Several years ago, I came across an adorable garden stake (Tuesday Morning), perfect for creating this Lucky Leprechaun centerpiece for a St. Patrick’s Day table.


I had to have him, but at first I wasn’t sure how I was going to use Lucky. The weather usually isn’t warm or dry enough here in Pittsburgh to plant anything in my outdoor urns. Since I couldn’t really incorporate Lucky into a wreath either, I decided to make a centerpiece.

At first, I considered inserting him in a small, black cauldron and filling it with gold coins. But, that would mean sending hubby into the attic to root through Halloween decorations in freezing temperatures. Then I remembered seeing other St. Patrick’s Day floral arrangements using a leprechaun’s hat. That’s when I had my eureka moment and headed off to the craft store for supplies.

Here’s my Lucky Leprechaun centerpiece holding court on the Ireland Pursuit St. Patrick’s Day Table. Let me show you how quick and easy the DIY project was to make.

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Locating Lucky


Recreating the Lucky Leprechaun centerpiece requires locating a similar Irish character. But, maybe you can find it, or something similar, at a local florist shop or landscape center? Hobby Lobby might also be a possibility?

My figure is about 16 1/2″ tall, not counting the stakes.

Going Green

With the exception of the garden stake, all the other supplies for the leprechaun centerpiece came from Michaels.


Supplies List

  1. Metal leprechaun garden stake
  2. Green felt leprechaun hat
  3. 5″ square floral Styrofoam block
  4. Silk clover floral picks (2-3)
  5. Shamrock glitter floral pick
  6. Green shamrock ribbons (2 1/2″ wired & 1/2″ grosgrain)
  7. Floral wire & wired spikes
  8. Plastic gold coins

Easy, Smeasy DIY Project

Once all the materials are gathered together, the leprechaun centerpiece is quick and simple to make.

Start by flipping the hat over and then insert the foam block inside. A 5″ block filled the entire inside of the hat snugly. I didn’t even bother to remove the plastic wrap.


Depending on the size and shape of the hat, you may need to use a knife to trim the foam for a good fit. I do suggest using one solid piece of Styrofoam as it’s stiffer than regular floral foam.

Feet Firmly Planted

Next, flip the hat back over. The block of foam should remain firmly in place.

Center the leprechaun’s leg stakes into position in the center of the hat. Now, insert the stakes through the hat and into the foam block. Apply firm, even downward pressure until the hat touches Lucky’s feet.

Because I actually made the leprechaun centerpiece last year, I had to deconstruct it in order to show you how to put it together.

The pictures below show what the hat looked like after all the holes were made. But, I actually punched the holes with a metal skewer as I went along. You can make the holes in advance if you feel confident of the position and spacing of each element.


A solid foam block holds the weight and height of the leprechaun garden stake firmly in place. You could say he has his feet firmly planted!

Shamrock Embellishments

I love the silk clover floral bunches. There is a wee bit of sparkly gold dust on the leaves. I used two bunches, which were cut into several smaller sections.


Once determining the position of each element on the hat, mark the spot with a black pen. Then, use a metal skewer (or something similar) to punch a hole through the hat into the floral foam.


To make the bows, I took lengths of wired ribbon and made three loops — with a tail at each end. Then, I twisted floral wire around the middle.

It helps that all the floral wire I have is also green! The loops don’t have to be exact, although you probably want the tails to match in length.


Each ribbon cluster, or bow, is then attached to a mini floral stake. Thin wire is already part of each green stake for attaching.


The process is repeated with the 1/2″ grosgrain ribbon.


Stakes, with ribbon clusters attached, are inserted into pre-made holes in the hat.

Looking Lucky Coming & Going

After inserting the thicker ribbons, I turned the leprechaun centerpiece around to concentrate on the rear view. Because I planned to set Lucky on either the round table or at one end of the kitchen island, he needed to look good coming or going.

This is where I inserted the shamrock floral pick, more ribbon and clover — enough to cover the top of the hat.


Originally, I just placed the gold coins on the top of the hat and around the rim.


But, when I reassembled the Lucky Leprechaun centerpiece for this post, I realized I should just hot glue them in place.


I like that it looks like Lucky got a little greedy while stuffing his pockets, and now is leaving a trail of gold coins behind him.

Leprechaun Centerpiece for Paddy’s Day Table

Be sure to check out a new tablescape starring Lucky — Ireland Pursuit St. Patrick’s Day Table.


For a more formal setting, see the dining room’s Elegant, Easy Shamrock Tablescape. Lucky dropped some gold coins out of his pockets there too!

Another fun project for St. Patrick’s Day are making these DIY Shamrock Glasses.

Or, try the Lucky 3 Leaf Clover Napkin Fold Tutorial.


Are you feeling lucky?



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