Seductive Seville Entices with Arabic Palace, Flamenco Dance

Seductive Seville Entices with Arabic Palace, Flamenco Dance

Today I’m taking you with me back to seductive Seville, the capital of southern Spain ‘s Andalusian region. 


Last fall, my husband and I had a fabulous two-day stay there during See Spectacular Spain in September. I had originally planned to highlight each town or city we visited. So far, however, I’ve  only gotten around to posting, Remarkable Ronda Gorge.

Seville is known for its rich history, fabulous architecture and authentic culture that includes tapas tasting and Flamenco dancing. In additional to Seville’s historical core, are charming neighborhoods, bars, markets, and a riverfront to explore. Must-sees include the cathedral, the Plaza de Espana, and the Real (royal) Alcazar palace and gardens.

Recent Exotic Peacock Tablescape and Pretty Peacock Invitation posts, reminded me of seeing the birds strolling those Arabic Gardens.

Before we can visit the Real Alcazar, I have to introduce you to seductive Seville in the way our visit there enfolded.


Remarkable Ronda Gorge, Moorish Town

Remarkable Ronda Gorge, Moorish Town

Ronda is a mountaintop city in Spain set dramatically above the El Tajo gorge. An incredible stone bridge spans the deep ravine. separating Ronda’s 15th-century ‘new’ town from its old Moorish section.


I had never heard of Ronda until reading through the itinerary for Tauck’s Week in Spain tour. A trip we took this past fall. I briefly described Ronda in an overview of our ten-day Iberian vacation in, See Spectacular Spain in September.

Ronda is built astride a huge gash in the mountains carved out by the Río Guadalevín. It is one of the oldest towns in Spain. Built on two separate cliffs, Ronda is connected by the most famous bridge in Spain. Even though it was built in the 18th century, it is known as “The New Bridge.” Old is really, old in Ronda. Think Caesar old!

Often appearing on lists of not-to-be-missed Spanish towns, Ronda is described as one of the most beautiful and visited cities in all of Andalucía. And, despite arriving with high expectations, Ronda did not disappoint. The views took my breath away. And the strong breeze nearly took my hat too! (more…)

See Spectacular Spain in September

See Spectacular Spain in September

We visited exotic Spain as part of a Tauck eight-day tour last September; adding pre and post days in Barcelona and Madrid.


Debbee on tile decorated bench in Gaudi’s Parc Guell.

Hubby and I like to travel in September, primarily to avoid the crush of tourist crowds. For most locations, the weather is quite pleasant, rates are a little better, and we also get to celebrate our anniversary in style.

We decided to splurge on a luxury tour, because we liked the itinerary and  accommodations. It was especially nice having all the logistical details handled for us in a country where we didn’t speak the language.

Throughout Spain, we stayed in five-star hotels all ideally situated. Each local guide was exceptional, which added enormously to the travel experience. Transportation was seamless and pretty plush, with a bus driver who provided extraordinary service. And, though most of the couples in our group were a generation older, socializing with them enhanced the vacation.

Join me now on an overview of our trip to Spain, with major highlights of each destination.


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