I’ve been so busy setting tables, decorating chandeliers and creating centerpieces, I haven’t had a chance to photograph my other Halloween decorations. Today, I’m finally getting around to a Halloween decor home tour. 


Other than Favorite Things Parties and tablescapes, my Halloween decorations tend to be far less over-the-top or stylized.

I do have a lot of stuff (yes honey, I know), But, many of those decorations only come out if we’re entertaining, or if my sons come home for a weekend (usually coinciding with a Steeler game).

Halloween decor tend to go in the same locations every year. It is all simply arranged; there are no elaborate displays or vignettes. If you’re expecting Instragram or magazine-worthy photography, I hope you won’t be disappointed.

Come along now on my Halloween decor home tour, where a not-so-scary group of characters — mostly witches — convene every October.


Come in My Pretties!

The Halloween home decor tour begins in the entry hall. Guests are greeted by a friendly ghost at the front door.


The flat grapevine wreath and wooden ghost fit in the snug space between the front and glass storm door.


When I’m entertaining guests, I often leave the front door open, and instead display this Bewitching DIY Halloween Wreath.

Nevermore Clock Keeps Watch

Once inside, the next thing you’ll see is a grandmother clock. It is simply decorated with a raven sitting on top, and large fabric spider hung on it’s face (using clear fishing line). When the boys were young, there would have been a good amount of spider web for a spookier look.


A grandmother clock is a petite cousin of a full-size grandfather clock. It fits more comfortably in the scale of my home. The clock is adjacent to the staircase. In the background, black and gold framed prints of Venice hang along the stairway.


Across from the stairs is a painted black chest, where two pumpkin scarecrows sit in front of a mirror.


See the clock in the reflection?


The intricate gold and black beveled mirror is one of my favorite things. Another large spider clings to the front.


In the reflection, you can see Haunted Halloween Hallows Tablescape in the dining room.

Tables Part of Halloween Decor Home Tour

I tend to keep centerpieces and decorated chandeliers on display for several weeks as part of my seasonal or holiday decor. The mummy trio below are typically the scariest part of my Halloween decor home tour.


The black spider web runner in the centerpiece matches the drape hung on the mahogany china behind the table.


Three more of those long-legged spiders (also in the centerpiece) hang from the pediment. You might have noticed that the pediment nearly touches my ceiling? The height of the furniture caused a real scare in the months before we moved into our home.


While having it built, we never realized the ceilings throughout the house were only seven and a half feet tall (vs the standard eight). It was the 80’s and the lower ceilings make the house very energy-efficient. We were newlyweds at the time and it was our first (and still only) home.

The dining room furniture was ordered while the house was under construction. Shortly after we moved in (while measuring for drapes), I realized the china top was six inches taller than the room’s ceiling! Eek! Fortunately, the furniture delivery was months behind schedule, and Henredon allowed us to switch. It’s still a really tight fit.


A phoenix-topped mirror in the dining room is crawling with another spider. I might have an infestation of spiders…

Here’s Looking At You — Boo!

Rather than heading straight into the kitchen, let’s go back across the hall on the Halloween decor home tour. That’s where you might find yourself face-to-face in the reflection of a large mirror.


The mirrors are an interior decorating device to bring in more light and expand the space. In the reflection of the mirror above, you can see all the way into the entry hall and dining room beyond. Hanging the mirrors close to the ceiling, with oversize crown moldings, helps create an optical illusion of more height.

The “Boo” and sinister crescent signs were a clearance purchase at Pottery Barn Kids, many moons ago. Oh dear, I see yet another spider! Better call an exterminator…


From this angle you can see the grand piano in the corner of the room and grandmother clock in the hallway. There is a lot of black in my everyday interior decorating. That makes it easy to incorporate black spiders, witches, bats and cats into my Halloween decor home tour.

Don’t Bee a Scaredy Cat


While sneaking across the keyboard, this kitty cat seems to be frightened by a glimpse of my Scottie peeking in from the hallway. He needn’t worry though; Fibber isn’t allowed in the living room. I do find it disturbing, however, whenever I find the stuffed cat in a different spot than I last left him….


I think the petite witch sitting in the nearby spell may have conjuring up a spell. She actually looks pretty harmless. Maybe it’s just my imagination?


Love that hooked nose and spider dangling from her hat.


Another black cat sits happily in her lap. Not nearly as neurotic as the one roaming the piano.


Zelda is part of my collection of not-so-scary witches.

Room With a View


Let’s continue on our Halloween decor home tour, and head on down the hall. First thing you’ll see is tan Eye of Newt, Spooky Halloween Tablescape . That’s where another witch ran into the decorated chandelier and got herself entangled.


Out through the sliding glass doors, you can see the two decorated black urns on the covered porch.


Simple black bats on stakes contrast nicely with the white railing. The black and white striped outdoor drapes stay up through Halloween.


I keep the flowers simple too; surrounding mums with colored straw for a finished look. The mums are inserted into the urns in their original plastic pots, rather than planting them. That way, If the dirt freezes, I can easily pull out the pots to make room for holiday displays. See Candy Cane Christmas Urns Add Whimsy to Deck.

It’s already pretty cold, so let’s head back inside to continue the Halloween decor home tour.

Double, Double Toil & Trouble — Not!

On my French baker’s rack are two Byers Choice witches offering treats — not tricks — to a child dressed as a pumpkin.


If you follow Debbee’s Buzz, you know I have a collection of seasonal Byers Choice figures that I put on display or incorporate into tablescapes.


Although Byers Choice introduced a new witch and trick-or-tricker for a number of years, I’m perfectly happy with my little trio.

If you’d like to add a figure to your Halloween decor, check the Amazon links below. But, be forewarned, only 1-5 of each style are currently available.


Four more witches in my collection populate the family room fireplace and mantle. My broom is parked on the hearth, LOL!


I’ve never been really happy with my narrow mantle. It makes it hard to decorate. That’s why this flying witch is sitting on the hearth. I should probably take her off the stand and incorporate her into the wreath instead?


By this time next year, I hope to have replaced the mantle and hearth with built-ins along the entire wall. Fortunately, several of my other friendly coven figures do fit. Here is one of two Lizzie High witch figures.


On the other side of the mantel is a another witch who’s hanging with a ghost.


Maybe next year, I’ll bring my coven together for a bewitching tablescape and invite my friends over to party?

You’ve Been Booed

On top of the bookcases, are a trio of pumpkins spelling out the word B-0-0. There’s that tight clearance again with the low ceiling.


With that, I’m going to bring this Halloween decor home tour to a close. I had intended to include the kitchen, but that may have to wait until next year. It’s late and I’m beat. So, I’m gonna put my feet up and set for a spell.


Come on back on Halloween for a evening of family fun.


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