Recently I detailed the second course of an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Menu: Finger Sandwiches & Savories


In Part 2, I’m outlining the beverages, scones and desserts served as the first and third courses.

I had so much fun researching and selecting all the food and drinks for the Wonderland tea party. There were so many tempting recipes to choose from! For more ideas and inspiration, bee sure to check out my Pinterest board, Party: Alice in Wonderland.

Because the Unbirthday Party was held in the summertime, it was actually an iced tea party. And, rather than being held at English tea time from 3-5 PM, the luncheon began at 1 PM.

In addition to the Wonderland tea party, there were mad games (including flamingo croquet), and a My Favorite Things gift exchange. With the party going until very late in the afternoon, I spaced the three courses of food between all the various activities.

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To encourage the ladies to take desserts or scones with them outside while playing flamingo crochet, I set out paper plates as an option. 

Iced Teas & Sparkling Pink Lemonade

Since I was hosting a June Wonderland tea party, I needed teas that would taste refreshing iced. And, because I knew the affair was going to last hours, I also wanted at least one tea flavor to be decaffeinated.

After researching online, and checking availability at my local grocery store, I settled on two teas by different manufacturers. Both refreshing floral flavors are organic and naturally decaffeinated, with oh-so-marvelous scents.


Described as light with an alluring aroma, Chamomile Lavender fit perfectly with the Wonderland tea party food. Chamomile is traditionally thought of as a medicinal herb, while lavender’s fragrance is said to promote relaxation.

Tulsi Sweet Rose is an herb and black tea blend. It was exotic-tasking, with a light clove-like flavoring. Tulsi, or holy basil, has been used in India for over 5,000 years for religious, spiritual and healing purposes. And really, how could the Queen of Hearts and Theme not choose a rose flavor for a Wonderland tea party?!

Have you ever tried either flavor of tea? What’s your favorite iced variety?

This One Will Make You Smaller, Larger

On the day before, I made many batches of both teas. It was like a massive dose of aromatherapy — my kitchen smelled heavenly!


An iced tea beverage station featured two large, clear dispensers (with tubes that held ice in the center), ice bucket, various types of sugar, straws, and slices of lemon.Tea spoons were placed in a metal teacup plant pot (Pat Catans). Alice in Wonderland signs indicated which flavor would make you larger or smaller, LOL!

Because I knew guests would likely fill their glasses with ice cubes, I brewed the teas at nearly twice the normal strength. That kept the light floral flavors from being too watered down as the ice cubes melted.

Beverages were first served as guest arrived, dropped off their favorite things for the gift exchange, and selected a fascinator from the Mad Hatter’s Shop (How to Make Whimsical Teacup Fascinators). Iced tea was served in the hand-painted character goblets I painted as favors.

Just bee sure you label each pitcher with masking tape and marker to identify the flavor before chilling overnight.

Drink Me!

For some variety, and for those who don’t care for iced tea, I served a refreshing alternative. What could be more appropriate at a Wonderland tea party than flamingo-pink lemonade?


Bee Theme Party Food Featuring Honey, Lemon was served at the first theme event, including a fabulous Sparkling Rosemary Lemonade. I had made that beverage from scratch with rosemary from the herb garden.

But, while at Whole Foods, I sampled a watermelon flavored, pink lemonade that also happened to be on sale. It was so tasty, with a nice balance of not-so-sweet and not-so-tart, that I bought half a case. For the party, I added chilled sparkling water.


Sparkling Pink Watermelon Lemonade was served in large beehive beverage dispenser on the kitchen island. So as not to dilute the flavor, I made several trays of lemonade ice cubes and added them to the dispenser throughout the party.


Honeycomb decorated glasses with flamingo straws (Dollar Tree) made the refreshing beverage a favorite with guests — especially after a game of competitive flamingo croquet!


Most guests sampled and enjoyed all three beverage choices during the course of the party.

Course 2: Scones & Pudding

After the meet and greet, and finding their seats on the covered porch, the ladies filled their plates with the first course of Finger Sandwiches & Savories.

Next, I gave a little welcome and thank you speech of sorts, before sending the ladies back to the buffet for a second course of scones and pudding.

Classic English Summer Pudding

Pudding is a part of any proper high tea (or so I’m told). So, I decided to serve Eton Mess; a classic English layered dessert of meringues with whipped cream and strawberries.

“Legend has it that Eton mess was invented when an over-excited dog accidentally crushed a meringue dessert being taken to Eton College for a picnic. Whether or not the canine claim is true, this delicious jumble of soft cream, chewy meringue and ripe strawberries is the perfect dessert for summer.”

Leah Hyslop


British-born M shows the proper way to use clotted cream and preserves. Eton Mess Pudding sits waiting for guests on a silver platter in the front right of the picture.

My spin on the recipe used a mixture of diced berries and packaged meringues (Trader Joe’s, Fat-Free Vanilla) — reasonably priced and a big time-saver!

Layering the Eton Mess into tall, individual plastic glasses (Dollar Tree) was a little challenging, but worth the effort. The pudding was left in the refrigerator until the last minute, and served with little “silver” spoons (Dollar Tree).

Scrumptious Scones

During the same course, two types of scones were also served. Both flavors were made using store-bought boxed mixes. Jars of lemon curd (local grocery), clotted cream (Whole Foods), and mixed berry preserves were purchased to accompany the scones.

Yes ladies, I took shortcuts with such an ambitious three-course Wonderland tea party menu. And, I’d do it again without blinking an eye!


Since I had never made clotted cream before, I was a little intimidated by the recipe and process. Although it was a little pricey, the jars were well worth the cost. And, I already had good success with jars of lemon curd in making Limoncello Tiramisus for the first My Favorite Things Party.

Both the clotted cream and lemon curd were lovely accompaniments to the Blueberry Sour Cream Scones.


Blueberry scones were served in a Longaberger basket placed on the bottom tier of a vintage tea cart. I was thrilled when I spotted the cart at a local shop. All I did was spruce it up with  gold spray-paint for the Wonderland tea party. Wouldn’t it look adorable hanging on a wall holding tea cups?

The packaged mix was on sale, along with other varieties at my local grocery store. Easy to make, the scones did turn out quite large in size. Nice to accompany a cup of tea, but a little big considering my extensive menu.


Both scone mixes were made the day before the party, and stored in airtight containers. Originally, I had planned to rewarm the scones in the oven before serving. But, with it being a warm summer afternoon, we ate them at room temperature.


Trader Joe’s Mixed Berry Scones were a crowd favorite and went nicely with berry preserves. Super simple to make, the packaged scones were also a nice portion size.


Course 3: Dessert

Dessert was served as the ladies broke into teams for games of House of Cards building or Flamingo Croquet.

Tea Cookies & Pastries

Scattered around the buffet were a variety of little tea cookies; including Key Lime Tea Cookies (Trader Joe’s).


Alice in Wonderland character tier stands made for fun tabletop decorations.


Mini chocolate-filled eclairs and lemon tarts came from a local French patisserie — classic Wonderland tea party sweets. The owner insisted on making them fresh that Sunday morning, which hubby sweetly picked up for me.


Good thing I put one of each aside for him, because there wasn’t a one left after the party! Delicious and so worth the little spurge.

Orange Chiffon Cupcakes

I did make Orange Chiffon Cupcakes from scratch the day before the Wonderland tea party.


Each cupcake was served in a flower pedal wrapper (Michaels) on a large round, silver tray. I regret not also making the glaze topping — afraid they’d bee too sweet. Without the glaze, they were a little dry.


But the ladies didn’t seem to notice. And, they didn’t need much encouragement to return for more scones, tea cookies, and cupcakes before sitting down for the My Favorite Things gift exchange.


Check out the other courses at Tea Party Menu: Finger Sandwiches & Savories. And, A Valentines Day Tea Party with Friends for more ideas.




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