Finally Fall Season Decor & Activities

Finally Fall Season Decor & Activities

Fall season finally arrived over the weekend — hurrah!


But the week before, temperatures were still a toasty mid to high eighty degrees. Regardless, I planted mums and placed large pumpkins on either side of the front door and on the back porch. Because company was coming, I waited until the last minute, hoping they wouldn’t roast in the heat.

Hubby and his brother ran Pittsburgh’s annual Great Race. Mr. Buzz has run the 10K many times, but missed it the last two years because we were on vacation in Spain and Greece. It was his brother’s first time running the hometown race.

My sister-in-law and I took the trolley into town to cheer them on. Luckily it was a cloudy morning, which helped keep the temperatures from overheating runners . Afterwards, we walked into Market Square to enjoy brunch al fresco. Later that evening we ate outdoors again at a local brewing, enjoying seasonal flavor beers and delicious BBQ.

Despite the heat, I’ve been delving into fall season crafts, decorating the house, and cheering on our favorite football teams. (more…)

DIY Festive Fall Grapevine Wreath

DIY Festive Fall Grapevine Wreath

Sharing a quick and easy, fall grapevine wreath I just whipped up for Sistah B’s Charleston area home — post hurricane. diy-fall-grapevine-wreath

After returning to the house and surveying the damage done by Hurricane Dorian, my sister sent out a “distress” message. But, it wasn’t an S-O-S, just a text to please make and send a fall wreath ASAP!

Only a day after the hurricane eye had moved north, my sister had moved on from preparations, evacuation, two days of sitting through a hurricane, and returning home to a mess. Amazingly, they never lost cell phone service or power at the house.

As Sistah B says, this hurricane was not their “first rodeo.” It’s the downside of living in a beautiful, natural setting. She and her husband were cleaning up all the debris, a fallen tree, patching the roof, putting the boat back into the water, and scheduling repairs to the floating dock. They sure are resilient. Here she was redecorating her front porch for fall already!

So, I was delighted to bee of assistance. Let me show you how I made the fall grapevine wreath in under an hour. (more…)

DIY Nautical Sailboat Wreath: Raise Anchor

DIY Nautical Sailboat Wreath: Raise Anchor

Over the weekend, I created a nautical sailboat wreath while enjoying lovely summer weather out on the porch.


Boy, it sure felt good to get crafting again! Since Hand Painted, Wedding Champagne Flutes, I just haven’t had a moment to spare.

First, there was my niece’s late April wedding in Charleston, SC. That was immediately followed by my dad’s health crisis in Florida, hospice care, passing, and Celebration of Life services back here in Pittsburgh.

Shortly after, hubby and I headed for our nearly three-week bucket list trip to Provocative Peru.

My crafting plans and blog calendar pretty much came to a halt.

If you’d like to make your own nautical sailboat wreath, I’ve included step-by-step instructions below.


DIY Ladybug Mesh Wreath Welcomes Spring

DIY Ladybug Mesh Wreath Welcomes Spring

Recently, while reorganizing my craft stash, I realized I had enough leftover ribbons and other materials to create a new version of last year’s ladybug mesh wreath.


In Ladybug Wreath For New, Existing Homes Bridges Seasons, I actually shared two I had made. One was for dear sister-in-law (SIL) to decorated the door of her lovely new home in Northern Virginia.

Shortly thereafter, one of my longtime followers ordered a different version of the ladybug mesh wreath for her home in Atlanta.

Even after creating the two large wreaths, I still had quite a bit of the two styles of ladybug print ribbon leftover. Each came mailorder in big, ten-yard rolls. I also found an extra wreath form, and several yards of complimentary ribbon and materials to create a new ladybug mesh wreath. All that was needed was a roll of mesh, a large sunflower and a ladybug embellishment.

And, it was time to start restocking my Etsy shop, DebbeesBuzzBoutique with a new wreath for spring. Let me show you how it turned out and to style your own seasonal decor.


Holiday Peacock Wreath Compliments Decor

Holiday Peacock Wreath Compliments Decor

For the holidays, and to compliment my home decor, I created a peacock wreath. Actually, I made two — one for myself, and another for a friend who also has peacock theme decorations. 


Like so many other crafting projects, the inspiration for this Christmas decoration came from images I saw on Pinterest. Lots and lots of gorgeous peacock wreaths out there! Over the past few years, I’ve probably collected 20 pictures on a board.

Today, I’m sharing the peacock wreath I created for December’s Pinterest Challenge Blog Hop.

Hosted by Erlene of My Pinterventures, the hop’s intent is to motivate all to not just pin, but act on an idea. You’ll find links to other projects, recipes and ideas by fellow bloggers at the bottom of this post.

If you are a regular follower of Debbee’s Buzz, you know I have a passion for peacocks. If you are new to the blog or just visiting, welcome! Come along and see the holiday wreath that joins other peacock theme holiday decorations in my living room, front hall and dining room.


Queen of Hearts Roses and Teacup Grapevine Wreath

Queen of Hearts Roses and Teacup Grapevine Wreath

A quick post today to announce the Alice in Wonderland party favor package winner. While we’re back down the rabbit hole, I’ll also show you a Queen of Hearts Roses and Teacup grapevine wreath.

Back in June, during the Unbirthday Party Reveal I announced my first blog giveaway. New subscribers and existing followers who left a comment through Labor Day were registered to win. 


First, welcome to all new followers of Debbee’s Buzz. I hope you’ll find it’s your cup of tea! And special thanks to all those who left comments over the summer. I love conversing with you!

Congratulations to Leanne Hlavka of Arizona, the lucky winner of the giveaway. The package includes all the same favors I gave my guests, including; a teacup fascinator, Mad Hatter hand-painted goblet, flamingo shopping bag, and vintage teacup filled with goodies. See them all at How to Make Whimsical Teacup Fascinators and Alice in Wonderland Table and Party Favors.

Although I have a number of Alice in Wonderland party stories still to write, I’ll be spacing them out — focusing on more seasonal topics. But, while we’re on the subject, here’s the grapevine wreath that welcomed guests to the Unbirthday Party.


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