Wonderland Tea Party Menu: Scones & Desserts

Wonderland Tea Party Menu: Scones & Desserts

Recently I detailed the second course of an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Menu: Finger Sandwiches & Savories


In Part 2, I’m outlining the beverages, scones and desserts served as the first and third courses.

I had so much fun researching and selecting all the food and drinks for the Wonderland tea party. There were so many tempting recipes to choose from! For more ideas and inspiration, bee sure to check out my Pinterest board, Party: Alice in Wonderland.

Because the Unbirthday Party was held in the summertime, it was actually an iced tea party. And, rather than being held at English tea time from 3-5 PM, the luncheon began at 1 PM.

In addition to the Wonderland tea party, there were mad games (including flamingo croquet), and a My Favorite Things gift exchange. With the party going until very late in the afternoon, I spaced the three courses of food between all the various activities.


Tea Party Menu: Finger Sandwiches & Savories

Tea Party Menu: Finger Sandwiches & Savories

Last June, in Alice in Wonderland, Unbirthday Party Reveal, I provided an overview of the mad event, with glimpses of decorations, tables, favors, and games. Also included was the iced tea party menu, but without much in the way of descriptions and pictures. 


Since then, I’ve received many inquiries asking for more details and photos of the beverages and food, recipes, and how I pulled off such an ambitious tea party menu.

In the meantime, I have shared other particulars and tutorials from the My Favorite Things Party. It was the fourth time for the annual event; each with a different theme.

You may have viewed several of these DIY posts as part of the monthly Pinterest Challenge; a blog hop hosted by Erlene of My Pinterventures. As always, bee sure to check out all the Pinterest-inspired projects at the end.

Today, I’m going to outline the second course of the tea party menu, which includes finger foods and a fabulous sandwich cake.


Alice in Wonderland, Unbirthday Party Reveal

Alice in Wonderland, Unbirthday Party Reveal

Today is the first big reveal of the Unbirthday Party!


I. AM. SO. HAPPY. And, exhausted! My house looks like Wonderland blew up!

It’s going to take me at least a week to recover, regroup and put things away. At least…

I have so many decoration and favor projects and pictures to share, plus tablescapes, the food and beverages, theme games, and the gift exchange with all the favorite things the ladies brought.

Bee sure to let me know the party details you are most interested in, so that I know what to include in future posts. Here’s an overview and some of the highlights of our trip down the rabbit hole. (more…)

A HapBEE Birthday Table and Beehive Dessert

A HapBEE Birthday Table and Beehive Dessert

For my husband’s recent birthday, I created a HapBEE Birthday table and beehive dessert.

After all, he’s my honey and I’m his Debbee!

B’s gift was a Penguins hockey game, with fabulous front row seats youngest son D helped me to score (unintentional pun). It was the first game of the playoffs, with our Pens the reigning Stanley Cup champs — for the past two years (intentional bragging). So, there was a lot of hoopla during pregame festivities. And, we won 7-0 for an amazing night!

Ironically, the Pens were playing the Philadelphia Flyers — where son D lives. He had to watch all the games at either his or a friend’s apartment to hide their enthusiasm. Inside, their pads were bedecked with banners, signs and Pittsburgh jerseys. D did wear one of his jerseys, in public, on a business flight from Chicago back home. I worried the infamous Broad Street Bully fans might not appreciate him walking through the airport victorious with a Pens jersey on. D wasn’t gonna feel any City of Brotherly Love that night LOL!

The Pens did win the series, but evidently were eliminated by sister-in-law’s long denied Capitals. Congrats

Anyway, it was one of those milestone, big-0 birthdays for hubby. He didn’t want a party, but I was determined to make dinner special. B has a sweet tooth, so I knew he’d enjoy a honey of a dessert.


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