It’s a cold morning with snowflakes flying, reminding me of five snowman centerpieces I haven’t shared with you.


This being my first few months blogging (right smack in the middle of the holiday season), there were only so many seasonal tablescapes I had time to feature.

This weekend I plan to pack away the last of winter theme decorations and tableware. Before I do, I thought I’d share a couple pictures of each table, focusing on the snowman centerpieces.

  1. Frosty’s Magic Top Hat
  2. Crystal-Dusted Snowman Duo
  3. Penguin Friends Join Ice Skating Party
  4. Rustic Snowman Lights Up Table
  5. Vintage Favorite Surrounded by Bottle Brush Trees

Because if it’s snowing, build a snowman centerpiece!

Frosty’s Magic Top Hat

Four handcrafted stuffed snowmen were already in my collection of winter decorations, when I discovered this top hat basket. It was the largest of three available sizes.  When the basket isn’t on the table, I use it to hold Christmas cards and other seasonal mail.


The hat basket is elevated by a crystal cake stand underneath. Then, I filled the hat with artificial snow and inserted the largest snowman — who now looks like a like a Jack-in-the-box. Three other felt snowmen and more snow surround it.

The stuffed snowmen usually decorate two shelves in the kitchen that I shared in Polar Bear Frolic in Sleigh Ride Tablescape.


For a little magic in the evenings, there is also a battery-operated mini light strand weaved around the top hat basket.


Don’t you love the Frosty hat mugs that match the basket? My favorite part of the mug is the little snowman perched on the side of the hat’s rim. I’m sipping a cup of hot chocolate out of one of those mugs this very minute!

For the picture, I did not put out plates on the round snowman placemats so you could see them. I love the big coal smiles! Did you notice how I strategically placed the top hat mugs at the head of the placemat? LOL.

Look closely, and you might also notice the little snowmen place card holders. They are also wearing black top hats. I like how the black in the basket and other decorative details compliment the black in the painted chairs and carpet.

So Many Snowmen, What’s a Girl to Do?

This table is basically the same, except for the snowmen centerpiece. Oh, and I see my Scottie boy is sitting in the upper left-hand side of the picture, by the French baker’s rack.


Underneath the figures is a cute, mini Christmas tree skirt that is decorated with more snowmen. It’s from the same wonderful floral shop where I found the felt snowmen in the previous centerpiece.

On top of the skirt, are two crystal-dusted snowmen with a bit of a retro feel to them. These two characters normally decorate a guest bedroom upstairs.

Old Allegheny Christmas Shop snowmen table

The sparkly figures were purchased from Old Allegheny, where you can always find adorable snowmen during the holiday season like the ones pictured above.


For a little elevation, one of the snowmen is sitting on a clear cupcake stand filled with snow. The white bottle brush and icy trees are from the Department 56 North Pole stash of accessories.

Penguin Friends Join Snowman Centerpieces

Now for a little glitz, with some ice and crystal for more sparkle. In this third snowman centerpiece, penguins join the party.


Although I’ve reused many of the same table elements (including the placemats, flatware and snowflake napkin rings), the addition of crystal, silver and glass pieces give this tablescape a entirely different personality. Don’t you think?


This time, I added a mirror on top of the crystal cake plate to add more refection from the battery-operated string of lights. Mini candles at each place setting also add to the glow.

Two Department 56 frosted glass snowmen, with outstretched arms, applaud the antics of penguins skating on the mirror ‘pond’ below. The snowmen and penguins usually make up a little holiday vignette on one end of the upstairs bathroom vanity.


Another tall silver penguin has also joined the fun. The penguin shaker is from Restoration Hardware. He’s a retro classic from the Mod Men era. Inside is a cocktail ready to pour into the Bohemian crystal barware – once I remove the faux snow!  The fake ice cubes won’t melt either. They and the white bottle brush trees are also from my North Pole display in the basement game room.

Other table elements include pewter shot glasses decorated with a spray of fake cranberries, and Mikassa salad bowls/plates.

Let it Snow!

Another find at Old Allegheny Shoppe is this adorable, stuffed snowman who’s sporting a long scarf and fur-edged stocking cap. Tucked in his cap, is a battery box that powers the old-fashioned light strand on his outstretched twig arms.


The snowman is a pretty big guy, so he is set on a flat woodcut charger. Surrounding number four of my snowman centerpieces, are several blocks that spell out, “Please, please S-N-O-W.”

These winter decorations usually are in upstairs rooms too, where few guests ever see them. Rustic snowman spends the winter on a side table in the National Parks theme office, while the blocks decorate a window ledge in the hall bathroom. Yes, it’s true. I decorate all three floors of my home during the holiday season, including bathrooms and my laundry room… Not only have I run out of storage space, I’ve run out of rooms to decorate!

Moose Join This Party

I’m always rounding up my stuff and repurposing non-traditional elements into centerpieces. Have you noticed? And that fake snow, it really gets a lot of repurposing in all these snowman centerpieces!


I changed the tableware up a bit with this setting, using black and white checked, oval placemats with scalloped edges.They are my go-to’s for everyday. I also switched the napkins and napkin rings.


Moose and snowflake appetizer/dessert plates are layered on top of white plates.

Those plates go perfectly with the Welcome to the Apres-Ski Lodge Buffet, theme decorated game room, and a collection of stuffed moose.

Next year, I have to create a moose tobogganing party tablescape! I can see it now…

Have you noticed that I seem to have a lot of collections? Snowmen, moose, polar bears, peacock Christmas decorations, Scottie dog stuff, vintage ornaments, etc. etc.? Most are small collections.

I can’t claim the same for my tableware – plates, glasses, flatware, linens, napkin rings, serving pieces, place card holders, candles… I have finally maxed out on storage space, which has curbed my acquiring new stuff these past few years.

My Favorite Snowman

The fifth, and final of the snowman centerpieces, features my favorite figure. He’s coming with me someday to the nursing home!


I like his tea-stained look to him. The snowman is placed on the same little tree skirt, and I’ve added vintage-style Christmas trees and sled. Surprise, surprise, he was another find at Old Allegheny! (Note: I have no affiliation with the store)


As for the table, you’ll see many familiar items like the placemats, flatware and napkin rings. The plates and vintage crystal were featured in two previous tablescapes, Brunch at the Red Barn and Enchanting Woodland Tablescape.

Red Barn Christmas tablescape

Time to Pack Up

Well it’s time to get to it and pack away all my winter décor and tableware to make room for Valentine’s Day. Fortunately, all the snowmen and seasonal accessories have spots to store. But, I’m a bit concerned about plates and glasses…

After searching for four more Twas the Night dinner plates, I broke down and ordered them from Replacements during a post-Christmas sale. Now I have a set of eight. And then there were the juice glasses from Pottery Barn with vintage trucks carrying  trees… Something else is going to have to go! Ugh. Wish me luck!

Leave a comment below and tell me which of the snowman centerpieces is your favorite?


Bee warm and cozy!


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