Embrace the Season in Upper Quebec City

Embrace the Season in Upper Quebec City

Do Like the Locals

We’re spending time exploring Upper Quebec City in this third post on a December holiday vacation to Canada.

Debbee-skatesIn part one, a Christmas Card from Old Quebec City, I shared the magic of the Old Port area during a nighttime walk.

Then, in Stroll Lower Quebec City During the Holidays, I provided background on the boutique hotel and restaurants we enjoyed, along with pictures of the area under a heavy blanket of snow. We also took a ride up the funicular to the plateau above.

Upper Quebec City is the area we explore in this post, which includes riding a thrilling toboggan run, ice skating outdoors to French holiday music, walking the streets in and outside the walled city, and visiting the Christmas markets.

My travel log hasn’t been in chronological order, rather concentrating on the two main areas of Quebec City over our four-day visit.


Stroll Lower Quebec City During the Holidays

Stroll Lower Quebec City During the Holidays

Christmas Village Fantasy: Part 2

Revisit Lower Quebec City, the second of a three-part travel log of a December holiday visit to Canada. The four-day trip north of the border was my husband’s and my Christmas gift to each other. 


Over the holidays I shared a Christmas Card from Old Quebec City, which featured an enchanting evening stroll in the magical glow of twinkling lights.

In part two of the travel log, I’ll show you the cobblestone streets of Lower Quebec City during the day, where we stayed and ate, and then take a scenic ride on the funicular to the upper plateau.

Part three will explore the Upper City, Christmas markets, the toboggan run, outdoor ice skating, and more restaurants.

Bundle up before we venture out!


Christmas Card from Old Quebec City

Christmas Card from Old Quebec City

Magical, Romantic Trip

My final post before Christmas, is a holiday card of old Quebec City, Canada.

Instead of presents this year, my husband and I decided to give each other the experience of spending four days in très French Quebec City. It was magical, romantic and very Christmassy! Like being inside a holiday snow globe. We arrived after they had just received 18 inches of snow. Everything was draped in the stuff, but happily it had no impact on our flights and transportation.

Even for Quebec, it was a lot of snow and unseasonable cold. Temperatures never rose above 13 degrees during the day, not including the wind chill factor! Burr! But, we brought parkas, boots and basically all our ski stuff (minus the skis)!

I’ll post a travel log of our trip after the holidays, including the European Christmas markets, ice skating and riding a toboggan. In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy this nighttime stroll through Lower Quebec City. Joyeux Noel and Happy Holidays! (more…)

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