Taking you on a tour of my dining room for a haunted Halloween hallows tablescape. Things That Go Bump in the Night is part of this year’s Halloween Tablescape Blog Hop.  


Today, I’m fortunate to be among 19 talented and creative stylists for the week-long spooktacular. The monthly event is hosted by Chloe of Celebrate & Decorate. This is my fourth time participating, starting with a Give Me Liberty Blue Tablescape. That was followed by Don’t Be Crabby Coastal Table and Fall on the Farm Rooster Table.

It’s such a thrill being included with many bloggers I have long admired and been inspired by. But, it’s not without its share of chills either! After seeing Monday’s creations, I’ve been feeling more than a little intimidated! I shared my jitters with the group, with thoughts of chickening out. But Chloe said, “don’t you dare!” Actually, she was quite encouraging.

So skeleton finger and toe bones crossed, welcome to my haunted Halloween hallows (cue the scary sound effects).

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Hear No, Speak No, Say No Evil


My haunted Halloween hallows tablescape began with a trio of mummy-skeletons. The three spooky stooges, were a long ago find in the now defunct Panache catalog. So long gone, it never even had a website LOL!

I bought them via phone order on clearance the day after Halloween and packed them away until the following year.


Each mummy strikes a different pose. The one in the middle seems to shrug, “what’s there to be scared of?”

His neighbor is keeping his hands to himself and off my guests!


On the other end of the table, a third mummy grits his teeth so to speak no evil while guests are dining.


All three mummies are made of Styrofoam wrapped in a ghoulish green gauze. They also look spooktacular on my fireplace mantle.

Cemetery Centerpiece

The mummies have risen from their graves in the haunted Halloween hallows. A string of tiny, battery-operated lights denotes the presence of spectral creatures.


Anchoring the length of the table is a black spider web runner. I bought it locally at Old Allegheny Shoppe. We visited there recently during Favorite Halloween and Fall Decor Shopping.


A pair of gargoyles — who have wandered off of nearby tombstones — have nestled themselves among the spiders and black branches.


Usually, these guys scare bugs away in my landscape. Hubby bought the gargoyles after I admired others up-close at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Which one do you like best?


Scattered across the haunted Halloween hallows are Styrofoam skulls (Michaels) and black silk roses with eyeballs (Dollar Tree). All new, inexpensive additions to my decorating stash this year.


The roses were also an integral part of the centerpiece and decorated chandelier in Eye of Newt, Spooky Halloween Tablescape. At only $1 a bunch I couldn’t resist!


You don’t need to be a brain-eating scientist to figure out the likely cause of death for the mummy trio. Zombie Juice and Silent as the Grave tonics do not ensure good health LOL!


A large black raven and giant silk spiders know better than to sip from a bottle labeled Poison.


The haunted Halloween hallows centerpiece is the showstopper for Things That Go Bump in the Night. Not to worry though, I did provide plates, cups and utensils for my guests too!

Set a Spooky Table

Instead of tablecloth, I stretched two lengths of greenish gauze (Michaels) on either side of the spider web runner. I like how the green coordinates with the mummy wrappings.


At each of the eight place settings, is one of four different Halloween plates — skull, crow, bat, or snake. They came four in a package from William Sonoma, a few years back. I particularly like their oval shape and border design. A great size for appetizer grazing from the nearby buffet.

Flanking each plate is copper-color flatware from Pier 1 (last year, online only). Mini pumpkin-scented candles (Marshalls) are placed at each setting, and scattered around the haunted Halloween hallows centerpiece.


A ghostly smoke rises from each skeletal hand goblet (Dollar Tree). The plastic glasses here are a grey-black. Orange and other colors are also available. 

Pulled white spider web creates the illusion of smoke. A trick I also used in Eye of Newt on the kitchen table.


Of the four plate designs, the bat is my favorite. The snake, not so much. It creeps me out! And, yes, I see the irony in that I’m the same person that created this haunted Halloween hallows! I have no one to blame but myself.

One Christmas, Santa brought my sons several life-sized, rubber snakes. My oldest son deduced that there must be a Santa Claus, because mom would never have bought them snakes. My clever plan backfired, when they later snuck the snakes under my bed covers! Eeeeeeeek!


What plate do you like best?

Lighting the Way in the Haunted Halloween Hallows

Things That Go Bump in the Night need a little bit of help finding their way. Or, well the dinner guests do! Mini candles and a string of tiny of lights just wasn’t enough.

So, I did what I frequently do when styling a tablescape — go vertical and decorate the chandelier.


I started by wrapping two garlands of fall-color leaves and berries around the light fixture and hanging chain. See How to Decorate a Dining Room Chandelier for Fall.

But, instead of embellishing with pinecone and acorn ornaments, I wrapped more green gauze around the chandelier and hung skulls. The shades were purposely tilted in disarray.


Skeletal hands (Michaels) reach out from the haunted Halloween hallows below.


Jaw Dropping Halloween Chandelier is another scary way to decorate a light fixture.

Witch Table Suits You?

So what do you think? A little too dark and scary? Haunted Halloween Hallows is a more creepy fun, adult tablescape.


When you raise two sons, you have to sometimes embrace a spooky scare Halloween. We never did blood and gore. More the classic monsters as in Decorate with Halloween Costume Photos, Artwork.


Perhaps you’d prefer a more whimsical setting like my Eye of Newt, Spooky Halloween Tablescape?


Another more fun than frightful option is, Spooktacular Skeleton at the Feast Halloween Table. I promise, it’ll tickle your funny bone, LOL!

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