In this post, I illustrate how I decorated a chandelier in my dining room for the fall season.


It follows the same basic process as the kitchen light fixture; outlined in Decorate a Chandelier for Fall in 3 Easy Steps.

I pull out the garlands and embellishments around mid September and leave both decorated chandeliers up through Thanksgiving.

A few key differences between the light fixtures impact the design and materials used.

The decorated chandelier in the dining room is brass, versus a painted one in the open kitchen. It’s also a much more formal setting. And, the brass chandelier has two tiers of candles, with nearly double the number of arms.

So, let me show you how I applied the same basic process to create a unique design for the dining room’s decorated chandelier.

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3 Easy Steps for a Fall Decorated Chandelier


My traditional brass, dining room chandelier consists of two tiers of arms and ten candles, covered with ivory silk shades.

Since the kitchen fixture only has six arms and candles on a single tier, the fall decorating style and design is much different.

That’s even though I follow the same quick and easy, three-step process to decorate both:

  1. Prep light fixture, gather materials on tabletop
  2. Wrap garlands around chandelier
  3. Add embellishments: ornaments

The biggest difference, is that the kitchen decorated chandelier is able to support the addition of numerous faux leaf and flower clusters. A stiff ring of substantial grapevine bridges the space between the six arms.

Step 1: Prep Fixture, Gather Materials

First, lay a protective cover on the table underneath the light fixture. Remove any shades and take them to another area.

Gently brush off any dust using an unused, soft-bristle paint brush. Next, lightly dust off the chandelier from top to bottom with a feather duster or soft cloth. Wipe up or shake out any dust and debris from the protective surface underneath. You don’t want the dust reattaching itself to decorations after you lay them on the table.

Now, you’re ready to gather decorative materials and supplies on the tabletop for easy access.


For my fall design, I use two identical garlands, four different types of seasonal ornaments, and several packages of Christmas tree ornament hangers.

Aren’t the acorn ornaments adorable? I love their copper, metallic look. While shopping at TJ Maxx, I happened upon them among the Christmas decorations. The acorns provided instant design inspiration for the fall decorated chandelier.


A little more searching revealed more boxes of different pinecone ornaments.

Pinecones with a copper finish are also hung from the kitchen light fixture, while those in matte brown and small, glittery ones predominate in the dining room.

I love how they all pull out the beautiful tones in my mahogany furniture.


Pinecones go beautifully with the wood-look plate chargers, brown peacock transferware dishes, and copper twig flatware I regularly use to set fall or Thanksgiving tables in both rooms.

See other fall seasonal tablescapes with a decorated chandelier overhead in Birds of a Feather Gather TogetherPumpkin Patch Thanksgiving Brunch, and Casual Tableware Decorates Home.

Step 2: Wrap Garlands Around Fixture

In my last post, I strongly recommended using flexible, plastic-coated garland for ease of installation. However, I do not practice what I preach for this design!

After finding the fall ornaments, gorgeous nut, berry and pinecone garland were discovered at Michaels. To be completely honest, the garlands I used in this fall design are a bit challenging to install and take down. They are stiff, on a sort of wired grapevine.


Using a three-step stool, I start at the ceiling. Winding one garland around the center chain, and another the body of the light fixture, requires moving the stool repeatedly. I’m very careful not pulling down on the chandelier to support myself.

If my husband ever saw me installing the garland I’d surely get a tongue-lashing! But — in my defense — in over five years there have been zero casualties, LOL.

I’m not gonna lie to you, it’s a pain though. All because I love this garland. What can I say? Guilty as charged. Therefore, I hope you fall in love with a more pliable garland for your dining room chandelier.

A third garland is draped and wrapped over the surface of the large grapevine cornucopia centerpiece below. That one is easy to install!

Step 3: Add Ornaments 

Now to the fun part, adding the embellishments! For the dining room chandelier that’s the acorn and pinecone ornaments. But, no ribbon or bow, as I want the garland and ornaments to shine in this fall design.

To hang the ornaments, I use decorative Christmas tree ornament hangers (Michaels).

You might recognize the gold ribbon hangers on the left as the ones used to hang pinecones on the kitchen chandelier? They’re good for looping over ornamental elements of a light fixture.

And, at only $3 a package (minus a 40% coupon) these silver or gold metallic ornament hangers are also a bargain.


To match the brass in the dining room chandelier, I use gold-tone hangers with crimson red, jewel-like beads.

dining room chandelier pinecone hanging

Here’s a close-up of the glittery pinecones dangling from the dining room chandelier.

Don’t they look pretty?

I also recommend using the hangers for their original purpose — to hang ornaments on a Christmas tree.

Much better looking and easier to use than typical ornament hooks!

For the last couple of years, I’ve been transitioning all my Christmas tree ornaments over to these ribbon and metal hangers.

They work especially well with large, fragile, and/or heavier ornaments.


But, I’ve got multiple trees and many, many ornaments still to do! Check them out on Peacock Ornaments Decorate Christmas Tree.

Chandelier Compliments Cornucopia Centerpiece

Finally, here’s what the fully, fall decorated chandelier looks like in the formal dining room.

What do you think?

See Thanksgiving Horn of Plenty Table to view the tablescape underneath the decorated chandelier. I like how the garlands and ornaments really compliment the cornucopia centerpiece.

Believe it or not, soon it will be time to decorate the dining room chandelier for Christmas! See Peacock Ornaments Decorate Chandelier at Christmas.

Do you decorate a chandelier or light fixture to compliment a holiday table setting?



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