How to Create a Kid Keepsakes Gallery

How to Create a Kid Keepsakes Gallery

Mother’s Day kid keepsakes, like cards and pictures, evoke such happy, warm memories of when my sons were little.


I think I’ve kept every card and crafted ‘art’ piece they’ve ever made or given meI Since they were both in nursery school, I’ve accumulated much of their creations.

Call me a pack rat, and a softie for anything of sentimental value.

Do you, or have you saved cards and artwork made by your children? Maybe stuffed in a drawer or box somewhere?

Most of their kid keepsakes are organized in accordion folders, by year. Along with the artwork, I’ve saved report cards, awards, certificates, and cards and postcards the boys received from family and friends.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I thought you might find inspiration in this fun way to display and enjoy your children’s or grandkids’ masterpieces.


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