Sweet Way to Spend an Afternoon

A couple of years ago, three of my friends joined me for a Valentines Day tea with champagne cocktails and desserts. Valentine’s Day is about love and romance, but it’s also about celebrating friendships.


I met all three of these lovely ladies at the gym a number of years ago. We regularly go for coffee and smoothies after class and plan outings throughout the year together.

Just yesterday, we went to see Phantom Thread, a movie we were confident none of our husbands would enjoy. We were right! What a long, odd movie. All those Oscar nominations and positive reviews had us intrigued, but it was quite a disappointment. Although the movie did make for animated post-coffee discussion, I recommend viewing it at home to see all the marvelous fashions. Sorry to say, I’d only give it a two out of five Debbee rating.

Have any of you see Phantom Thread? What are your thoughts, reactions to the movie?

Anyway, a couple of years ago, I wanted to thank my gym buddies for supporting me through a particularly rough patch. So, I invited them for a Valentines Day tea party.

Unique-Shaped Dishes are Favorites

Mikasa Silk Flowers is my second ‘everyday’ dish set. I registered for the pattern when I was getting married, falling in love (Valentine’s pun intended!) with the uniquely-shaped plates, bowls and serving pieces. Back then, Silk Flowers was new and a very popular pattern. Plates that weren’t round, and microwave safe dishes, well that was innovative in the 1980’s!


On Replacements, the discontinued pattern is described:

“The delicate pink flowers combined with the unique shape create an exciting contemporary blend of style and good taste … enduring its reign as a best-selling classic. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Mikasa Silk Flowers was produced from 1980 to 2006 as a complementary pattern to the Continental White collection.”

I have nine place-settings and quite a number of serving pieces, with matching linens like the tablecloth you see for the Valentines Day tea party. My favorite piece is the tea pot. The brass handle is easily removed, so the tea pot can go into the dishwasher. Even the creamer and sugar have those neat angled sides.


Here, I’ve elevated the tea pot by setting it on a pale pink, vintage cake stand that belonged to my mother-in-law. My husband remembers that it was always used to hold family birthday cakes. I’ve also scattered around pink, heart-shaped dollies.


No, I didn’t use my son’s drone to take this overhead shot, I just stood on a chair! Because I don’t have any Valentines Day theme napkin rings, I tied the two layered napkins with kiss-printed ribbon. You might recognize more of that ribbon and pink heart embellishments in the DIY Let Me Call You Sweetheart Wreath.


Pretty in Pink

I referred to the Mikasa dishes as my second everyday pattern, but since having the boys, it’s spent a lot more time in the kitchen cabinets. Too pink, too girly. So, I was excited to show it off to my girlfriends during the Valentines Day tea. The pattern works really well with the pink, scalloped-edge heart ramekins I picked up at TJ Maxx and Home Goods.

Filling out the table is everyday Oneida Satinique flatware, which has really stood up well to the test of time. The tall crystal. glasses are Bohemian.


Luscious Desserts Make for a Sweet Valentines Day Tea Party

With company coming, I  made a few alterations to the table to accommodate the menu. Strawberry and chocolate mousse, topped with a fresh strawberry, came out of the frig.


Clear, domed cupcake stands each hold a strawberry-filled cupcake, each topped with a chocolate candy heart. The cupcake stands were had-to-haves from Pottery Barn a few years back. They go with any occasion or color theme, but take up a fair amount of storage ‘real estate.’ See more of the cupcake stands in Celestial Tablescape Rings in New Year.


Pink sugar and large strawberries decorate the rims of vintage Cambridge Rose Point crystal glasses — just waiting to hold delicious champagne cocktails. Chocolate kisses and mini votive candles also decorate the Valentines Day tea table.


The jasmine berry tea is brewing on the kitchen counter. Mixed berry preserves sit in the middle of the cake plate, awaiting the berry scones about to come out of the oven. And, there’s the girls arriving now with a large bouquet of flowers. Life is sweet!

Life is Sweeter with Friends to Share it

We are an international group of friends, with M British and K from Finland. R and I live in the same close-knit community, but never crossed paths until we met through a mutual friend at the gym.


I love when we share stories and experiences of our childhoods, early marriages, careers, and raising kids. We have the most interesting discussions! I am also surprised to find how much more similar than alike we are. Three of us have sons who attended the same college — my beloved alma mater!


I hope you’ll take the time, to let all the special people in your life, know how important they are to you this Valentine’s Day.

Are you planning any get togethers with friends? If so, what will you be serving?



P.S. Two other recently releases movies we really liked are The Post and Darkest Hour — movies we saw with our husbands. Historical movies, we knew the endings, and still found them nerve-racking and very suspenseful. I will say, I think it really helped seeing Dunkirk previously. Otherwise, Darkest Hour doesn’t really explain how Churchill’s plan worked. If you haven’t seen Dunkirk yet, try to catch it on a big screen. Debbee gives them all a 4 plus out of 5 bee rating! Take that with a jar of honey, as I’m not a film critic! What did you think of these movies?

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