DIY Sunken Shipwreck Pirate Wreath

DIY Sunken Shipwreck Pirate Wreath

Shiver me timbers, today I’ve created a pirate wreath to decorate the front door of my sister’s waterfront home for Halloween.


It’s part of a Fall Wreath & Door Decor Blog Hop hosted by Rachelle of My Hubbard Home.

To those coming by from her charming Autumn Hoop Wreath, a big ahoy mateys! And, if you’re looking for more seasonal ideas and inspiration, check out all the links at the (dead) end of this post.

I’ve crafted a Halloween wreath to greet trick or treaters. But, it would also be perfect to welcome little buccaneers attending a pirate theme birthday party.

So, batten down the hatches and be on the lookout, as this pirate wreath tutorial contains numerous bad puns. Savvy? (more…)

Wine Cork Wreath DIY Tutorial

Wine Cork Wreath DIY Tutorial

Today, I’m sharing a wine cork wreath made as a housewarming gift for my youngest son.


He presently rents a condo, located in one of Philadelphia’s historic districts. Originally housing horses and carriages the building is about 150 years old. Gutted years ago, D’s apartment features thick brick walls, high ceilings, five nine-foot tall windows, and hardwood floors.

But, during the pandemic, it’s gotten restrictive having to double-duty his one bedroom as an office space. There’s also no balcony for some fresh air. Plus, he’d really like to have his own outdoor space for a grill, plants and a dog. Add to that a low interest rate, fabulous row house located just blocks away, and he jumped at the chance to become a homeowner.

Because of the virus, we haven’t seen D since early March. I’m really looking forward to traveling across the state, to help with the move and set up his new place. Hubby is taking a bunch of tools. He and our son have a list of home improvement projects planned. I’ll be helping with packing, unpacking, set-up and less physically-intensive projects involving painting, decorating, plantings, and shopping — can’t wait!

So, I’m finally getting back to sharing some of the craft projects I’ve been working on. Most have been gifts that I’ve had to keep secret, as to not spoil the surprise.


DIY Arts & Craft Project Ideas & Inspiration

DIY Arts & Craft Project Ideas & Inspiration

Working on an arts and craft project puts me in a happy state of mind. During the virus crisis, a pleasant distraction is especially needed to relieve stress, boredom and to help fill the hours of being homebound.

Regular followers know I am a maker. I enjoy the creative process, crafting with all types of materials, and the sense of fulfilment when completing a project.

Today’s post is a cross section of some of the many and varied projects I’ve shared. All were built around a theme — whether its a holiday, season, or special occasion.

Some projects are more assembly than crafting, and require no special artistic ability or skill. Many are full-blown tutorials with step-by-step, illustrated instructions and helpful tips. Others reference earlier posts for technique details.

Perhaps you could use this time to work on projects for an upcoming celebration or party? Or, how about making a birthday, housewarming, graduation, new baby or wedding card or gift? And, there’s always that holiday or seasonal decoration there was never time for before. Think of it as art therapy!


Finally Fall Season Decor & Activities

Finally Fall Season Decor & Activities

Fall season finally arrived over the weekend — hurrah!


But the week before, temperatures were still a toasty mid to high eighty degrees. Regardless, I planted mums and placed large pumpkins on either side of the front door and on the back porch. Because company was coming, I waited until the last minute, hoping they wouldn’t roast in the heat.

Hubby and his brother ran Pittsburgh’s annual Great Race. Mr. Buzz has run the 10K many times, but missed it the last two years because we were on vacation in Spain and Greece. It was his brother’s first time running the hometown race.

My sister-in-law and I took the trolley into town to cheer them on. Luckily it was a cloudy morning, which helped keep the temperatures from overheating runners . Afterwards, we walked into Market Square to enjoy brunch al fresco. Later that evening we ate outdoors again at a local brewing, enjoying seasonal flavor beers and delicious BBQ.

Despite the heat, I’ve been delving into fall season crafts, decorating the house, and cheering on our favorite football teams. (more…)

DIY Festive Fall Grapevine Wreath

DIY Festive Fall Grapevine Wreath

Sharing a quick and easy, fall grapevine wreath I just whipped up for Sistah B’s Charleston area home — post hurricane. diy-fall-grapevine-wreath

After returning to the house and surveying the damage done by Hurricane Dorian, my sister sent out a “distress” message. But, it wasn’t an S-O-S, just a text to please make and send a fall wreath ASAP!

Only a day after the hurricane eye had moved north, my sister had moved on from preparations, evacuation, two days of sitting through a hurricane, and returning home to a mess. Amazingly, they never lost cell phone service or power at the house.

As Sistah B says, this hurricane was not their “first rodeo.” It’s the downside of living in a beautiful, natural setting. She and her husband were cleaning up all the debris, a fallen tree, patching the roof, putting the boat back into the water, and scheduling repairs to the floating dock. They sure are resilient. Here she was redecorating her front porch for fall already!

So, I was delighted to bee of assistance. Let me show you how I made the fall grapevine wreath in under an hour. (more…)

DIY Nautical Sailboat Wreath: Raise Anchor

DIY Nautical Sailboat Wreath: Raise Anchor

Over the weekend, I created a nautical sailboat wreath while enjoying lovely summer weather out on the porch.


Boy, it sure felt good to get crafting again! Since Hand Painted, Wedding Champagne Flutes, I just haven’t had a moment to spare.

First, there was my niece’s late April wedding in Charleston, SC. That was immediately followed by my dad’s health crisis in Florida, hospice care, passing, and Celebration of Life services back here in Pittsburgh.

Shortly after, hubby and I headed for our nearly three-week bucket list trip to Provocative Peru.

My crafting plans and blog calendar pretty much came to a halt.

If you’d like to make your own nautical sailboat wreath, I’ve included step-by-step instructions below.


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