Paint Thanksgiving Turkey Glasses as Table Favors

Paint Thanksgiving Turkey Glasses as Table Favors

To decorate this year’s Thanksgiving table, I’ve hand painted some fun turkey glasses.


Dear hubby and I had been hoping to spend Thanksgiving with our adult sons in Philadelphia. Because of the horrible-no-good-very-bad-awful virus, our small gathering of seven is now five down to four in Pittsburgh.

Regardless of the size, I think it’s still important to count our blessings, eat a fairly traditional meal (even if scaled back), and set a festive table. So, I decided to do a little craft therapy, by painting glasses with a pilgrim hat topped gobbler.

If you’re hopping over from Rebecca’s of Zucchini Sisters and her adorable DIY gnome garland, welcome! Seventeen talented bloggers are sharing their creative endeavors this month.

Here, I’ll show how to paint Thanksgiving turkey glasses in five easy steps, using my template method.


Thanksgiving Table Setting: When Three’s a Charm

Thanksgiving Table Setting: When Three’s a Charm

Today, I’m sharing not one Thanksgiving table setting, but a trio. Because three’s a charm right?


Last year, we ended up having 16 family members for a sit down Thanksgiving meal. It was served buffet style from the kitchen island.

Up until about a week before the gathering, the final number fluctuated as high as 20. So, I had to be flexible in my Thanksgiving table setting plan.

I normally keep one extension board in my dining room table, with six chairs on two sides. On either side of the china, the host and hostess chairs are against the wall. Although the mahogany table can sit 12, that would require using all three boards. There’s just not enough space in the dining room to add even a second board. But, the table does comfortably accommodate a Thanksgiving table setting for eight.

That meant at least eight more guests needed to be seated elsewhere.


Craft Thanksgiving Bread Cornucopia & Pumpkin Rolls

Craft Thanksgiving Bread Cornucopia & Pumpkin Rolls

Sure to delight and impress Thanksgiving guests, is transforming dough into a bread cornucopia or edible pumpkin-shape dinner rolls!


For this month’s Craft Blog Hop, I’m sharing how to form bread, roll or pizza dough into fun fall food displays.

It’s surprising fast and easy to do too!

These aren’t recipes, but just shaping and molding packaged dough into iconic Thanksgiving symbols, like a horn of plenty or pumpkin.

And, you don’t have to be a gourmet chef or talented crafter to assemble an impressive bread cornucopia or twist dough into a mini pumpkin!

Let me show you how I did it — even in the midst of preparing a Thanksgiving feast.


DIY Thanksgiving Table Family Photo Place Cards

DIY Thanksgiving Table Family Photo Place Cards

As part of the We Gather Together Thanksgiving Blog Hop, I’m sharing the family photo place cards that will show who sits where for the feast.


As I mentioned in, Pumpkin Patch Table for Thanksgiving Brunch, I’ll be setting three tables for the holiday meal. That’s to accommodate 16 family members coming by plane and car (but not by boat lol!) to celebrate with us.

So, to add a little humor and personalize each place setting, family member faces were added onto pilgrim and Native American figures.

Hosted by Amber of Follow the Yellow Brick Home, the hop includes 25 bloggers presenting lots of ways to celebrate Thanksgiving. You’ll find ideas and inspiration for crafts, recipes, decorating, and setting tables.

Let me show you how to easily make family photo place cards for your own turkey day celebration.


Beautifully Decorated Chandelier for Fall & Thanksgiving

Beautifully Decorated Chandelier for Fall & Thanksgiving

In this post, I illustrate how I decorated a chandelier in my dining room for the fall season.


It follows the same basic process as the kitchen light fixture; outlined in Decorate a Chandelier for Fall in 3 Easy Steps.

I pull out the garlands and embellishments around mid September and leave both decorated chandeliers up through Thanksgiving.

A few key differences between the light fixtures impact the design and materials used.

The decorated chandelier in the dining room is brass, versus a painted one in the open kitchen. It’s also a much more formal setting. And, the brass chandelier has two tiers of candles, with nearly double the number of arms.

So, let me show you how I applied the same basic process to create a unique design for the dining room’s decorated chandelier. (more…)

Pumpkin Patch Table for Thanksgiving Brunch

Pumpkin Patch Table for Thanksgiving Brunch

Although it’s still weeks away, I’m sharing the Thanksgiving brunch table I plan to set for late morning on the holiday.


Early because, it’s the final day of this year’s Thanksgiving Tablescape Hop. All week long, nearly two dozen stylists have been posting a bounty of ideas for serving up feasts large and small.

Dinner here won’t be served until about six; to allow for family driving in on Thanksgiving day from Philly, D.C., and Cincinnati. Unfortunately, we can’t accommodate everyone at the Buzz Inn; so most will be staying at a nearby hotel.

However, our sons, mom, and Sistah B and her hubby will all bunk-in here. It will be all hands on deck to prepare the feast for about twenty. Gotta feed the worker bees first though! Especially since I’ll be putting everyone to work, while the rest of the family is enroute.

My Thanksgiving brunch table is set for just four, with another three place settings and buffet on the adjacent kitchen island.


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