Exploring Iceland: Diverse Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Part 4

Exploring Iceland: Diverse Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Part 4

With all the arctic weather outside, I worked inside to create a family photo album of our summer vacation to Iceland. My original intention was to give copies to the boys as Christmas gifts. That’s when I realized I also never finished sharing the last leg of our 10-day adventure exploring Iceland. 


Right now, it’s much colder here in Pittsburgh than it ever got in Iceland during our July trip. That includes while floating in a glacial lagoon! Today, it’s a balmy 17 degrees in Reykjavik after dark, while in sunny Pittsburgh it’s minus 7 — before the wind chill. For those unfortunate souls in places like Chicago and Minneapolis that must sound like a tropical heat wave!

Summer is indeed the time for exploring Iceland; when the temperatures are moderate, there are 20 hours of daylight, and roads are accessible for traversing the land of fire and ice.

However, the winter months are an excellent time to research and plan an Icelandic vacation. It’s a small, sparsely populated country with limited infrastructure to support the huge influx of summer visitors. Accommodations should be booked far in advance — whether it’s a hotel, Airbnb or even a campsite. If you decide to circle Iceland on the Ring Road as we did, it’s absolutely essential to determine driving times between destinations and secure room reservations soon.

In Journey North to Whale-Filled Bays, we finished day six driving up the Trollaskagi Peninsula to overnight in the charming harbor town Siglufjorour. Today, we’ll head south to the remarkable Snaefellsnes Peninsula and finally, Reykjavik and the infamous Blue Lagoon. (more…)

Iceland Journey North to Whale-Filled Bays, Part 3

Iceland Journey North to Whale-Filled Bays, Part 3

Exploring the magnificent north’s Diamond Circle to see a width breadth of nature’s masterpieces, during our 10-day Iceland Journey. 


North Iceland is a wonderland of volcanic activity, snow-capped peaks, quaint harbors, beautiful fjords, bays populated by whales and puffins — and yes, even more epic waterfalls to amaze!

When I left you in Glaciers and Icebergs, we had headed deep into Iceland’s Wilderness on an off-road adventure. The next morning we drove north to rejoin the main Ring Road.

Our intention was to refuel, grab breakfast to go, and provisions for a picnic lunch. But, between the rain and distraction, we totally missed Eglilsstardir, the only town our way to Dettitoss Waterfall. We should have turned back once we realized our mistake. It was a long day on empty stomachs, but plenty of delicious meals were to come.

A geologist’s dream Iceland Journey lay ahead, with one amazing sight and experience after another!


10 Day Iceland Vacation: Glaciers and Icebergs, Part 2

10 Day Iceland Vacation: Glaciers and Icebergs, Part 2

Continuing on our Iceland vacation, spending two days exploring the Southeast and it’s otherworldly glaciers and blue ice-filled lagoons. 


Oh, and more wondrous waterfalls and cascades too numerous to count! There’s also stark deltas of grey glacial sand, coastal vistas, sheep and horses grazing on both sides of the road, and cloud-cloaked mountains.

Civilization and towns are far and few between. Beds here are in great demand and require booking far in advance.

But, there are an amazing array of activities for outdoor enthusiasts and a smorgasbord of tour offerings. Destinations are so numerous, you simply can’t do it all. Be sure to do your research, constructing and pacing an Iceland vacation itinerary.

Start with the driving time between accommodations, map sites along the way, allow necessary time to enjoy activities and excursions, and include time for provisioning and eating. Then, add some buffer into your schedule for spontaneous discoveries. You’ll need to book popular excursions in advance and work them into the itinerary. Weather (rain) and driving conditions may cause delays, so always have a plan B.

Our itinerary included must-do’s and short lists of optional stops, activities and places to eat. Bundle up and put on your hiking boots.


Incredible Iceland Trip Ten Day Adventure, Part 1

Incredible Iceland Trip Ten Day Adventure, Part 1

I’m really excited to share our recent family vacation — an incredible 10-day adventure to the land of the midnight sun. While most of the planet was in the grip of a summer heatwave, we were pretty cool and comfortable on an Iceland trip.

In Alice in Wonderland, Unbirthday Party, I explained that my husband and I were both celebrating big-0 birthdays this year. Later this fall, we will also mark a big-5 wedding anniversary.

To honor these milestones, our sons arranged a 10-day family vacation. They presented the surprise Iceland trip, transportation details, travel route and accommodations to us in the late spring. That allowed plenty of time to plan and eagerly anticipate the journey using a gift package of maps and books.

And, believe you me, traveling over 900 miles around the entire country of Iceland takes lots of pre-planning.

Come along now, on the first couple of days on our incredible Iceland trip, We start our exploration of the land of fire and ice in the Golden Circle, and continue along the Southwestern Coast.


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