As part of this year’s Valentines Tablescape Blog Hop, I’ve pulled out my West Elm Dapper Animal plates to set a romantic table.


Depicted on the whimsical plates are either a gentleman owl sporting a monocle and top hat, or lady penguin wearing a dazzling diamond necklace. It’s perfect Puttin’ on the Ritz attire for an evening out on the town to celebrate Valentines Day.

Originally, I purchased six plates for a New Year’s Eve dinner party. To ring in 2022 with our sons and eldest’s girl, I used them to serve five a meal of surf (crab cakes) and turf (filet mignon fondue), while sipping champagne.

It was the first time we’ve all been together for New Year’s Eve in a very long time. As a result, the ‘kids’ had never seen the plates before. That’s when it dawned on me that I was only getting use of the awesome dishes once a year! Right then and there, I decided to build a romantic table setting around them for Valentines Day.

Please pull up a virtual seat at my Puttin’ on the Ritz little soiree — formal attire is not required!

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Restyling & Refreshing a Valentines Day Table

Today’s romantic table is just one of 20 in this year’s Valentines Day Tablescape blog hop. A warm welcome — on this cold winter’s day — to those visiting from my friend Linda’s beautiful Love is in the Air setting. How about the incredible pair of hot air balloons she created? Links to all the holiday tables are listed at the end of this post.


Since we are unfortunately in the midst of yet another surge in the pandemic, I challenged myself to create a romantic table using what I already had at home — again (sigh).

My styling inspiration came from those adorable Dapper Animal plates. And, the black, white and metallic gold in their design, worked well with other existing tableware and linens.


Underlying the romantic table setting is one of my very favorite tablecloths (Kate Spade). Not only do I love the versatile black, white and gold stripe pattern, it launders well, doesn’t wrinkle much and only requires a light ironing.


Layered on top of the tablecloth are heart-shaped, quilted placemats (Kohl’s a few years back). Using red hearts also transforms the styling into a romantic table for Valentines Day.

The pop of red adds drama and contrast to the scene. As do the red-handled flatware (Home Goods, years ago). Although my antique sterling would have been more glitzy for Puttin’ on the Ritz, I thought it more appropriate to use the red flatware for the holiday.

You might recognize the tablecloth, placemat and flatware pairing on another romantic table ? The Meet Me at the Eiffel Tower Table Valentine, however, featured dishes, napkins, and decor celebrating France and my heritage.

To style a new romantic table setting, I used different dishes, crystal, napkins and a candle centerpiece.

Crystal Adds Sparkle

Since I’m Puttin’ on the Ritz, I set the table with Waterford (Kenmare pattern, retired). I love how the leaded, multi-faceted crystal sparkles — even in natural daylight.


I’m fortunate to have received nine, three-piece settings (water goblet, wine and champagne/tall sherbet) of the stemware as wedding gifts.


I’ve positioned the champagne glass to the left of the plate stack. Tucked inside is a red rose-shape napkin. It’s so quick and easy to make; just fold, roll, roll again, and tuck!

Previously, I’ve used rose-shape fabric napkins in a number of different settings. They represented roses from the Queen of Hearts’ garden for the Alice in Wonderland and Absolutely Mad, Summer Tea Party Table.


But, for last year’s Romance & Red Roses Reign on Sweetheart Table, I folded napkins into the shape of large hearts. They helped me style a Valentines setting without using any holiday-specific dishes.

I cut and sewed the red napkins from a large fabric tablecloth; purchased on clearance. For the price of two napkins, I was able to make 12 in no time.

For this year’s romantic table, I used the red fabric napkins again, but didn’t want to cover up the owl or penguin top plates. So, I tucked a rose-shape napkin into each champagne glass. See what a difference a fold can make in size and shape, even when using the same 12-inch square cloth napkin?

There’s now twenty different Napkin Folds for All Seasons, Holidays & Occasions. After receiving many requests, I created a step-by-step tutorial at, Fold a Heart-Shape Napkin for Valentines Day.

Top Hat & Tails


To create the romantic table plate stack, I began with a gold-rimmed, black and white stripe charger (Hobby Lobby last year). And, I turned it to lineup the stripes in the same direction as those on the tablecloth. Aren’t I clever lol?


It’s only the second time I styled a table with the chargers. They made their debut last fall on the Gone Batty: Black, White & Purple Halloween Table. Then, however, I positioned the charger stripes horizontally.

Regular followers know how much I like black and white, so I anticipate getting lots more use of the chargers.

They’ll look perfect added to the plate stack of the French Inspired, Royal Bee Theme Table & Napkin Fold this spring. An easy update to the existing styling for a little more design punch.

Layering Adds Elegance


Next, I layered a Lenox (Hancock Platinum Ivory pattern) china dinner plate on top of the charger. Although the plate is ivory, I think it’s gold and black decorated rim nicely compliments the tablecloth, charger and top dish. Besides, the creamy color is subtle, don’t you think?

The plates were a gift when my parents were downsizing, as they perfectly coordinate with my wedding china (Lenox Eclipse, retired). I introduced the Hancock plates and shared a pairing of the two patterns in the Greek Tablescape & Olympic Torch Napkin Fold setting.


Finally, the Puttin’ on the Ritz top plate is either the Dapper Animal regal owl gent or glamorous lady penguin.


Which style plate do you like best? Or, do you prefer them as a romantic couple pairing as I do?


You can also see the plates in both the New Years Eve: Diamonds & Top Hat and Celestial Tablescape Rings in New Year.

Romantic Table Lighting

Candlelight adds to the romantic atmosphere at night. Serving as the centerpiece is a modern metal candelabra. It looks like a black-branched tree with crystal beads. Around it’s base, I’ve tucked silk red roses.


I only recently rediscovered the candle fixture; stored on the top of a dish closet in the finished basement. It’s been about five years since I’ve used it on a table setting. Previously, it sat in the center of the kitchen table from mid January through late February. Out of sight, out of mind I guess lol!

I purchased it years ago at Illuminations, a now defunct chain of mall-based candle and decor stores. It was during the time when floating and round candles were all the rage. Remember when?

Originally, I think the fixture used small floating or other specialty candles in each of the five ‘teardrop’ glasses. In their place are inexpensive, red tealight candles (Dollar Tree, six to a package).


Overhead, I decorated the chandelier with garland and Valentines heart ornaments — as I do every year.

Here is the romantic table centerpiece with the candles lit. Time to party!

If you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to

Why don’t you go where fashion sits?

Puttin’ on the Ritz


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Valentines Day on Skis


Turns out hubby and I won’t be Puttin’ on the Ritz at my romantic table on Valentines Day. After a day of skiing, we’ll be celebrating the occasion at Jaw-Dropping Jackson Hole Ski Resort & Town! Mr. Buzz and my eldest son just put the trip together this past weekend. My first clue was the stunning new ski coat and pants I received as Christmas gifts lol!

In February 2020, we had a Terrific Telluride, Colorado Ski Vacation with R and his girlfriend, V. A couple of weeks later, the pandemic shut everything down. Later that fall, I also had extensive foot surgery. Now it’s been two years since I’ve skied or even been in a gym. So, I’m a wee bit nervous about my fitness and abilities in what is a destination renowned for extreme ski terrain.

But you know what, life is too short. Plus, hubby loves to ski and we aren’t getting any younger. There are plenty of beginner and intermediate trails I should be able to handle. We are all fully vaccinated and boosted, and will wear N95 masks on flights. And, how sweet is to be on an adventure with my honey, and that my son and his girl want to spend another week with us? Over a romantic table on Valentines Day too!

Regrouping In the New Year

This is my first post since sharing a Scottie Dog Christmas Ornament Tree in December. Afterwards, we enjoyed a rare and wonderful two-week visit with our sons both home through New Year’s Day.

Meanwhile, I nursed a severe cold for nearly three weeks — it was the unintended gift that kept on giving lol! Both my sons came down with it too, but recovered much more quickly. Eldest son (who came down with it first) tested negative for COVID. No fever or other symptoms, just a lot of congestion. We went through several boxes of tissues every day! Mr. Buzz and eldest son’s girl never even got the sniffles. They attribute their good health to being dedicated runners.

Anyway, my cold transitioned into a nasty sinus infection. I’ve been pretty miserable at times, and wasn’t up to putting away decorations or cleaning the house for awhile. Its taken me weeks to regroup, let alone blog. Two planned posts didn’t happen. Finally, I got to share, Family Pasta Making, Smoked Ham & Asian Dishes.

Didn’t help that problems with my photo editor, PicMonkey, are still unresolved a month later! It happened after their big update in December. I can’t upload images from my iPhone or iPad, and performance crawls/freezes when editing on the laptop. Anyone else having issues using the app?


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