I’m finally getting around to sharing the Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme brunch, a My Favorite Things Party.


Sixteen ladies ate out on the covered porch and under the pergola on a gorgeous Saturday for Brunch with Debbie. The party began at 11:30 AM.

The girls arrived appropriately attired in a favorite black dress or ensemble. As the Queen of Theme, I was delighted for an occasion that called for wearing a tiara — the better to express my inner Holly Golightly!

After receiving favors of pearls, sunglasses and a hand-painted Holly Golightly flute, guests were directed to the champagne bar. And the bubbly kept being sipped until late in the afternoon.

Dahhhling, grab a glass and join us for the sparkling Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme brunch.

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Champagne Inspired Tiffany’s Theme Brunch Menu


As usual, I went to Pinterest to find brunch beverages, food and desserts to serve at the party.

My poor friends were all test subjects, as I never made or served any of the recipes before. Just as I did for Bee Theme Party Food Features Honey, Lemon; the very first My Favorite Things Party.


About a week or so before the event, I sent a menu out to the girls as an enticement to come hungry.


Elegant Kitchen Helpers

This was the first My Favorite Things Party my sister and college bestie attended. They came in a day or two early to help prepare food, set-up tables, serve, and even clean-up. Without them, I couldn’t have possibly pulled off the Tiffany’s theme brunch menu.


I also was able to spend much more time meeting, greeting and mingling with my guests than at previous events. Plus, the three of us had a lot of fun, pre and post party.


And, both must have enjoyed themselves, because they traveled again from Charleston and Philly for this year’s Alice in Wonderland, Unbirthday Party.

Bubbly & Juice Bar

For the drink bar, I offered a selection of juices with prosecco rather than champagne. Prosecco is recommended as pairing better with the acid in fruit juices. Guests had options to make a Mimosa, Bellini, Hawaiian or their own creation.


For those who wanted a non-alcoholic option, there were other juice flavors.

Blueberry and sage-infused water fit the party color scheme. The sage used in the infusion came fresh from my herb garden. Pitchers filled with fruit and herbs, a gold ice bucket, and extra glasses were set up on the kitchen counter, adjacent to the porch.


The round, glass kitchen table was turned into a beverage station. A large silver punch bowl, filled with ice, kept bottles of prosecco chilled. Cold bottles were replenished from the nearby refrigerator — often!

Guests drank their bubbly from the painted Holly Golightly glasses I made (see Terrific Tiffany Theme Party Favors and Gifts). At the end of the party, the glasses were rinsed and slipped into Tiffany blue bags to take home as favors.

The Better to Drink Champagne With

Since guests were asked to come hungry and drink champagne, I wanted to make sure they had something to eat right away.


Yogurt parfaits and shrimp shooters were served under the shadow of the lighted Eiffel Tower on the kitchen island. Think of them as brunch hors d’oeuvres.

Shrimp Shooters

I wanted easy-to-hold and manage foods, while guests mingled. Shrimp shooters by Avesta Cuisine (website is no longer active) caught my eye. The shooters were a huge hit at the party. And so easy to prepare! I used precooked shrimp, bottled cocktail sauce, and fresh chives from my herb garden. Voila!

Cocktail shrimp were served in Dollar Tree clear plastic shot glasses, 24 for $1. We made three to four per person.

It’s Greek to Me

Two kinds of Greek yogurt parfaits were also served; Blueberry Yogurt with Toasted Coconut Granola, and Ginger Almond Cashew Granola with Vanilla Yogurt. I made these combinations, based on flavors that appeal to me.

Here’s the signs and serving area, before we pulled the parfaits from the refrigerator. I made all the food and beverage tent cards on the computer, just as I had the invitations and movie quote signs scattered around the house.


The yogurt parfaits were assembled in footed, clear plastic cups, with small silver spoons from Dollar Tree. These are the same items I used to serve limoncello tiramisus for Bee Theme Party Food, and pistachio tiramisus on the Peacock Theme Menu.

I didn’t take any close-ups of the yogurt parfaits, but you can get a good idea of what they look like below.


Sister B was busy plating more dishes for the main brunch buffet in the background.

Brunch Buffet Main Course

Setting the Table

For the Tiffany’s theme brunch, I decided to use disposable products rather than invest in blue linens, flatware and dishes. Are you shocked? Disappointed?

Paper and plastic allowed me to carry out the party color theme cost-effectively, and made clean-up so much easier. I didn’t want a kitchen full of dirty dishes, while I was busy entertaining during the party games and gift exchange.


Rolled napkins and plastic flatware were attached by threading ribbon through a hole-punch in the dinner plate. A genius idea I also came across in Pinterest for buffet-style picnics. The plates also did double-duty as place cards.


Simple centerpieces were made using black silk heels (Goodwill) set on a mirror, embellished with pearls, diamonds and flowers.

Buffet Spread in Dining Room

Guests carried their plates to the dining room where the main Tiffany’s theme brunch was served. Not the best of photos, sorry! In the forefront is delicious Blueberry French Toast with warm berry compote topping. This was an easy do-ahead dish, baked the morning of the party.


Behind the French Toast are the mini pies Sister B gets all the credit for preparing the day before. We warmed the pies in the oven just before serving. I loved the individual serving sizes, assembled and baked in cupcake pans.

Check out the recipes for Betty Crocker’s Impossibly Easy Mini Breakfast Sausage Pies and Apple-Bacon Cheddar Mini Breakfast Pies. Each pie was served in a blue cupcake liner.


On the other end of the buffet were two rings of Frozen Champagne Salad, a creamy treat with strawberries, pineapple, and banana.

“Champagne” in the recipe title made it a perfect fit for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme brunch. Wonderful tasting and refreshing on a warm day outside on the porch!


What’s your favorite, or go-to brunch dish?

Pour it On!

Meanwhile my sister, bestie E and I kept the bubbly pouring and replenishing cold bottles at each table. Somebody has to do the heavy lifting, LOL!


I purchased an entire case of Lamarca Prosecco, because it’s a personal favorite and reasonably priced. It didn’t hurt that the labels and case are in a beautiful shade of blue — ideal for a Tiffany’s theme brunch!


Bottles also make a nice party gift. Individually-sized bottles are great as favors or prizes too for a wedding shower.

It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This

Champagne was even incorporated into the dessert; Mini Champagne Berry Cheesecakes.


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the link to the recipe used — just a “not found” error. A search on the web will turn up several recipe options, usually made with raspberries or strawberries. I substituted blueberries in mine.

Most recipes top the cheesecake with icing like a cupcake. Instead, I created a glaze. Both the glaze and cheesecake use champagne. Holly Golightly would love them — as did my guests.


Each cheesecake was served in a blue cupcake liner, and topped with edible pearls and a mini tiara. They came 10 in a package (Dollar General). The tiaras were meant for dress-up at a little girl’s birthday party.

Numerous cake and cupcake stands created a dessert centerpiece on the Tiffany’s theme brunch buffet.


A nearby sign quoting Holly was meant to dissuade dessert guilt. Words to live by?


It was strategically placed next to a silver platter full of chocolate-dipped strawberries, made by my friend M.


More plates and napkins were handy, so that guests could continue to indulge during the games and gift exchange.


Holly’s Coffee Bar

At the far end of the kitchen, I set up a coffee bar for the Tiffany’s theme brunch. One coffee dispenser was for decaf.


Name labels on each coffee cup helped the ladies know who’s cup belonged to who.


These were duplicates of the labels I made from the gals’ bags in Terrific Tiffany Theme Party Favors and Gifts.


Learn more on how to Host an Extraordinary Favorite Things Party (Part 2). Like the sign says,Keep Calm and Wear Pearls!


Have you ever hosted or attended a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme brunch, birthday party, shower or wedding? Do tell!


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