Revisiting last year’s My Favorite Things Party, and sharing Tiffany theme party favors perfect for a birthday or bridal shower.


I recently realized, that I haven’t done a single post on the third party. Brunch at Debbie’s was based on the move, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and was simply mahvelous!

It was about a year ago — before I started blogging — that Susan featured the event on Between Naps on the Porch. The post, A Fabulous “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Brunch Event (and her reader’s positive response), is what led me to start Debbee’s Buzz last fall.

I’ve decided to mix up blog posts on all four My Favorite Things Parties, so no one tires on any one theme. I promise to return to more of the Alice in Wonderland, Unbirthday Party Reveal next week, with How to Make Whimsical Teacup Fascinators.

So dahlings, let me show you around the Debbie & Co. boutique.

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Little & Not-so-Little Black Dresses with Shades

Brunch at Debbee’s was the first, and only, My Favorite Things Parties (MFTP) to have a dress code.

In the invitations, I asked ladies to come in the spirit of Holly Golightly, wearing a black dress or ensemble, and decked out in pearls and jewels.


As the hostess, I went all in! I added a bun on top of my head, a tiara, and wore my mother’s rhinestone jewelry from the 1950’s.

In the picture below, I’m wearing my prescription sunglasses — the better to see you with my dear!


The Queen of Theme aka Holly Golightly in the photo booth.

After “welcome dahhhhling“, guests received a pair of sunglasses. Each was embellished with a little Tiffany blue silk flower and pearl.


It was a last minute “eureka” moment, when I decided to hot glue those little flowers onto the Dollar Tree sunglasses. The flowers were actually leftovers from other Tiffany theme party favors.

My friends adored the sunglasses! Seriously, cheapo $1 sunglasses! I purchased six or so different styles to compliment all face shapes and sizes. The sunglasses were displayed on a silver tray for the ladies to choose from.


It was a beautiful, sunny day on the porch and the Tiffany theme sunglasses were happily worn (inside and outside) by all.


Easy, inexpensive Tiffany theme party favors!. And, I know many of the sunglasses were worn all summer long. My sister loved hers so much, I had to mail the pair she forgot to her in Charleston, S.C.

Pearls: Essential Tiffany Theme Party Favors

Next, the ladies were each presented with a long string of faux pearls. The pearls were also the key element of an interactive game. So that they would easily drape over the head, the pearls needed to be in long strands.


Holly Golightly Champagne Glasses

What is a Breakfast at Tiffany’s brunch without a Mimosa bar?! (See another Mimosa bar in Love is Sweet Bridal Shower). And, you have to have champagne flutes to drink with right? No plastic for those!

After hand-painting the peacock feather goblets for the previous year’s MFTP, I decided to really challenge myself by painting Holly images onto narrow champagne flutes. Learn how in DIY Hand Painted Glasses & Champagne Flutes.

They were the ta-da Tiffany theme party favor. What do you think, can you see Holly in the silhouette?

Each Holly had little faux diamonds incorporated into the tiara, earrings and necklace. The stems were painted Tiffany blue in one of two styles — the entire stem, or just the bottom from underneath. It helped to keep them apart, although no two were exactly alike. The blue is called, Pool, by Martha Stewart. It’s a multi-purpose, satin paint (Michael’s).


Painting the facial features, especially the eyes, were the hardest part. I used a special black paint pen, especially for use on glass, to outline the Holly figure.

Personalized Shopping Bags

The personalized shopping bags were from Walmart, along with the paper plates and napkins, coffee cups, table coverings, placemats, balloons, wrapping paper, and plastic flatware. All were very reasonably priced and everything matched.

The color was close enough to Tiffany blue, which is actually a copyrighted shade. Some things you find are bluer, others greener than the real thing. Walmart’s products are bluer. Most everyone’s version of Tiffany blue is not as green as the real thing. I know, because I have a authentic Tiffany bag and box, a hostess gift from to a generous friend.


Each bag was personalized with guest’s name using transparent printer labels. I did the same thing with the coffee cups.

However, I don’t suggest you try this on your printer. I nearly “killed” mine, when several of the labels peeled off deep inside the printer and jammed it all up!. The labels were expensive to begin with, and even more costly when you consider it required technical assistance to fix the printer.

The bags were displayed up my front stairs and across the grand piano, in alphabetic order. Although, the pearls and sunglasses were not draped on the bags for the actual party — the ladies were wearing those! They didn’t pick up the bags until it was time to go “shopping” at Debbie & Co, after we ate brunch (and numerous champagne refills…!).

Shopping at Debbie & Co.


When it was time to go shopping for Tiffany theme party favors at Debbie & Co., I teased that although they wouldn’t find any real diamonds or jewels there, everything was free!


The girls each located their personalized gift bag, and filled it with Tiffany theme party favors.


Finding Fabulous Favors Doesn’t Have to be Costly

I hadn’t originally intended to have so many different Tiffany theme party favors, but I kept finding more stuff in the right bluish shades. Many of the items were from Dollar Tree. How about that?! A Tiffany theme store full of $1 items! But, the girls seemed to really like all their loot.

To create the “storefront”, I emptied two of my black and white hat boxes and propped them open using padded hangers. They were from either TJ Maxx or Marshalls.


I have a lot of black and white décor around my house (and peacocks too — see the pillow?).

Classic Cracker Jacks

Each lovely lady came away with five Tiffany theme party favors from the Debbie & Co. shop. That included a box of old fashioned Cracker Jack’s. I looked all over for them, when my friend M found them… at Dollar Tree! I never thought to look there. Three for a $1!  So, all the Tiffany theme party favors in the boutique ended up coming from Dollar Tree.


Even a lot of the game and MFTP prizes came from there, but that’s for another post.

For Bubble Baths

I loved the blue bath poufs. People must have thought I was crazy rooting through the bin at Dollar Tree for the blue ones! It took me multiple trips to multiple stores, in order to find enough of each favor type I wanted.

Taking Notes

That included these fun white bunny tail topped pens. I always give pens and paper for the games and to keep track of favorite things during the gift exchange.


When Dahling Has Had Too Much Champagne

Don’t you love the saying in the sign above? Now that I’ve had the big-0 birthday, I really hope it’s true! The beauty mask she’s wearing inspired the next Tiffany theme party favors.

Blue gel-filled masks go into the freezer or refrigerator to reduce puffy eyes. Of course, wearing dark sunglasses also helps LOL!

The masks, like these little pads of blue paper (five for $1) were another Dollar Tree find. I’m repeating myself…

You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Bag

Later, after the games, favorite things gift exchange (where each guest receives three items), and prizes were awarded, the ladies had a lot of Tiffany theme party favors and swag to carry home. So, every year, I distribute large, reusable shopping bags to transport all their stuff.

I was especially happy with the Tiffany theme party favors bag. Doesn’t the photo remind you of Holly in the movie? I found the bags at Burlington for just $.99 each. The bags are displayed by hanging them from a wrought-iron, tabletop wreath hanger.

My sister B carried hers through several airports on her way home, where a couple of people complimented her on her chic bag LOL!

Final Parting Gift

Another tradition I created for my MFTP’s, is to have one final “thanks for coming” gift as guests are saying goodbye at the front door.


Nail polish was last year’s parting favor.

And, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, the Wet & Wild brand polish was also from Dollar Tree!


I plan to include a number of posts on the Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired MFTP, including the photo booth and games, decorations, tables and gift exchange. Check out Breakfast at Tiffany’s Theme Brunch for the champagne bar and menu.


In the meantime, see more Brunch at Debbie’s pictures at How to Host an Extraordinary My Favorite Things Party (Part I).

Have you ever hosted or attended a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme birthday, shower or wedding? If so, do tell!

Toodle loo dahhlings! Enjoy the weekend!




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