In the Pink Valentines Day Table

In the Pink Valentines Day Table

It’s time for the first tablescape hop of 2020, and I’ve set a pink Valentines Day table and island bar in the open kitchen.


I’ve also incorporated a few sweet Scottie dog accents. They elicit many happy memories of Fibber McGee, My Fuzzy Funny Valentine.

Our hostess, Chloe of Celebrate and Decorate, has changed the scheduling for tablescape hops. Previously, the weeklong format ran Monday through Friday, with four to five new tables each day. Starting with this Valentines Day Tablescape Hop, all stylists publish their posts on the same day.

I like the change and hope you will too? No longer will it be necessary to check back throughout the week. Instead, you can hop to your heart’s content via links at the bottom.

If you’re new to Debbee’s Buzz, or coming from Liz’s Be Mine Table, a warm welcome! Hope you find a sweet idea or two for your own Valentines Day table.


Sweet Scottie Dog: My Fuzzy Funny Valentine

Sweet Scottie Dog: My Fuzzy Funny Valentine

This isn’t the Valentine’s Day theme post I planned to send out last Saturday morning. It wasn’t even a subject I had on the blog calendar. But, life interruptus. Early last week, my sweet Scottie dog got very sick and required major abdominal surgery. 


The good news is, that it looks like Fibber is going to be okay. We brought him home Saturday afternoon. But, it will be a long three to four week care and recovery period.

I don’t often mention Fibber, and have only shared a couple of pictures. Most followers are primarily interested in tablescapes, holiday decorations, and party posts, rather than my day-to-day musings.

And don’t we all think our kids and pets are the cutest, smartest, and most wonderful on the planet? Because, let me bee clear — mine are! I will be completely shameless when I have grandchildren. People will cross the street to avoid my bragging or being subjected to endless photos LOL!

While Valentine’s Day is primarily about romance, it’s also about the other loving and caring relationships in our lives. Today, I’m marking the occasion by celebrating my own fuzzy, funny Valentine.


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