in and out of storage.

So, I actually styled and photographed the gothic glam table weeks ago. By October, everything was packed up and put away until next year.

Deadly Dazzle

For the gothic glam table, I decided on a black and white color palette, with liberal amounts of sparkling crystal, silver and gold.


Adding the pearls and diamond embellishments was actually a last minute idea.


Originally, the strands of faux pearls and large diamonds on the gothic glam table were used to decorate a Breakfast at Tiffany Theme Brunch.

I kinda forgot I had them until inspiration struck.


Stella is draped in strings of pearls. The rhinestone necklace and earrings were given to me by my mother. Back in the ’50’s, wearing rhinestones was all the style. She wore then to accessorize the beautiful party dresses my grandmother had made her. The vintage jewelry is another of my very favorite things.

I began wearing the rhinestones to accessorize costumes in college. As a sorority member, I attended numerous dress-up Halloween and theme parties every year.


The rhinestones and this tiara completed my Holly Golightly look for the Terrific Tiffany Theme Party.

Do you have any vintage rhinestone jewelry?

Spooky Skeleton Soiree

Creating the gothic glam table scene is really all about the table length centerpiece. Layered on top of the white tablecloth is a lacy spider runner.


On either end of the spooky centerpiece, are a pair of recently crafted Eerie, Elegant Black Pumpkins.


For some razzle dazzle, I did embellish each black pumpkin with more vintage rhinestone jewelry.


Adjacent to each pumpkin is a skull (Dollar Tree) — mixing highbrow lux and cheap plastic to style the gothic glam table.


Tall skeleton tapers in crystal candlesticks flank the punchbowl.

Eerie Elegance

For the individual place settings, I began with either a silver or gold charger. Layered on top is bone china, decorated with an ornate gold and black border (Lenox Eclipse). Included in the plate stack is a matching rim soup bowl.


Elevating the skeleton mummy napkin is a spider cupcake stand. It’s the latest napkin fold added to my repertoire.


To create the skeleton mummy look, I used napkins matching the tablecloth. The fold itself is called a “ragdoll.”


I used lightweight skulls from the Haunted Halloween Hallows Tablescape and Jaw Dropping Halloween Chandelier for heads.

Do you see it? Skeleton or mummy?

At first I considered using the bone napkin fold from last year’s Spooktacular Skeleton at the Feast Halloween Table. But I wanted to challenge myself to try something new.

Not much of challenge really, the napkin fold is really easy to do. For more ideas, check out Napkin Folds for All Seasons, Holidays & Occasions.


Flanking the elegant setting is sterling silver (International Enchantress) that has been in the family for over 75 years . I love the beautiful patina of the vintage flatware.


Originally belonging to my great grandmère is this etched crystal (Cambridge Rose Point). The illusion of wispy smoke comes from pulled spider web — also used in the punchbowl and silver water pitcher.


On the bread and butter plate at each setting is a skull-topped appetizer pick.


See more of Stella’s antics in, Silly Skeleton Poses on Elegant Halloween Table. Choose from seven other centerpiece options for your favorite.

And, for a more bone rattling fun, there’s also DIY Halloween Skeleton Decor: It’s a Scream.

So what do you think of my spooky, skeleton soiree?

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Road to Recovery

Thanks to all who sent good wishes on my foot surgery and recovery. By now, the worst is behind me. Other than a two-hour delay for the surgery, all went as expected.

I think the nerve block pump, and anti-nausea medication and patch, made a huge difference in pain management. By day five, I weaned myself off narcotics. Fortunately, I’ve also been able to sleep reasonably well. Although the heavy cast and being non-weight bearing is very awkward, frustrating and uncomfortable at times, it sure helps having such a kind, thoughtful and supportive husband.

Stop by for a spell and keep me company! I’d sure love to hear from you.





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